How to compensate for periodontitis?

How to compensate for periodontitis?

The attack of periodontitis makes the teeth weak and often has toothache. If the periodontitis is not treated in time, it will affect the periodontal ligament, alveolar bone and cementum, which will bring great to the whole tooth.s damage.

So, how is it better to have periodontitis?

Next, we ask experts to explain to us how to correct periodontitis in life?

How to compensate for periodontitis 1 , loofah ginger soup ingredients: 500 grams of loofah, fresh ginger 100 grams.

Production: Loofah washed and cut into sections.

Fresh ginger washed slices.

Two flavors of water and a total of 2?
3 hours.

Drink soup twice a day.

Efficacy: heat and detoxification.

Suitable for swelling and pain of teeth.

2, soybean meal preserved egg porridge raw materials: 60 grams of light soybean meal, preserved egg 1, 150 grams of previous rice, cooked lard, salt and salt.

Production: Shell the preserved eggs, wash them, and cut into small pieces.

Light soybean meal, washed before the rice, spare.

Add some water to the pot, add the light soybean meal, the previous rice porridge, add the preserved egg pieces when it is ripe, then cook until the porridge is cooked, transfer to the lard, and the salt can be taken.

1 dose per day.

Efficacy: nourishing yin and reducing fire, nourishing blood and calming the nerves.

Applicable to virtual fire toothache, neurasthenia and so on.

3, osmanthus tea raw materials: 3 grams of sweet-scented osmanthus, green tea (or black tea) 1 gram.

Production: Put the top 2 flavors into the cup, brew with boiling water, and wait for the temperature.

1 per day?
2 stabs.

After swallowing, it swallowed slowly.

Efficacy: aromatic evil spirits, detoxification and deodorization.

Suitable for toothache and bad breath.

4, egg wine ingredients: 1 egg, 30 ml of white wine.

Production: Put the liquor into the bowl and break the egg into the bowl.

The white wine in the bowl is ignited, and the white wine is burned until the eggs are cooked.

The cooked eggs are eaten once, and the pain is usually relieved after 1 hour.

Efficacy: Yiqihuoxue, pain relief.

Suitable for toothache.

It is such a simple and simple method of diet therapy that can relieve pain and relieve the symptoms of periodontitis in the case of toothache caused by periodontitis.