Men’s best four fattening recipes

Men’s best four fattening recipes

Lead: What can you eat to gain weight?

Male friends who want to gain weight, tell you a good news.

The following four foods are arranged for you by nutrition experts.

It is a healthy fattening recipe.

  Fang Yi: lotus seed pig belly fattening 〖raw material〗 1 pig belly, lotus seeds 40, sesame oil, salt, onions, ginger, garlic, the right amount.

  〖Usage Usage〗 Wash the pig’s belly, then put the lotus seeds in the pig’s belly with water, put it in the line, put the water in the pot and cook until cooked.

After cooking, let it cool, cut the pig’s belly into silk, and mix it with the lotus seeds and mix well.

Can be used as a table.

  〖Efficacy〗 has the effect of strengthening the spleen and benefiting the stomach.

Applicable to the weakening of the spleen and stomach.

  Fang 2: Cistanche mutton 羹 fattening 〖Materials〗 Cistanche 30g, refined mutton 150g, raw powder 30g, ginger, scallion, salt amount.

  〖Usage Usage〗 Cistanche is soaked in warm water, washed and chopped, the pot is boiled, and the juice is taken; the mutton is washed and diced, added to the cistanche juice, boiled until the mutton is rotten, and the scallion, ginger, raw powder and salt are added.Cook for another 5 minutes.

Do it early every day, for dinner.

  〖Effect〗 Warming qi and blood, helping Yang Yijing, fat and healthy people.

Applicable to the thin body caused by kidney deficiency.

  Fang 3: Yam broth and fattening 〖Materials〗 yam 50g, sugar 100g, sesame powder 50g, glutinous rice 500g.

  〖System usage〗 The yam is ground into powder, steamed, add sugar, sesame powder into a stuffing.

Glutinous rice is soaked and ground.

Wrap the yam stuffing with glutinous rice flour into a dumpling and cook.

Can be used as a staple food.

  〖Efficacy〗 has the effect of tonifying the spleen and kidney.

Suitable for body weight loss.

  Fang 4: venison, jujube soup, fat, 〖raw material〗 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿

  〖Process usage〗 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿

Served with meals.

  〖Effect〗 to replenish qi and blood, plum muscle.

Applicable to labor, body weight loss.