Do you know the basic maintenance tips?


Do you know the basic maintenance tips?

Does the skin change dynamically?
Toddlers, children, adolescence, middle-aged, old age, skin aging and the increase in age also undergo physiological changes in different stages.

With the changes of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, after changes in sports, hair blowing, sun exposure, air conditioning, and ambient air pollution, these complex factors make it impossible for us to take care of our skin.To adjust.

  But there is a rule for caring for the skin: let the skin maintain proper moisture, that is, “let dry get wet, let wet dry”!

When the skin has a lot of oil, you should give a refreshing preparation, and when the skin is dry and tight, you should give a preparation that is moisturizing and moisturizing enough.

In fact, this concept not only prevents skin maintenance. When the skin becomes ill, the topical medicine prescribed by the dermatologist also adheres to this principle!

  Here are some basic maintenance tips: Skincare has a secret one: Moderate and correct face washing1.

How do your face wash products feel after you clean your face?

Is it moisturizing and comfortable or a little dry?

In fact, it should be with your own face wash products after washing your face to make you feel refreshed but not too dry and tight.


Some people feel that they have to wash their face several times a day and use products such as brushes, scrubs, etc.

In fact, it is better to wash your face 2-3 times a day. Use warm water and gently massage with your hands for a few seconds.


After washing your face, you can pat it dry with a towel. Many people like to use a towel to wipe the face when washing their faces, which will cause the skin surface to be pulled. Excessive washing of the face with external force will increase the irritation of the skin, which is not good.


It is considered excessively superstitious of other ingredients added in face wash products, such as whitening, moisturizing, anti-acne, etc.

A wide range of special-effect face wash products will make it difficult for you to replace them. In fact, when washing your face, these ingredients will only be rinsed out for a few seconds, and you don’t need to expect to bring great benefits.


If you have makeup, you can wash your face with makeup remover.

Unless you have a heavy makeup, you don’t need a makeup remover or a strong makeup remover.

  There are two tips for skin care: choose the right skin care products1.

The most appropriate time to use skin care products is to wash the face or wipe the skin with a towel immediately after bathing, so that the skin care products can keep the proper amount of water “locked to the skin.”


Dry skin care products are best for moisturizing and moisturizing; oily skin can be rubbed with some lotion; do not use a can of care products for a whole year, because the skin is dynamic, according to the environment and climate,Choose the right care products for your age.


No need to superstitize brand-name products, suitable for your skin is a good product!

But do n’t use it for care products with unknown roads or unclear labels; if the ingredients are not written, even doctors do n’t know how to use it!


Some people with sensitive skin should try to supplement products with fragrance, preservatives and special ingredients (such as A acid, fruit acid, salicylic acid, vitamin C) to avoid assassination on the skin.


Special care products.

People with sensitive skin should try not to use this kind of skin care products. For example, A acid can prevent aging and wrinkle, fruit acid, salicylic acid can accelerate skin keratin metabolism, and vitamin C can prevent oxidation and whitening.

It can be used according to each person’s needs and instructions.

  Ultraviolet rays are the biggest killer of skin aging. If you want beautiful skin, you can’t be lazy every day.

  Love words: Moderate cleansing, proper skin care products, and proper sun protection are the best ways to maintain skin.

Doesn’t that sound simple?

Seven-day Yoga Achieves Energy Superman

Seven-day Yoga Achieves Energy “Superman”

Day 1 营造 Use your breath to create mental oxygen.
Find a comfortable position (you can lie down and sit, but make sure your body is relaxed). Close your eyes gently and start deep breathing. When you inhale, make your abdomen contract. When you exhale, you will have a kind of nasal breath.Bring the feeling to the spine, during the breathing, feel good about yourself, put aside all thoughts, and think about the most beautiful picture in memory, which lasts for about five minutes, and then open your eyes. Is the world in front of you?It’s much cleaner.
  On the second day, neck movements awakened the brain vitality.
Dry clean your face with both hands, thinking that your loved one’s hand is caressing yourself, and your mind moves with your hands. Then, use your fingers to brush your hair from the back. After the movement, use yoga breathing to adjust your body to relax, let your shoulders relax, and your head to the left and rightRotate three times, and then lean back and forth, and try to reach the position every time. Repeat three times, and finally, spit out the turbid gas in your chest to ensure that you become refreshed.
  Day 34 Double weight training.
After calming down, stretch the muscles on both sides of the spine with both shoulders backwards, then stand slightly apart with your legs crossed, holding your hands back and crossed, holding your back straight and turning your upper body as far as possible. Keep it for 15 seconds, two times a day.Then, after two days and four times, look at yourself and see if you are as light as a bird.
  The fifth day find the sweetness of sleep.
I didn’t expect breathing to cure insomnia. Before going to bed, sit with your legs crossed on the bed with your spine straight, and then hold your right nostril with your thumb and relax through your left nostril for 1-2 minutes. When your heart feels clean,Lie down to sleep with your right body (remember, use your right body).
As long as you persist, I believe you will definitely get rid of the insomnia.
  The sixth day make you a confident person.
Lie flat on your bed with your feet close together, your toes rushing forward, stretch your arms over your head, keep them as wide as your shoulders, stretch your arms along your fingertips, and keep your elbows straight; stretch your legs along your toes for 10 secondsAfterwards, return to normal breathing. This kind of movement can stimulate circulation and breathing in the body and improve your self-confidence. Try it out and you will know.
  Day 7 Hunter-like attention.
Lie on your back with your hands on your back and your palms facing each other.
After reaching over your head, bend your right foot directly to the inside of your left leg and keep it for 10 seconds. Do not feel forced during the exercise. This can stretch your shoulders, arms and back, and also help improve your attention and appearance.
  A short seven-day attempt will give you a superficial experience of yoga. If you feel good, you must stick to it. Hope that yoga will make your life look new and you will become a dynamic superman.

