Cold nose wash can prevent colds

Cold nose wash can prevent colds

Too much cold air activity, people should pay attention to warm and cold exercise.

Cold hardening can help protect against cold and prevent colds.

The nose is an important respiratory organ. Studies have shown that the reason people are susceptible to colds is related to the decline in nasal temperature.

When the temperature of the nasal mucosa drops to about 32 degrees, the local blood circulation will be significantly delayed, and the phagocytosis of immune cells will also decline, and various viruses will enter.

  It can be seen that strengthening the health of the nose is very necessary.

  First, stick to a nasal massage to promote blood circulation.

First rub the Yingxiang points on both sides of the nose with the index finger and thumb for 20-30 times, and then rub the tip of the nose and the nose gently with rubbing the hot palm, each 10 times in the forward and reverse directions, which can greatly enhance the disease resistance and cold resistance.Can treat colds, stuffy nose.

  First, stick to cold water every morning or evening.

The perfect and feasible method is to wash your face with cold water and wash your nose.

There are many viruses and bacteria in the nostrils. When you wash your nose with cold water, you can remove the hidden dirt and germs. At the same time, the cold water is often stimulated in the nostrils.When it gets cold, there are barriers against the cold.

  In addition, experts determined that under the same external conditions, nasal blood vessels in nervous people contract, blood flow decreases, and temperature drops significantly.

Therefore, in any case, you should avoid excessive tension and pay attention to regulating the “microclimate” in the nose.

The nasal cavity should be kept warm and moist with a humidity below 60%.

At the same time, it is necessary to correct the bad habits, overcome the bad habits such as digging the nostrils, plucking or cutting the nose hair, because damaged nose hair and nasal mucosa will not only affect nasal function, cause purulent infection in the nasal cavity, but also cause diseases in the skull and ear.

10 strokes to lose weight

10 strokes to lose weight

Summer is here, and I want to wear a beautiful skirt to the street, but the left side is bulky. What should I do?

Don’t worry, the 10 recommended weight loss yoga exercises today will help you tighten your hip muscles, increase your tibia elasticity, and help you have beautiful and firm little hips!

  Step 1 Slim legs apart, hands on hips.

Slowly bend and tilt to squat while raising your arms to keep your balance.


Try to keep your thighs parallel to the ground, hold them for 10 seconds, and then slowly restore them.

Repeat 10-20 times, you can practice about 3 groups.

  Step 2 Stretch your legs together, hands on hips.

Inhale, slowly lift your left leg towards the body side, trying to lift it to the limit, so that the left side has a feeling of soreness and tightening, the upper body tries to stay still, and after holding for 10 seconds, exhale and slowly fall back to the left leg.
Repeat 10-20 times, then change the right leg to practice, you can practice about 3 groups.

  Step 3 With both legs spread out, hands on hips.

Inhale and slowly raise your left leg backwards. Try to raise it until there is a feeling of soreness and tightening on the back side. Try to keep your upper body still. After holding for 10 seconds, exhale and slowly drop your left leg.

Repeat 10-20 times, then change the right leg to practice, you can practice about 3 groups.
  Step 4 Kneel on both knees, with both hands on the ground, straighten your left leg backwards, and prepare your toes on the ground.

Inhale, slowly lift your left leg upwards with the strength of your feet, try to control your upper body as much as possible, don’t collapse your waist, don’t repeat your waist strength to lift your legs, hold for 5-10 seconds, exhale, and slowly fall back to your left leg.

Repeat 10-20 times, then change the right leg to practice, you can practice about 3 groups.
  Step 5 Kneel on both knees, hold your hands on the ground, inhale, slowly bend your left leg and lift it up.

The calf should be perpendicular to the ground, and the thigh should be parallel to the ground. Pay attention to raise the leg with the strength of the hips. After holding for 5-10 seconds, exhale and slowly fall back to the left leg.

Repeat 10-20 times, then change the right leg to practice, you can practice about 3 groups.
  Step 6 Knee down on both knees, hold your hands on the ground, inhale, slowly lift the bent left leg to the side of the body with the strength of the side hips, make the left leg parallel to the ground, and the big and small legs should be at 90 °.

