Spring rain, health care, white collar, to prevent cervical spondylosis

Spring rain, health care, white collar, to prevent cervical spondylosis

“Spring rain and wind are fine, the garden takes time and is dry.

“Spring rain is more, the withered grass roots need irrigation by spring rain, and the brakes sprout and grow.

Continuous rainy weather, coupled with reduced sports and other factors, people are more likely to suffer from a variety of cervical vertebrae, shoulders, lumbar spondylosis, etc., especially white-collar workers who often sit in front of the computer, the following small series will be described in detail: experts said,In the early stage of cervical spondylosis in the spring, white-collar workers continued to work at low desks or continuously connected to the Internet through a posture, resulting in cervical disc herniation and yielding.

Add continuous rainy weather, cold and heavy in the morning and evening, if you do not pay attention to keep warm, it is easy to cause cervical spondylolisthesis.

  How to prevent cervical spondylosis in white-collar workers: 1, to look up and look at the distance: when looking at things in close distance, especially in the state of bowing, affecting the cervical vertebrae, and easily cause visual fatigue, and even cause refractive error.

Therefore, whenever the desk is too long, you should look up and look at the distance for about half a minute.

This can not only eliminate fatigue, but also help the health of the cervical spine.

  2, often active activities: should be at work 1?
2 hours or so, purposefully let the head aim forward and then rotate left and right several times. The rotation should be gentle and slow, in order to reach the maximum range of motion in all directions, resulting in a certain relief of cervical joint fatigue.

  3, sitting posture should be correct: to prevent the occurrence of cervical spondylosis, the most important thing is to sit correctly, so that the neck and shoulders are relaxed, to maintain the most comfortable and natural posture.

Office workers should also stand up and move around from time to time, moving the neck and shoulders to relax the muscles of the neck and shoulders.

  4, sleep mode: Do not sleep while sleeping, pillows should not be too high, too hard or too low.

Pillow: The center should be slightly recessed, and the pillow should be fully contacted and kept slightly reclined. Do not hang.

Those who are used to the lateral position should have the pillow and shoulder height.

When you sleep, don’t lie down and read a book.

Remember not to blow cold air against your head.