How to compensate for periodontitis?

How to compensate for periodontitis?

The attack of periodontitis makes the teeth weak and often has toothache. If the periodontitis is not treated in time, it will affect the periodontal ligament, alveolar bone and cementum, which will bring great to the whole tooth.s damage.

So, how is it better to have periodontitis?

Next, we ask experts to explain to us how to correct periodontitis in life?

How to compensate for periodontitis 1 , loofah ginger soup ingredients: 500 grams of loofah, fresh ginger 100 grams.

Production: Loofah washed and cut into sections.

Fresh ginger washed slices.

Two flavors of water and a total of 2?
3 hours.

Drink soup twice a day.

Efficacy: heat and detoxification.

Suitable for swelling and pain of teeth.

2, soybean meal preserved egg porridge raw materials: 60 grams of light soybean meal, preserved egg 1, 150 grams of previous rice, cooked lard, salt and salt.

Production: Shell the preserved eggs, wash them, and cut into small pieces.

Light soybean meal, washed before the rice, spare.

Add some water to the pot, add the light soybean meal, the previous rice porridge, add the preserved egg pieces when it is ripe, then cook until the porridge is cooked, transfer to the lard, and the salt can be taken.

1 dose per day.

Efficacy: nourishing yin and reducing fire, nourishing blood and calming the nerves.

Applicable to virtual fire toothache, neurasthenia and so on.

3, osmanthus tea raw materials: 3 grams of sweet-scented osmanthus, green tea (or black tea) 1 gram.

Production: Put the top 2 flavors into the cup, brew with boiling water, and wait for the temperature.

1 per day?
2 stabs.

After swallowing, it swallowed slowly.

Efficacy: aromatic evil spirits, detoxification and deodorization.

Suitable for toothache and bad breath.

4, egg wine ingredients: 1 egg, 30 ml of white wine.

Production: Put the liquor into the bowl and break the egg into the bowl.

The white wine in the bowl is ignited, and the white wine is burned until the eggs are cooked.

The cooked eggs are eaten once, and the pain is usually relieved after 1 hour.

Efficacy: Yiqihuoxue, pain relief.

Suitable for toothache.

It is such a simple and simple method of diet therapy that can relieve pain and relieve the symptoms of periodontitis in the case of toothache caused by periodontitis.

Frequent side lying is good for raising liver

Frequent side lying is good for raising liver

The quality of sleep is often related to sleeping position, and different sleeping postures can also carry out different health effects. The sleeping position suitable for liver transplantation is lateral.


hzh {display: none; }  侧身睡是很多人通常采取的睡姿,在仰卧时很容易转为侧卧。Because the liver is at the ends of the human body, when lying on the side, whether it is lying on the left side or lying on the right side, it can raise the liver.

Because when the person is lying on the side, the blood naturally goes to the liver. “The liver is the main blood,” and the blood goes to the liver. The human body can quietly fall asleep and begin the hematopoietic function of the day.

  When you are lying on your side, make sure the pillow gives you enough support.

If the pillow is too low, the head will tilt down; if the pillow is too high, the head will be stretched uncomfortably.

Pillows that are too high or too low are very uncomfortable.

That’s why doctors like to focus on the right size pillows.

  In order to make the side bedroom more comfortable and reduce the pressure on the body, it is recommended that you try to find a pillow between the two parts to maintain the proper distance between the legs and the hips, which is more conducive to relaxing the waist.

  On the top side, another common sleeping position is supine. When the person is lying on his back, the Du Meridian and the bladder of the back are in close contact with the bed surface, so that the five internal organs supported and suspended are in a very calm nature.The state, so that blood can flow through the body’s meridians.

At the same time, supine can also support the head insertion and connection, so it is also a good sleeping position.

  When you sleep on your back, you can place another pillow or trapezoidal pad under yourself to reduce the stiffness and discomfort of your back.

If you are lying on your back, you are more serious, so you don’t hinder the posture of lying on the side; of course, if you have the habit of lying down but want to avoid lying down, put a pillow on the side of your body to prevent lying down.

Ten tips for the elderly summer diet

Ten tips for the elderly summer diet

In the hot summer, some elderly people have begun to have symptoms of “bitter summer”.