Keep your upper body parallel to the ground at all times. After holding it for 5-10 seconds, exhale and slowly fall back to your left leg.

Then change the right leg exercise, repeat 10-20 times, you can practice about 3 groups.

  Step 7: Lying on the right side, with the right forearm supporting the body, straightening the legs so that the body is straight.


Lift your left leg slowly and keep it at 5?
After 10 seconds, exhale and slowly lower your left leg.

Repeat 10-20 times, change some lying exercises, you can practice about 3 groups.

  Step 8 Lie on your back with your knees bent, your feet close to the heel, and your feet separated by the same width as your pelvis.

Inhale and slowly lift your hips upwards with the strength of your feet. Tighten your hips as much as possible. After holding for 10 seconds, exhale and slowly lower your hips. Repeat 20 times. You can practice 3 or more groups.

  Step 9 Lie on your back, relax to both sides of your body, bend your knees, lay your feet flat on the ground, step your right foot on your thigh, stretch out your right knee, make the two thighs as parallel as possible, and keep your hips flatStick to the ground, inhale, slowly lift both hips upwards, while trying to straighten your right leg forward. After holding for 100 seconds, exhale, slowly lower your hips, and put your feet on the vertical thighs.Repeat 10-20 times, then change the left leg to practice, you can practice about 3 groups.

  Step 10 Relaxation exercises.

Kneel on both knees with both hands on the ground.

Exhale and push the back pressure to the right until the right hip hits the ground. After holding it for 10 seconds, inhale to restore. Exhale and press the shoulders vertically until the left hip hits the ground. Hold for 10 seconds and inhale.

Repeat the exercise for 10 groups, one at a time, and relax the muscles on the left side by reducing.

Top 10 truths about coffee

Top 10 truths about coffee

For a long time, people have different opinions about coffee, and many people are biased against it.

This article will give you a new understanding of coffee.

  Facts prove that coffee dose is very fatal. According to the Russian “Pravda” report, the latest research confirms that coffee is good for health, can prevent cancer and delay aging, but drinking too much can be harmful to health, so it is important to grasp the degree

Here are 10 facts about coffee. Knowing them is good for you and your knowledge of coffee.

  ■ Fact 1: Coffee is good for the doctor. Doctors say that coffee is good for the human body, so moderate intake of coffee is the key to benefit from it.

Studies conducted by American biologists show that drinking two to three cups of coffee a day is more than enough to protect the heart. If you have overweight problems, they can also increase your metabolism and even reduce your appetite.

Coffee contains the same amount of antioxidants as green tea, which means that, in theory, coffee can prevent cancer and slow down aging.

  ■ Fact 2: Coffee is going to hit you. Some experts believe that coffee should not be drunk, the reason is that coffee can cause blood pressure to rise, leading to contraction of blood vessel walls, so excessive coffee may cause cardiovascular disease.

  This argument is not without reason.

However, American experts believe that the fatal caffeine dose is 10 to 13 grams, which means that you must drink 23 liters of coffee at a time to be fatal, which is equivalent to more than 100 cups of coffee.

However, if you drink so much liquid at one time, even a little caffeine is not included, your life will not be saved.

  ■ Fact 3: Coffee is a good friend of fitness. Scientists at the University of Georgia in the United States say that two cups of coffee a day can help relieve muscle soreness after exercise.

You don’t have to drink coffee regularly, just drink two cups after exercise to restore muscles.

  Another advantage of coffee is that it can strengthen your body, which will help you exercise more continuously and make the exercise better.

Caffeine is essential in team sports because it enhances attention and reaction.

Almost too much coffee, coupled with intense exercise, can lead to tachycardia and excitement, triggering insomnia, neurological disorders and other symptoms.

  ■ Fact 4: Coffee is better than wine. Red wine and champagne are considered traditional drinks essential for romantic dinners.

However, it is time for men to recognise this traditional habit.

Researchers at the University of South Wales suggest that if you want to interact passionately with women after dinner, don’t prevent your women from drinking some coffee.

  They conducted a grading test using estrogen test mice and found that certain doses of caffeine in the aforementioned mice had more alternating sexual contact.

However, this drink may only work for women who do not drink coffee often.

If she drinks coffee often, you have to rely on wine and your personal charm to ignite her passion.

