Film and television, montage, combination of drama, Wang Ban re-directed the small theater new work Outside the Sky

Film and television, montage, combination of drama, Wang Ban re-directed the small theater new work “Outside the Sky”
On the evening of November 6, the small theater drama “Outside the Sky” directed by Wang Ban officially began its first round of performances at the Beijing Renyi Experimental Theater.Similar to Wang Ban ‘s first work of director Gang Gang ‘s “When She Was Dying” in 2017, this “Outside the Sky” was also selected as the “Beijing Propaganda and Culture High-level Talent Cultivation Project”., Wang Ban is also full of confidence in the final presentation of the play: “I hope to clarify my style by constantly rehearsing such classics. We have done this play very carefully, and the unity of the entire creative process also stems from our love.Photo courtesy of the organizer.”Outside the Sky” is a representative work of the American dramatist Eugene O’Neill who won the Nobel Prize in Literature and the Pulitzer Prize. It has undoubted problems in the history of drama and literature in the world.As a large theater work, the performance of “Outside the Horizon” in the form of a small theater is undoubtedly an outstanding exploration and challenge, and Wang Ban also arranged a customized rehearsal plan.Before the formation of the group, he greatly reduced the script, trying to accurately start from the characters, choosing highly actionable and typical language and scenes, and also used the interactive nature of the small theater to advantage in the design of dance beauty.With the sense of substitution, through modern elements such as dating multimedia projections, it complements the carefully selected soundtrack, creating a complex and diverse three-dimensional stage presentation in the limited space of the small theater, forming a powerful visual impact and multipleExpressed, “I hope that through the combination of film and television, montage, and drama, the audience will notice such a unique small theater volume.”In the selection of actors, “Beyond the Sky” was picked up by the young actors of Beijing Arts and Crafts, including Li Lin, Luo Xi, Wei Xiaojun, Huang Wei and other actors familiar to the art audience. The main role in the play: Andrew,The Robert Brothers and Ruth are led by newcomers Yang Mingxin, Li Yue and Lu Lu who have just entered the theater.It is reported that “Outside the Sky” was performed at the Beijing Human Arts Experimental Theater from November 6th to 25th.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Xu Meilin Proofreading Liu Jun