In the summer, the elderly need to pay special attention to “learning to eat” to reduce or avoid the symptoms of “bitter summer”.

  Due to age, the internal organs of various old people are declining, their ability to digest and absorb is weakened, and their ability to stress is poor. In summer, especially in the “damp heat” environment, it is prone to diet, indigestion, fatigue, and upset.A kind of “bitter summer” symptoms.

Therefore, the summer diet of the elderly is more important than other seasons.

If it is implanted too much because of sweating, it will increase the burden on the body.

  On the contrary, because there is no appetite and too little implant, it will lead to malnutrition.

How do the elderly “what to eat” in summer is good for safety?


The staple food is not too small.

  Try to make a mix of coarse and fine grain, and diversify.

It can supplement multivitamins and minerals while supplementing the transformations that the body needs.


Foraging is not enough.

  It is best to use peeled poultry (such as pigeon meat, duck meat, etc.), fish and shrimp and other flat cold meat.


A bottle of milk a day.

  Some people stop milking because of the heat in summer and fear that milk will “get angry”. In fact, it is not necessary.

You can choose low-fat milk, skim milk or yogurt according to your personal situation.

For those who are intolerant to milk, you can choose alternatives such as soy milk.


One egg a day.

  Because the protein in the egg is the closest to the protein composition required by the human body, it is also the most ideal source of high quality protein.

The best alternative to cooking eggs is to cook, steam, stew, and avoid small amounts.

Old people with high cholesterol can eat half an egg yolk or not eat egg yolk.


Beans are indispensable.

  For health, “soybean is better than gold.”

Because soy products are rich in high-quality protein and soybean phospholipids, it is a protective factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the elderly, and it is also recognized as a long-lived factor. Therefore, eating a proper amount of soy products is an irreplaceable part of a healthy diet. It is recommended that the daily intake be 2Two-5 two.

Mung beans and red beans are also healthy foods in the summer, especially in the summer, taking a nap and drinking a bowl of cool lily and green bean soup. It feels better.


The amount of vegetables is large.

  Vegetables can supplement a variety of vitamins and minerals that the body needs, and can reduce blood pressure, lower blood fat, and lower blood sugar.

Summer vegetables are rich, melon, bitter gourd, cucumber, tomato, water spinach, lettuce, chrysanthemum leaves, etc., the elderly should be replaced as much as possible, it is recommended to about 1 kg per day.


Fruit is not greedy.

  Fruit can provide abundant water, vitamin C and supplement fiber. It is most popular among the elderly in the hot summer, but the fruit contains a lot of monosaccharide substances. If sugar, sucrose, etc., it can not be greedy. It is recommended to eat no more than 3 fruits per day.Two.

Do not have more oil and salt.
  Grease and salt are risk factors for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the elderly. Whether it is salad oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil or olive oil or sesame oil, the daily dosage should not exceed 25 grams, and the salt should not exceed 6 grams.

Snacks are stressful.

  If the elderly suffer from loss of appetite, a small amount of meals can be arranged. Snacks can be arranged as a meal after dinner.

5-2 hours.

For the elderly snacks, lotus porridge, lotus leaf porridge, small fruit, cucumber, tomato, etc. are used.


Drinking water should be scientific.

  In the summer, the elderly should pay attention to replenish water, so it is better to drink warm water or warm light tea.

You can also make green bean soup, ebony soup, mountain water, chrysanthemum tea and other drinks.

It is best not to drink carbonated drinks and sugary drinks.

It is recommended to drink a cup of warm water after getting up in the morning and before going to bed in the evening.

Old people who like to exercise more sweating should pay attention to supplement the electrolyte-containing water, such as light salt water, mineral water, to supplement the electrolyte lost from sweat.

7 sports weight loss methods for the most fat burning

7 sports weight loss methods for the most fat burning

Exercise is an important way to lose weight. So, which exercise-reducing methods are simple and easy to burn and achieve the goal of slimming?

Below, Xiaobian recommends 7 kinds of weight loss exercises that can effectively burn and transform and promote metabolism.