  There is a theory that a certain dose of caffeine is more active for men in bed.

Caffeine increases blood flow, which means more blood is delivered to the sex organs, which may extend erections and sex.

Therefore, coffee can be used as a substance to prevent erectile dysfunction.

  ■ Fact 5: There is no more caffeine in coffee than green tea. There are many opinions about coffee, including praise and criticism.

The narrative that coffee is good for erections and can cause insomnia is completely true.

Its main effect on the body is to stimulate the nervous system.

  A cup of instant coffee usually contains as much (or slightly more) caffeine as a cup of strong black tea.

Green tea may contain more caffeine.

However, people start to prevent coffee consumption in the afternoon, rather than limit the amount of tea, knowing that by drinking tea, they can get more caffeine.

  Doctors advise people not to drink coffee for 6 hours before going to bed.

Drinking tea should be the same, the caffeine contained in tea is more peaceful and lasting.

  ■ Fact 6: Decaffeinated coffee contains caffeine. If your coffee pot says “decaffeinated coffee”, don’t assume that you are drinking only colored water.

Decaffeinated coffee does not exclude caffeine, but it is higher in content. It contains 5 times less caffeine and 3 times lower than cola.

  ■ Fact 7: Decaffeinated coffee contains chemical ingredients. The process of decaffeination uses hot coffee to make the caffeine particles “float” on the surface, and then the coffee bean is processed with organic solvent dichloromethane and roasted.And processing.

Scientists hope that this coffee processing method, which is adopted globally, will produce products that are harmless to the human body.

  ■ Fact 8: Roasting and brewing methods determine the taste of coffee. The essential oil contained in coffee beans will evaporate at 200 high temperatures.The more essential oils extracted during the roasting process, the more bitter the coffee taste and the stronger the coffee aroma.

From the color of the coffee beans, you can tell which roasting method they use to process them.

The green coffee beans are white in color and even slightly greenish. By roasting, the color becomes darker, brown to black.

The length of brewing time also affects the taste and composition of the coffee.

If you want to extract all the caffeine, the longer you brew it, the better, and choose a darker roasting method.

  ■ Fact 9: Caffeine is not bitter. The bitter taste of coffee is not caused by caffeine.

Chemists believe that coffee’s antioxidants, which are good for health, make coffee bitter.

If you want to be both young and healthy, practice the bitterness of coffee.

  ■ Fact 10: Goat finds coffee According to legend, Africa first discovered and started processing coffee around 800 AD.

Ethiopian shepherd Kadi was very surprised. He didn’t know why his goat suddenly became so glorious that he couldn’t sleep in the night, so he decided to check it out.

As a result, he found that the goat ate a red preset on a tree and became full of energy.

He brought the crystal to a local priest, and the monks processed the first batch of coffee. After they called this kind of thing, they could chant all night and no longer doze off.

Therapeutic Recipes Ironing Wrinkles in Women


Therapeutic Recipes Ironing Wrinkles in Women

Wrinkles are lurking deep in our skin. On a certain day, month, and day, such a sudden and sudden attack came, and at this time we still have not had time to prepare ourselves mentally, and we have to face our skin that is no longer young and flat.

It’s not necessarily easy to get rid of wrinkles, but only if you work hard enough to make your wrinkles appear later, so that you can maintain your youthful beauty.

Thirteen diet recipes make women’s wrinkle removal work easier.

  [方一]  桃仁(汤浸去皮尖、研如泥)不拘多少。Add the honey from the rotten peach kernel, melt with warm water, rub the face, and then apply Wang Xiao cream.

  This formula stimulates blood and moisturizes, removes wrinkles and improves the face.

  [方二]  蔓荆油6000毫升,甘松香、零陵香各30克,辛夷仁37.5 grams, atractylodes 4000 grams, asarum 37.

5 grams, bamboo 1500 grams, bamboo leaves cut 1000 grams, white Poria 22.

5 grams, 22,5 grams of broad turnip, 1000 grams of sheep marrow (red veins are leached with water).

  This side is for promoting blood circulation and removing wind, moisturizing and removing wrinkles, especially for those who have red wrinkles on the face and brown pigmentation.