Vertebral artery type (vertigo type) cervical spondylosis diet prescription

Vertebral artery type (vertigo type) cervical spondylosis diet prescription

Rock clams: 45g of clams oil, 15g of canned green beans, 10g of wolfberry, ginger, spring onion.

Fill the clams with soy sauce in a clay bowl, add 500ml of water, 15ml of sweet wine juice, steamed onion slices, and ginger slices for 2 hours, and gradually expand the hair. Take out, remove ginger, spring onions, drain the water, and remove the oil on the surfaceBlack fascia, large scallions into several pieces, put in a bowl, add 500ml of water, 15ml of sweet wine juice, steam for 2 hours to make it fully swell, remove it into a soup bowl, steam for 1 hour, and dissolve it before dissolvingRemove the sediment and pour it into a bowl containing soy sauce. Sprinkle with medlar and green beans.

Serve with a meal.

Efficacy: nourish liver and kidney, strengthen bones and bones.

Applicable to vertebral artery type (vertigo type) cervical spondylosis.

These 3 massage methods can treat tinnitus

These 3 massage methods can treat tinnitus

I am 42 years old, 160 cm tall and 90 kg in weight.

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes and now my fasting blood glucose is about 8 mmol / L.

When I first developed diabetes, I took Uglycemic for treatment after 3 meals a day. Although my diabetes decreased, my target was reduced, and my weight increased.

Later, I added metformin, but still couldn’t make the blood sugar normal.

The doctor told me to eat less and exercise more, but I couldn’t hold on.

Excuse me, how can obese diabetic patients like me be treated?


hzh{display:none;}  山东王辉  在2型糖尿病患者中,肥胖者约占40。
85%, about 90% are often accompanied by hyperinsulinemia.

People with elevated insulin levels are prone to obesity, and their ability to add sugar to harmful cells will increase, and the rate of slight synthesis will increase, which can easily lead to weight gain or even excessive weight.

Obesity can cause people to be insensitive to insulin, causing the body to secrete more insulin in a compensatory manner, leading to a vicious cycle.

This is why most obese people are type 2 diabetes.

  Clinically, obese patients with type 2 diabetes have the following characteristics in the early stages of onset: they are mostly around 40 years old, the islet function is still good, the levels of insulin and blood lipids are high, and they often have liver disease.

Because the pathological change of this type of patients is mainly insulin resistance (referring to the decrease or loss of insulin sensitivity and reactivity to the acting organs of insulin), sensitizers and metformin supplementation should be preferred during treatment, and injection treatment should be used again.The amount of insulin shrinks and often requires a combination of insulin sensitizers.

  The pathological changes of non-diabetic patients with type 2 diabetes are mainly insufficient insulin secretion. The purpose of insulin treatment is to supplement insulin, so the amount of insulin is reduced, and the combination of insulin sensitizers is not required.

So, how to treat obese patients with type 2 diabetes?

  1 Use diet therapy: This therapy is very important for obese patients with type 2 diabetes.

Patients can adhere to the diet principle of low sugar and low lactose to control the substitution of total transformation, and at the same time, they must control the diet and maintain nutritional balance.

The total daily absorbable migration can be calculated according to the standard weight, and ensure that the substituted sugar accounts for 60% of the total migration, 20% of the protein, and 20% of the trace. At the same time, the absorption of cellulose accounts for the sugar attraction1/3.

The wrong approach of “strictly controlling the staple food and relaxing the non-staple food” must not be adopted to avoid the occurrence of high-temperature ketosis.

.hzh{display:none;}  2采用运动疗法:从某种意义上说,肥胖的2型糖尿病患者进行适当的运动胜于用药治疗。Clinical practice proves that in the early stages of onset, obese young people with type 2 diabetes can achieve blood glucose levels of 2 by taking comprehensive diets, appropriate exercise and other comprehensive therapies to achieve their weight, even without taking hypoglycemic drugs.
Maintain normal levels within 3 years, and some may even fully recover.

This is because exercise can accelerate the trace consumption of the body and increase insulin sensitivity, which can reduce the effect of insulin.

  Obese patients with type 2 diabetes should do it 3 times a week?
4 medium-level physical exercises, each exercise can be 30?
45 minutes.