  1, inline skating (burning 425 calories in 30 minutes) skating can not only increase your fun, in order to balance your body, the core muscles are also highly used when you use the thigh and buttocks in turn, soHelps burn a lot of cockroaches.

More importantly, this method does not put too much pressure on the knee joint.

Don’t forget to wear a hard hat, a wristband, a knee brace, and an elbow guard.

  Accelerated fat burning method: alternating with high speed and medium speed.

  2, go fast (can burn 170 calories in 30 minutes) In fact, leisurely walks with friends will not burn.

In order to make the most calories in the calories: the legs, buttocks, and the core muscles quickly dissipate the displacement in a short period of time, the body must be kept upright, the arms swing back and forth, each step is to let the heel touch the ground, and then the toes touch the ground.

  Accelerated fat burning method: alternately with fast walking or jogging.

  3, running (burning 374 kcal in 30 minutes) Running is the biggest source of calories and unhappiness.

In particular, the energy-consuming legs, the core muscles of the buttocks, the runners are generally well-proportioned and lean.

In order to maximize the consumption of each step, you need to re-stack when running, so that the soles of your feet are close to the ground.

  Accelerated fat burning method: It is best to alternate between fast and slow speed during running. 4, skipping rope (burning 340 calories in 30 minutes). In order to reach a large number of aunts in each jump, it is best to choose a handle and a long rope.The skipping rope is not in the arm socket (measured in the rope), and then do the following: When jumping, the feet are slightly separated, the body is straight, and the feet are as close as possible to the ground.

Even if you don’t have a ready-made rope around you, you can follow the above instructions and you can do the same without skipping.

  Accelerated fat burning method: often convert speed (slow, fast) and style (single jump, then jump with both feet), or skipping while jogging.

  5, shaking the hula hoop (300 minutes to burn 300 kcal) choose adult size hula hoop (heavier than the size of the child, so it is easier to turn), the hula hoop upright, the height can reach the side,Then this hula hoop is perfect for you.

  There is no difficult movement requirement for the hula hoop, as long as it can continue to rotate at the waist.

At the beginning, one foot is in front, one foot is behind, and then the body center of gravity is shifted back and forth (circular arc with the surroundings).

Persevere to get rid of toxins in the body.

  Accelerated fat burning method: You can find some high-level movements and interesting exercise methods on the Internet.

  6, dancing (30 minutes can burn 221 kcal) choose Latin wind or Bollywood these fast-paced songs, first optimistic can motivate the song you want to dance, then put fast-paced songs, and finally slow down the rhythm songsLet the body cool down.

  Accelerate fat burning method: When you dance, your arms will rise!

Swing in the air following the rhythm.

  7, play tennis (30 minutes can burn 272 big cards) Do not think that playing tennis has to find a companion, or travel long distances to the stadium, in fact, as long as you can find a runway or a place with a garage door can start playing.

  Stand at a distance of 10-25 feet from the wall, then alternately use positive, backhand shots to see how many times you can play continuously without mistakes.

Even practicing the ball will keep your body in a burning state, because you are constantly running and bending over to pick up a ball that hasn’t succeeded.

  Accelerated fat burning method: Try to pump 50 consecutively?
100 times.

Set a goal for yourself so that you can work harder to complete.

Men’s best four fattening recipes

Men’s best four fattening recipes

Lead: What can you eat to gain weight?

Male friends who want to gain weight, tell you a good news.

The following four foods are arranged for you by nutrition experts.

It is a healthy fattening recipe.

  Fang Yi: lotus seed pig belly fattening 〖raw material〗 1 pig belly, lotus seeds 40, sesame oil, salt, onions, ginger, garlic, the right amount.

  〖Usage Usage〗 Wash the pig’s belly, then put the lotus seeds in the pig’s belly with water, put it in the line, put the water in the pot and cook until cooked.

After cooking, let it cool, cut the pig’s belly into silk, and mix it with the lotus seeds and mix well.

Can be used as a table.

  〖Efficacy〗 has the effect of strengthening the spleen and benefiting the stomach.

Applicable to the weakening of the spleen and stomach.

  Fang 2: Cistanche mutton 羹 fattening 〖Materials〗 Cistanche 30g, refined mutton 150g, raw powder 30g, ginger, scallion, salt amount.