  [方三]  白术、茯苓、杜衡各45克,萎蕤、藁本、芎劳、土瓜根、瓜蒌各37.5 grams, magnolia skin, white silkworm, Shushuihua, Xinyiren, tonka, citronella, 125 grams each, Cuscuta chinensis, 60 grams, gardenia, musk (wine soaked and wrapped), 225 grams eachWinter melon kernel 37.

5 grams, 1000 grams of peach kernels, 90 grams of white wax, 2000 grams of sheep fat, 6000 grams of pig fat (soaked in water for 7 days, easy to get rid of water), pig pancreas, 30 grams of white aconite.

  25 flavors and finely cut, 4000 ml of wine, take pig pancreas, peach kernels, winter melon kernels wrapped in the wine, knead to eliminate, twist the juice, and use the medicine for 1 night.

In addition, fry the pig fat to eliminate, remove residue, goose fat, sheep fat, blood wax in the block.

Wrap the inner pan with cotton, and fry for 3 to 3 times on a low heat. The medicine is yellow and the residue is removed.

Wait for the condensate to clear, the inside of the eagle feces white end, stir to evenly, to coat the face.

  This recipe is a large finished facial recipe, which functions to disperse blood, moisturize skin, expand wrinkles, increase color, dispel evil scent, and have thick black and wrinkles on the opposite side, which has a good curative effect.

  [方四]  紫草根若干,菜油若干。Take the roots of comfrey and wash them, dry them, and grind 5 parts into 60 parts of vegetable oil. Stir at 35 ° C. After 6 hours, filter the liquid to use it as a cosmetic oil.Times.

  This side has the function of anti-wrinkle skin.

  [方五]  杜蘅、牡蛎(熬)、防风、藁本、细辛、白附子、白芷、当归、木兰皮、白术、独活、玉竹、天雄、茯苓、玉屑各30克,菟丝子、Fangji, Pokeweed, Gardenia, Orange Peel, Paeonia lactiflora, 90g each of Ginseng, Ginger Rosin, Greenwood, Agastache, Tonka, 60g each of Cloves, 15g of Musk, White Lignin, White Goose Fat (NoGoose fat is replaced by sheep marrow), 100 g of bovine marrow and 3 spiders.

The 32 flavors are soaked with water in the fat pith for 5 days, easy to water twice a day, 5 days, 1 easy water every day, 10 days, 2 easy water every day, only on the 20th.

Take 100 ml of wine, remove the veins of the sheep, cut it into porcelain, seal it for 1 night, and fry it in the morning on the next day with three fats and threes.Slag, grind it a thousand times, wait for it to condense, and make it white like snow.

Apply face every night, wash off the next day, and apply new ones.

  Fang Yueyan wrinkles, after 10 days, the color is like a peach blossom.

  [方六]  鹿角霜60克,牛乳75克,白蔹、川芎各30克,天门冬45克(去心、焙)、酥90克,白芷、白附子(生用)、白术、杏仁各30Grams (soaked in soup, peeled tip, double kernel, do not grind like a paste).

Prick the Luo as the powder, grind into the almond cream, use the milk and crisps, and in a silver pot, boil the cream with low heat.

Apply the surface every night and wash with slurry.

  This side Qufeng Huoxue, moisturize the white face, Yu old and wrinkle.

  [方七]  青木香、白附于、川芎、白蜡、零陵香、白芷、杏附子各60克,茯苓、甘粉各30克,羊髓(炼之)l 50克。Mix the 10 flavors, 250 ml of wine each, stain the medicine, and cook for three or three times. Wait for the wine to run out of gas, paste into slag, store and use, and apply the surface as makeup.

  This side removes the cold and makes the face bright, durable and wrinkle-resistant, all the gloom.

  [方八]   白蔹、白芷、玉竹、白及、细辛、当归、鹿角胶、土瓜根、白茯苓、商陆、鸬鹚屎、密陀僧、瓜蒌仁、桑根白皮、30 grams of orange kernel, chuanxiong, white aconite, winter melon kernel, peach kernel, and coriander sand.

Punch the medicine into powder, first staghorn glue and sand, boil it to eliminate the jelly, use 500 grams of white noodles, make a thin pancake and expose to dryness, pound the sieve as unsuccessful, and then add 200 grams of mung bean noodles.Wash your hands often.

