Every remake of Little Women will attract a big gathering of stars

Every remake of “Little Women” will attract a big gathering of stars
“Little Woman” is a novel written by American female writer Louisa May Alcott, first published in 1868.After the publication of “Little Women” became a recognized American masterpiece, it has been warmly welcomed for more than 100 years.The American Book Association and the American Education Association selected 100 kinds of essential books for rural elementary schools, of which 25 kinds were selected, and “Little Women” topped the list of 25 kinds.Ranked as one of the world’s best-selling outstanding works by the National Library of America and one of the best family novels in the United States.”Little Women” is based on the trivial life of four sisters in an ordinary family in the New England region of the 19th century. The storyline is simple and true, but it is touching. Since it was published more than 100 years ago, it has been moved to the screen many times.Among them, the following four movie versions are the most well-known and star-studded, all of which are momentary choices of each period.The quality of the film is also very high, it is difficult to distinguish, each IMDb scored more than 7 points.The version starring Catherine Hepburn in 1933, and the version starring Jean Allison in 1949, the highlight is that Elizabeth Taylor, who debuted shortly, appeared in Amy.The version starring Winona Reid in 1994, when young Christian Dunst, Claire Denise, Christian Bell all starred in the play, Susan Sarandon and Gabriel.Byrne’s performance is also excellent.The version starring Saoirse Ronan in 2019 is still star-studded, Emma Watson, Florence Pew, Laura Dunn, Timothy Chalemade, MerylStreep, Bob Odencock and others have all appeared.