  〖Usage Usage〗 Cistanche is soaked in warm water, washed and chopped, the pot is boiled, and the juice is taken; the mutton is washed and diced, added to the cistanche juice, boiled until the mutton is rotten, and the scallion, ginger, raw powder and salt are added.Cook for another 5 minutes.

Do it early every day, for dinner.

  〖Effect〗 Warming qi and blood, helping Yang Yijing, fat and healthy people.

Applicable to the thin body caused by kidney deficiency.

  Fang 3: Yam broth and fattening 〖Materials〗 yam 50g, sugar 100g, sesame powder 50g, glutinous rice 500g.

  〖System usage〗 The yam is ground into powder, steamed, add sugar, sesame powder into a stuffing.

Glutinous rice is soaked and ground.

Wrap the yam stuffing with glutinous rice flour into a dumpling and cook.

Can be used as a staple food.

  〖Efficacy〗 has the effect of tonifying the spleen and kidney.

Suitable for body weight loss.

  Fang 4: venison, jujube soup, fat, 〖raw material〗 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿

  〖Process usage〗 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿

Served with meals.

  〖Effect〗 to replenish qi and blood, plum muscle.

Applicable to labor, body weight loss.

Is there any contraindication to meningitis diet?

Is there any contraindication to meningitis diet?

患者发现自己有脑膜炎之后,在饮食上也应该要注意,什么应该吃什么不应该吃,那么脑膜炎饮食有什么禁忌吗?Patients with meningitis should eat some low-fat, high-protein, high-fiber foods. Let’s take a look at the diet of meningitis patients.

The diet of patients with meningitis should be avoided. The dietary contraindications for meningitis patients should not be eaten by spicy and irritating foods.

Chili: Spicy and irritating, easy to hurt Yin, not suitable for consumption.

Onions, garlic, pepper, etc. should also be avoided.

2, eat foods containing preservatives, high salt.

Salted fish: increase the osmotic pressure of body fluids and increase the burden on the brain.

Foods containing preservatives should also be avoided.

3, avoid eating refined sugar.

Sugar: Eating more sugar makes it easier for energy to build up and oxidize the brain.

Foods with high sugar content should also be eaten less.

Second, meningitis patients with a suitable diet 1, should eat low-fat, high-protein, high-fiber foods.

Millet: contains a variety of vitamins, amino acids, traces, cellulose and glucose, the nutritional value is very high, the general food contains no carotene, millet also, especially its vitamin B1 content ranks first in all food, the amount of ironVery high, phosphorus is also rich, is the reason for blood, brain.

Porridge is eaten.

2, should eat vitamin foods.

Kiwifruit: a variety of vitamins such as plasma vitamin C, which is conducive to the recovery of the disease.

Eat in moderation.

3, should eat light, easy to digest food.

Mushroom: Lentinus edodes polysaccharide can enhance the activity of helper T cells and enhance the immune function of human body fluid.

Mushrooms also contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, which have a great effect on promoting the body’s metabolism and improving the body’s adaptability.

Make soup or cook.

Grasp the four gold schedules to drink water and slim down

Grasp the four gold schedules to drink water and slim down

Drinking water is good for weight loss.

Using the resources of good water can make you lose weight with half the effort.

Tell you four vortex drinking water that can easily make you thin.

  Early in the morning: Drink a cup of warm water, clear your stomach and get up early in the morning. Drink a large cup of warm water before eating a rich breakfast. It will help push the intestines and squirm, which will make you feel good and help the large intestine to clean up. The belly is no longer proud.
This trick to drink the KeepFit method has many stars to follow, the slimming success index is extremely high!

  Lunch for lunch: Drinking water before meals Try to drink a glass of water before each meal, you can fill the sizzling five-dirty temple, reduce the weight of the diet; second, to replenish the body’s water, accelerate metabolism.

  Afternoon tea precipitation: smell the flowers and stop the snacks to TeaTime, the appetite is harvested, take out the snacks, potato chips, cookies, soda, etc. are all fat food, an afternoon tea time is higher than a lunch!