  This formula can make the face smooth, white and anti-wrinkle.

  透真速效去皱眼霜 质比千元级眼霜 七天无条件包退   皇冠血荐 瞬间平皱眼霜 迅速消除皱纹 即时年轻   [方九]   枳实、土瓜根、商陆各等分。The 3 flavors of medicines were co-developed into fine powders and stored in bottles for later use.

Use once a month in the morning, such as daily cleansing.

  This side clears heat and detoxifies, cleanses and wrinkles.

  [方十]   大猪蹄1具。   Clean up, put into the pot, then add water and clear water (processed from corn), do not be too full, stew with low heat, wait until the skin is crisp, and filter out impurities.

Use the glue to wash the surface during the day, and use the glue to blend the bathtub beans at night, and then coat it on the surface. Wash it off with the slurry water the next morning and use continuously.

  This formula can reduce wrinkles, make the complexion look smooth, and has antifreeze and crack resistance.

  [方十一]   丝瓜。After harvesting the loofah, water was collected in October.

On the eve of collecting water, pour more water into the roots, cut the loofah stem 60 cm away from the ground, bend it, and insert the loofah stem down to a capacity of 1.

8 liter glass bottle.

The mouth of the bottle is wrapped with a thin aluminum sheet, the absorbent cotton is stuffed into the aluminum sheet, and then the lower part of the bottle is buried in the soil, and a bottle of loofah water can be filled overnight. After filtering through gauze, add less glycerol, boric acid and alcoholServe, also use 50 ml of alcohol against 2 g of benzoic acid. After dissolving, pour this solution into 1000 ml of loofah water, and then put 30 g of glycerin.

Wipe face with gauze dipped in loofah water every morning.

  This side has beauty anti-wrinkle effect.

  [方十二]   干枸杞250克,白酒500毫升。Add wolfberry to the small mouth bottle, add white wine, seal the bottle mouth, shake it once a day, start adding after 7 days, add white wine while drinking, anytime before dinner or just before lying, you can also drink wine.
  This formula makes up for deficiencies, grows muscles, improves complexion, and prevents wrinkles.

  [方十三]   鲜芦笋1枝,胡萝卜、苹果、芹菜各各100克,柠檬汁20克。Wash the asparagus, carrots, apples, and celery, chop them, squeeze the juice to remove the residue, and mix the lemon juice and stir well.

  This formula has a beautiful face, nourishing and anti-wrinkle.

Nourishing health

Nourishing health

It is generally accepted that bone is the scaffold of the human body.

It directly affects the quality of human life.

Just as the early medical classic “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” said: “The pyramids are strong, and the blood and blood are from the same. If so, the internal and external reconciliation, evil can’t be harmed, ears and eyes are smart, blood and blood remain the same.”

Bone is raised by the marrow, and sperm is born again. Therefore, the marrow and sperm determine the growth, development and function of the bone.

If the bones are not osteotrophic, they will cause bone diseases.

Such as rickets in infants, osteomalacia in adults, and osteoporosis in the elderly.

Chinese medicine believes that the waist is the place of kidney, the main marrow of kidney, kidney essence is deficient, the bone marrow is not full, so low back pain and tendon and knee weakness.

From this point of view, whether the filling of the essence and the marrow affects the skeletal system of the human body and seriously damages the human’s innate kidney.

  The marrow leads to the brain, and the brain is the sea of the marrow.

The function of the brain depends on the nourishment of the bones.

For example, the “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor” said: “If the marrow sea is insufficient, the brain turns to tinnitus, sourness and dizziness, nothing can be seen, and slackness lies.

“The nature of the marrow to the brain is very clearly illustrated here.

Common encephalopathy such as dizziness, insomnia, forgetfulness, inattention, and impatient thinking are all related to the lack of vertebrae and brain supply.

The medicine of the motherland believes that the three treasures of the human body: spirit and spirit.

Conservation cannot be sustained in the brain, and it can have “god” consequences.

“God” is the main emperor of life.

From this point of view, nourishing the soul also needs to fill the marrow first.

  Only with sufficient essence can the body be healthy and longevity.

