7 sports weight loss methods for the most fat burning

7 sports weight loss methods for the most fat burning

Exercise is an important way to lose weight. So, which exercise-reducing methods are simple and easy to burn and achieve the goal of slimming?

Below, Xiaobian recommends 7 kinds of weight loss exercises that can effectively burn and transform and promote metabolism.

  1, inline skating (burning 425 calories in 30 minutes) skating can not only increase your fun, in order to balance your body, the core muscles are also highly used when you use the thigh and buttocks in turn, soHelps burn a lot of cockroaches.

More importantly, this method does not put too much pressure on the knee joint.

Don’t forget to wear a hard hat, a wristband, a knee brace, and an elbow guard.

  Accelerated fat burning method: alternating with high speed and medium speed.

  2, go fast (can burn 170 calories in 30 minutes) In fact, leisurely walks with friends will not burn.

In order to make the most calories in the calories: the legs, buttocks, and the core muscles quickly dissipate the displacement in a short period of time, the body must be kept upright, the arms swing back and forth, each step is to let the heel touch the ground, and then the toes touch the ground.

  Accelerated fat burning method: alternately with fast walking or jogging.

  3, running (burning 374 kcal in 30 minutes) Running is the biggest source of calories and unhappiness.

In particular, the energy-consuming legs, the core muscles of the buttocks, the runners are generally well-proportioned and lean.

In order to maximize the consumption of each step, you need to re-stack when running, so that the soles of your feet are close to the ground.

  Accelerated fat burning method: It is best to alternate between fast and slow speed during running. 4, skipping rope (burning 340 calories in 30 minutes). In order to reach a large number of aunts in each jump, it is best to choose a handle and a long rope.The skipping rope is not in the arm socket (measured in the rope), and then do the following: When jumping, the feet are slightly separated, the body is straight, and the feet are as close as possible to the ground.

Even if you don’t have a ready-made rope around you, you can follow the above instructions and you can do the same without skipping.

  Accelerated fat burning method: often convert speed (slow, fast) and style (single jump, then jump with both feet), or skipping while jogging.

  5, shaking the hula hoop (300 minutes to burn 300 kcal) choose adult size hula hoop (heavier than the size of the child, so it is easier to turn), the hula hoop upright, the height can reach the side,Then this hula hoop is perfect for you.

  There is no difficult movement requirement for the hula hoop, as long as it can continue to rotate at the waist.

At the beginning, one foot is in front, one foot is behind, and then the body center of gravity is shifted back and forth (circular arc with the surroundings).

Persevere to get rid of toxins in the body.

  Accelerated fat burning method: You can find some high-level movements and interesting exercise methods on the Internet.

  6, dancing (30 minutes can burn 221 kcal) choose Latin wind or Bollywood these fast-paced songs, first optimistic can motivate the song you want to dance, then put fast-paced songs, and finally slow down the rhythm songsLet the body cool down.

  Accelerate fat burning method: When you dance, your arms will rise!

Swing in the air following the rhythm.

  7, play tennis (30 minutes can burn 272 big cards) Do not think that playing tennis has to find a companion, or travel long distances to the stadium, in fact, as long as you can find a runway or a place with a garage door can start playing.

  Stand at a distance of 10-25 feet from the wall, then alternately use positive, backhand shots to see how many times you can play continuously without mistakes.

Even practicing the ball will keep your body in a burning state, because you are constantly running and bending over to pick up a ball that hasn’t succeeded.

  Accelerated fat burning method: Try to pump 50 consecutively?
100 times.

Set a goal for yourself so that you can work harder to complete.