Sisters who are not self-sufficient in self-control may wish to spray a floral spray around the office to smell appetite.

  Dinner: Drinking water to lose weight and losing 10 pounds a month to drink only the diet slimming method is unhealthy. The correct drinking water slimming method is to take protein and vegetables to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugar, but also slowlychew.

Beer and spirits have the potential to increase cortisone in the body, a hormone that will unfortunately be transferred to the abdomen.

When drinking, I suspect that I will eat more food.

Spring rain, health care, white collar, to prevent cervical spondylosis

Spring rain, health care, white collar, to prevent cervical spondylosis

“Spring rain and wind are fine, the garden takes time and is dry.

“Spring rain is more, the withered grass roots need irrigation by spring rain, and the brakes sprout and grow.

Continuous rainy weather, coupled with reduced sports and other factors, people are more likely to suffer from a variety of cervical vertebrae, shoulders, lumbar spondylosis, etc., especially white-collar workers who often sit in front of the computer, the following small series will be described in detail: experts said,In the early stage of cervical spondylosis in the spring, white-collar workers continued to work at low desks or continuously connected to the Internet through a posture, resulting in cervical disc herniation and yielding.

Add continuous rainy weather, cold and heavy in the morning and evening, if you do not pay attention to keep warm, it is easy to cause cervical spondylolisthesis.

  How to prevent cervical spondylosis in white-collar workers: 1, to look up and look at the distance: when looking at things in close distance, especially in the state of bowing, affecting the cervical vertebrae, and easily cause visual fatigue, and even cause refractive error.

Therefore, whenever the desk is too long, you should look up and look at the distance for about half a minute.

This can not only eliminate fatigue, but also help the health of the cervical spine.

  2, often active activities: should be at work 1?
2 hours or so, purposefully let the head aim forward and then rotate left and right several times. The rotation should be gentle and slow, in order to reach the maximum range of motion in all directions, resulting in a certain relief of cervical joint fatigue.

  3, sitting posture should be correct: to prevent the occurrence of cervical spondylosis, the most important thing is to sit correctly, so that the neck and shoulders are relaxed, to maintain the most comfortable and natural posture.

Office workers should also stand up and move around from time to time, moving the neck and shoulders to relax the muscles of the neck and shoulders.

  4, sleep mode: Do not sleep while sleeping, pillows should not be too high, too hard or too low.

Pillow: The center should be slightly recessed, and the pillow should be fully contacted and kept slightly reclined. Do not hang.

Those who are used to the lateral position should have the pillow and shoulder height.

When you sleep, don’t lie down and read a book.

Remember not to blow cold air against your head.

Up knowledge: People who live long lives, these four things can not be separated from autumn health!

Up knowledge: People who live long lives, these four things can not be separated from autumn health!

Unconsciously, the autumn has quietly come to us. At this time, it is the time of alternating hot and cold. The three conditions of heat, humidity and dryness will coexist. If you don’t pay attention, it will easily get ill.

For those who will maintain health, this time is even more should not be missed.

Chen Qunxiong, director of the Center for Treatment of Untreated Diseases in Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, also mentioned that regarding the next season, the daily routine, diet and health should also be adjusted accordingly. Health should gradually turn to God, moisten and lower the vitality, protect the lungs and protect the liver.the Lord.

Among them, there are the following health points: 1.

Going to bed early and getting up early in the middle of the night and noon is the day of the handover, if the body does not get rest at this time, it will easily lead to imbalance of blood and yin and yang.

Therefore, health care must be done before 11:00 every night to enter the dream, come in at noon to ensure that there is a 20-30 minutes of rest, even if you can not sleep, closed eyes can be safe.


The diet tends to nourish yin and moisten the time, the weather has gradually turned to dry, and the body is also prone to dry mouth.

Therefore, in the diet should avoid spicy food, eat more food that can nourish Yin and moisten, common sesame, honey, autumn pear, lotus root, lotus root and so on.


Raising the lungs In this gradual dry environment, the lungs are also the most vulnerable, so it is imperative to protect the lungs.

Director Chen Qunxiong recommended a set of exercises to raise the lungs, namely: lying in bed to do abdominal breathing, slowly inhaling and then slowly exhaling, so that the action can be repeated 30 times.