So how do you fill the marrow?

Must use animal (such as cattle and sheep) bone marrow, spinal cord as raw materials, using a variety of biological enzymes to cut the bone marrow protein molecules into small molecular weight and amino acids.

At the same time, adrenocortical hormones and diabetes are removed and refined using modern bioengineering techniques. This pre-formed medullary essence is most effective.

Cleansing and Detoxification with Yoga Breathing

Cleansing and Detoxification with Yoga Breathing

Everyone can breathe.

However, people usually breathe too superficially and not deep enough. Our lungs only use 1/3. If a person always breathes superficially, his body and blood will lack oxygen, which will cause headaches and fatigue.The brain is unresponsive.

  Yoga breathing is a complete abdominal breathing by the movement of the abdominal muscles, intercostal muscles and diaphragm. This breathing is uniform, slow and deep.

To provide more oxygen to various organs of the body in order to keep our heart and lungs functioning well, we must learn yoga breathing.

  There are 4 basic breathing methods of yoga: abdominal breathing, chest breathing, complete breathing and single nostril clearing meridian breathing.

These types of breathing are all done through the nostrils.

  The inspiratory intercostal muscles expand and the diaphragm is lowered, and the lungs increase in volume, pushing air into the lungs.

  The exhaled diaphragm increases and the lungs become smaller, expelling air from the lungs.

  1, abdominal breathing practice: lying on your back, put your hands on the abdomen, inhale slowly, relax the abdomen, feel the air is drawn towards the abdomen, the hand can feel the abdomen rises, in fact, the diaphragmPress the air into the lungs to rupture. When exhaling, slowly contract the abdominal muscles, and the diaphragm will rise to expel the air out of the lungs.

  Method: Sit cross-legged, with the back straight, hands aligned with the ribs, and inhale slowly through both nostrils. At the same time, the hands feel the rib fractures spread and lift upwards, and experience the ribs move down and close together.

  3. Complete breathing: Sit cross-legged, with one hand on the abdomen and one on the ribs. Inhale slowly and feel the abdomen slowly swell. Let the air fill the lower half of the lungs first, and then let the air fill the lungs.In the upper half, the air now fills every corner of the lungs. You have inhaled to the maximum capacity of your lungs, and then slowly exhale, first relax the upper chest, then relax the lower chest and abdomen, and finally contract the abdominal muscles.Exhale the breath completely.

  4, single nostril clearing meridian breathing method: sit cross-legged, support knees with left hand, right middle finger, index finger against eyebrow, thumb and ring finger on top and bottom of nose, press thumb on right nostril, use left nostril only long, slowlyPerform 5 full breaths of yoga, then close your eyes appropriately, and carefully experience the movements in the body, and evenly and gently breathe in. After you finish, release your thumb, press your ring finger on the left nostril, and gently use your right nostril.Perform 5 full breaths of yoga.

Repeat 5-10 rounds.

Yoga Rejuvenation Secrets

Yoga Rejuvenation Secrets

Five thousand years of Yoga Mystery Yoga has been circulating in India for five thousand years or more, and is the crystallization of ancient wisdom in India.

The origin of yoga can be traced back to the Indus civilization, at least to 3000 years ago.

For five thousand years, it has always been an important part of Indian culture. It has passed through many changes in the era, spread to all classes, and even completely perished at the end of the 12th century.

After turning into Tibet in the 7th century, Tibet has become a new cradle of yoga since the 12th century.

Since the 19th century, Himalayan yoga has been imported all over the world, including India and the United States.

  ”Yoga” is a transliteration of Sanskrit yoga, meaning harmony, unity, correspondence, and combination.

5000 years ago, a group of yoga practitioners sat in the virgin forest of the Himalaya foothills of India, thinking about the source of human suffering and annoyance.

In meditation, they understood that because of external stimuli, people’s hearts often suffer from chaos. Only when someone wakes up to the true self that they should have, and realizes the feeling of being integrated with the universe, can they obtain eternal peace.

When practicing yoga in the forest, some yogis accidentally find that various animals can recover naturally without any treatment when they are sick. Therefore, they learn to imitate the postures of various animals and apply these methods of combining tension and substitution to the human body., Even unexpected effects, this is the origin of the “posture method”.