In addition, after the meal may wish to walk slowly for 10 minutes, then relax, the palms of both hands overlap 3 cm below the navel, repeat the above abdominal breathing method.


Drink plenty of water, pay attention to the temperature difference between the hot and cold, the temperature difference between morning and evening is gradually getting bigger, pneumonia, high blood pressure, cough and other respiratory diseases are easy to occur.

In addition, this time is also a high incidence of stroke, myocardial infarction, and cerebral infarction. Therefore, people who have entered the old age should gradually reduce the number of air conditioners and fans to avoid other diseases caused by cold body.

At this time, the dry climate will also dry out, dry mouth, dry skin, and other phenomena, do not hinder drinking more water, promote body circulation can prevent autumn dryness.

For the fall health, try these 2 health soups: 1.

Black fungus red jujube soup black fungus has blood and detoxification, enhance immunity and other effects, while red dates can qi and blood.

Therefore, this soup is especially suitable for people with physical weakness and anemia.


Walnut chestnut lotus root soup walnuts fill the brain, chestnuts spleen and stomach, strong gluten and bones, lotus root is autumn good anti-dry, lungs good things.

This soup meal is suitable for the need of blood and Qi in the autumn, solid kidney and strong gluten, and the lungs are accepted.

Recommended for some dietary treatments for early pregnancy reactions

Recommended for some dietary treatments for early pregnancy reactions

Pregnancy is an instinct for the biological community to protect the health of the abdomen.

This instinct can allow early detection of various germs or harmful substances that may harm your baby by discarding it to ensure that these things do not enter the body, such as foods containing microorganisms or pathogens (such as meat), filtered toBringing potential dangers.

So, from a diet perspective, what are the therapeutic methods that can alleviate early pregnancy reactions?

4 kinds of therapeutic methods to alleviate early pregnancy reaction 1, dried tangerine beef[raw material]: lean beef, soy sauce, dried tangerine peel, onion, ginger, sugar, soy sauce, water (2 tablespoons).

[Method]: Wash the dried tangerine peel with water slightly, wash the onion and cut into pieces; wash the beef and cut into thin slices, add the soy sauce and mix well, marinate for 10 minutes; put the marinated beef into a hot oil and frySlightly dry; put the dried tangerine peel, onion, and ginger first, then add the soy sauce, sugar, water and beef. Stir the beef and add the marinade, which is dried tangerine peel, shallot, ginger, soy sauce.Sugar, stew until the marinade is dry and ready to serve.

[Nutrition Tips]: Lean meat is rich in B vitamins, which can help eliminate vomiting symptoms in early pregnancy and eliminate mental fatigue and other discomforts.

Ginger and tangerine peel also help to alleviate the nausea of pregnant mommy.

2, roasted whole wheat sandwich[raw material]: 1 whole wheat bread, cheese powder, raisins, almond slices, walnuts, cherries, grape sauce and other appropriate amount.

[Method]: Put the whole wheat bread in the oven and bake it a little. Take it out and cut it into 4 small pieces; first put a layer of grape sauce on the surface, then put the raisins, walnuts, almond slices and cherries on it, thenSprinkle with cheese powder Serve.

[Nutrition Tips]: Raisins, walnuts and toasted toast have antiemetic effects. The B vitamins in the cheese powder can eliminate the irritability of pregnant mommy and relieve the morning sickness.

3, plum dried lean pork[raw materials]: 15 grams of dried plum, 15 grams of mustard, 100 grams of lean pork, salt, MSG amount[method]: put dried plum, mustard, lean pork, salt, MSG togetherCook the soup.

[Applicable people]pregnant women, vomiting pregnant women 4, ginger silk scrambled eggs[raw materials]: 150 grams of eggs, 50 grams of ginger, 15 grams of vegetable oil, 10 grams of Jiangmi wine, 3 grams of salt.

【Method】: Put the eggs into the bowl, add a little salt to break up; fresh ginger peeled and washed, cut into filaments; after mixing, after the oil is hot, stir fry in the pan.

I wish all pregnant mothers to adjust their moods and happily.