In addition, they found that they can control breathing and life.

In order to adjust the turbulent gas, “breathing method” was produced.

Finally, to say that it has become China ‘s qigong. To a certain extent, qigong practice in China will also have functions that ordinary people cannot do.

  Finally, to say that it has become China ‘s qigong. To a certain extent, qigong practice in China will also have functions that ordinary people cannot do.

  It was a religion before Buddhism and Christianity, and it was a less religious religion.

The practice of yoga is divided into baseline stages, namely: (1) restraint; (2) commandments; (3) posture and posture; (4) regulating breathing; (5) controlling sensation; (6) mental concentration; (7) meditation;(8) Samadhi.

The so-called Samadhi refers to the state of peace of mind, cessation of thoughts, and transcendence from the world.

There are many schools of yoga, some of which are mainly for self-cultivation, and some are for physical exercise.

Medical yoga therapy uses a variety of positions, adjusts breathing, concentrates or meditates, stabilizes the mind and body, relieves tension, restores the internal environment of the body and restores natural healing power.

  The term yoga originally meant driving horses and horses. Since ancient times, she has also represented certain practices or exercises that predict to help achieve the highest goals.

In the “Yoga Sutra” by the ancient sage Patanjali, it is precisely defined as “control over the action of the heart”.

Yoga has a long history in India.

In the Brahman system of ancient India as we know it, there is a close relationship at the same time. In India, people believe that through the pain of reincarnation through yoga, the inner self will be united with the supremacy of the universe; through yoga, the seeds of rebirthBurned down, all hearts are enlightened, and all obstacles will not exist.

In India, it is difficult to distinguish the relationship between yoga and Hinduism. In one part, in the scriptures, in life, and in many areas, the relationships are fused with each other.

Yoga is one of the oldest physical exercises in the East.

It originated in BC and is the crystallization of human wisdom.

Yoga is also the understanding of life from the intuition of Indian sages in the deepest state of meditation and calmness.

The secret of yoga practice is the code of mutual reference between theory and practice.

  Yoga practitioners started with only a few people in monasteries, rural cottages, the Himalayas, and dense forests. They were taught by yogis to disciples who were willing to accept them.

After that, yoga gradually spread among ordinary Indians.

Use essential oils to fight against fine lines in autumn and winter_1

Use essential oils to fight against fine lines in autumn and winter

The cool breeze was already resistant to the arrival of cold air.

The chilling autumn wind hurts the skin far more than we think, and autumn and winter are at the best time for skin care.

After returning home from work every day, follow our massage with essence oil to fight off the fine lines and eye lines of the eyes that will reappear the “traces” of age.

  Fighting fine lines and law lines in autumn and winter, the effect of the essence oil is more obvious. Follow the simple hand massage steps to easily fight back those troubled eye lines and law lines.Don’t hurry and try it out.

  Speed up the blood circulation around the eyes to repel the dark circles. The massage method to fight the dark circles is as follows: Use your middle finger and ring finger to circle the eye circles from top to bottom, until the essence is absorbed into the skin.

One of the major reasons for the formation of dark circles is the pigmentation caused by blood circulation in the eyes. Such massage techniques can effectively alleviate the dark circles of people.

  Essence oil massage against fine lines and corners The focus of the massage is on the “V” gesture.

Separate the middle finger from the ring finger with your left hand, gently open the corners of your eyes in a horizontal V-shape, and then use the right ring finger and middle finger to perform an essential oil massage in a circular manner.

  Essential oil massage method to prevent harassment of people. Once the long-term stature lines appear, they will increase exponentially with age, so we must do a good job of preventing stature lines before using them. Use massage to slow down the appearance of stature linesGood choice.

Similarly, first use the palm of your left hand to stick to the left cheek, gently pull it towards the ear, and then use the ring finger of your right hand to parallel the middle finger to grow in a circular pattern, and slowly massage until the essence oil is absorbed intoskin.

  Fight against dry mouth corners in autumn and winter. As soon as the autumn and winter season arrives, many girls will have dry skin troubles around the corners of the mouth and mouth. Similarly, we can use essence oil massage to reduce this kind of skin symptoms.

Use your ring finger and index finger with both hands to slowly massage in a circular motion from above your chin to your lips and repeat.

Three notes for summer fitness

Three notes for summer fitness

The effect of choosing to lose weight in the summer will be more obvious, but if you blindly pursue weight loss effects without paying attention to your choice of diet and sports and doing a reasonable fitness plan, you may not get too good weight loss results.

  The 30-minute exercise volume is suitable. In the hot weather in summer, the human body consumes a lot of heat. Therefore, once you exercise, if you don’t grasp the amount of exercise, it will easily lead to low blood sugar, decreased resistance, and severely cause fainting.So excessive exercise in summer is bad for health.

  Therefore, it is recommended that the amount of exercise in summer should be appropriately reduced, and 30 minutes of exercise time is the best.

  The amount of water to be replenished in summer must be moderate and high in summer. The human body consumes a large amount of water, and a large amount of exercise will accelerate the loss of water in the body. Therefore, we must pay attention to timely replenishing the water consumed by the body.

If you spend more than half an hour outdoors, be sure to bring a bottle of water, preferably a saline solution.

  Fitness multi-choice indoor events In summer, due to the influence of the hot sun, many sports are not convenient, and swimming is the best fitness.

Swimming not only serves the purpose of whole-body exercise, but also reduces the effect of early summer heat.

Talk about the requirements between husband and wife in secret

Talk about the requirements between husband and wife in secret

First, a word can evoke sexual love between husband and wife. Sexuality is normal, but too many people think that this is the hardest thing to say.

Think about it, when you want to be intimate with him, you can’t always say “let’s go to bed”?

This sounds so straightforward that an elegant lady can’t say such things, especially when your child is around.

  In this regard, Dr. Tina, a love column consultant for Red Book, said that when both husband and wife have experienced a certain scene together, in this scene, you happen to be in love with each other.

Then, find a phrase related to this scene can evoke your memories, and this word is a good secret.

“Somehow, some American couples now use ‘candles’ as a secret sign because they always have candlelight dinners on their honeymoon, and that style looks quite romantic.

“So when they have children after marriage and want to be intimate, someone will always say,” Dear, let’s find out if there are candles. ”

“Instantly, the passion on the honeymoon will turn into a current flowing through the bodies of both sides, letting them immediately drop their work and come to the bedroom.

  Anna, 37, said that when she first met her husband, she knew she would marry each other.

“But I don’t want to say the old-fashioned words, ‘I love you’, so I said to him at the time, ‘You are my home.

‘Over 10 years later, Anna and her husband have two children, but that sentence is always the secret code before their affection.

  Second, the secret of showing love in public places Sophie and her husband both work in large companies, and there will be many colleagues around when they call each other.

“I don’t want our sweet words to be heard clearly by colleagues, so there are some secret signals between us.

“Sophie said,” When answering a small number of calls, we will say ‘unbelievable’, which means that the love between us is compared by others.

“Sometimes, the passwords used in public places are not necessarily words, but actions.

Katherine said: “My husband likes to touch his nose, and we take this as a sign of love.

Therefore, he often does this to me in public, whether it is a large banquet, a family dinner, or a children’s ball game.

This is the little secret between us, and I like the feeling.

Third, we need to use passwords to remove communication barriers. You must know that men always speak concisely, but women have a bunch of subtexts, which brings problems to communication between the two parties.

The secret code is always simple. Therefore, when a woman uses a secret code to send a message to a man, the man will feel clean, the woman will feel emotional, and the communication barrier will be swept away.

  Vivian and her husband kiss every day at 12 noon.

“At this moment 23 years ago, we antiqued the wedding.

We are here to commemorate marriage and express our love.

“Vivienne said,” I invented this secret code, but my husband likes it very much, because he no longer has to bother to think about the lengthy and verbal talk.

He always said that it was I who invented the code, and he turned the code into a tradition.

“Sometimes secret codes can even save a marriage.

Wendy met her husband at the bar when she first met her husband, who was a customer.

Their first conversation was Wendy asking, “Do you need fries?

“Since then, this sentence has become their secret code.

After marriage, when they were so noisy, one of them would suddenly ask, “Do you need french fries?”

“Then the two laughed together and reconciled.