The standard of the amount of exercise can be calculated by the heart rate during exercise: exercise heart rate = 0.

5 × (A-B) + B, where A is the highest heart rate that the patient can reach during exercise; B is the heart rate before the patient gets up.

For example, the highest heart rate that a patient can reach during exercise is 110, and the heart rate before getting up is 60. Then, it is best for the patient to control the heart rate at 85 times per minute (0) during exercise.

5 × 50 + 60).

Practice has proved that if a diabetic patient exercises for 30 minutes according to this standard, it can greatly consume the body’s transformation and cause blood glucose to drop1?
2 mmol / L.

To achieve the purpose of weight loss, exercise time should not be separated by 60 minutes every day.

  3 using drug therapy: obesity patients with type 2 diabetes should be treated with metformin, Wendia, Ruitong, sugar equivalent drugs.

Studies have found that when fasting blood glucose exceeds 8 in diabetics.
At 89 mmol / L, the function of islets on blood glucose control is reduced to 11%.

At this time, patients must use Avandia in combination with Noro Dragon or sulfonylureas to obtain good results.

Uglycemic is the strongest hypoglycemic agent among thioureas, which should be taken before meals, because taking 3 tablets after a meal is not as effective as taking 1 tablet before a meal.

The patient mentioned above puts hypoglycemic acid in a meal, and it is not good for obese patients with type 2 diabetes to treat with hypoglycemic acid, because it will make people fatter.

  Novolong is a new type of hypoglycemic agent that can simulate human physiological insulin secretion. The drug induces insulin secretion for a short period of time, does not stimulate insulin secretion between meals, and it is better than urea sulfate drugs.The damage to the guide island cells is minor and does not cause too much.
The weight-loss drug Senecor can inhibit the activity of trace enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract, reduce the absorption by 30% during ingestion, and have the effect of reducing blood sugar.Take 3 times.

  It should be pointed out that when obese patients with type 2 diabetes take the above methods for treatment, if they still cannot achieve the blood glucose standard, and the following situations occur, they must be applied for treatment: ① when fasting blood glucose is greater than 10 mmol / L.

At this time, the patient’s pathological changes are not mainly insulin resistance or insufficient insulin secretion, so they need to be replaced or combined with insulin for treatment.

② When ketosis occurs repeatedly.

③ Eat more, drink more, and the symptoms of polyuria are more obvious.

④ When complications occur in the heart, brain, kidney, and liver.

  In general, patients with hypertension type 2 diabetes can take oral metformin or baitangping or Vandiya or Ruitong for three times during the day and then inject insulin once before going to bed.

Because intermediate-acting insulin can prevent the output of liver sugar, and can inhibit the slight breakdown, which can reduce the fasting blood glucose of patients.

Three types of surgical methods commonly used to treat diabetes

Three types of surgical methods commonly used to treat diabetes

Core tip: The study found that simultaneous breast-conserving surgery and mastectomy had no significant difference in postoperative recurrence rate and recurrence rate.

Generally, patients undergoing breast-conserving surgery need to perform radiation therapy for 5 consecutive days?
6 weeks.

  Surgery is the only way to cure diabetes, so surgical removal of tumors in early diabetes is the preferred treatment.

The surgical methods of terrorism have undergone a long-term evolution. In the past, it was believed that the operation was corrected, and the more complete the resection, the better the effect.

However, these views have changed, and it is agreed to reduce the surgical incision on the basis of ensuring complete complementation.

  There are several commonly used breast cancer surgery methods: radical mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy, and breast-preserving surgery.

  Radical breast cancer surgery removes complications, lymph nodes in the armpits, and some muscles in the chest wall. The trauma of this surgery can affect the function of the upper limbs.

Therefore, this kind of surgery can only be performed when carbon fluoride has penetrated the muscles of the chest wall.

  The typical operation for modified breast cancer radical resection is to remove the breast and some lymph nodes under the arm, not the muscles of the chest wall.

Because the muscles of the thorax wall are completely retained, the shape of the thorax wall and the arm muscles are not obstructed, and they can recover quickly.

This is currently the most commonly used standard breast cancer surgical procedure.

  Breast-conserving surgery is also called “breast-conserving surgery”. The so-called breast-conserving surgery refers to retaining the basic shape of the breast and removing only the excised part.

These include: quadrant resection, segmental resection, local resection, and axillary lymph node dissection; implantation combined with radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and endocrine therapy.

Studies have shown that breast-conserving surgery plus radiotherapy is similar to patients with concurrent radical mastectomy.

  The study found that there was no significant difference in postoperative survival and recurrence between concurrent breast-conserving surgery and mastectomy.

Generally, patients undergoing breast-conserving surgery need to perform radiation therapy for 5 consecutive days?
6 weeks.

  However, not every patient is suitable for breast-conserving surgery. It can only be used at an early stage. Alternative surgical methods can be used for tumor replacement.

Doctors will weigh various factors to choose the appropriate surgical method for the patient.

  Because breast-conserving surgery has always considered the patient’s survival rate and recurrence rate, it has also taken into consideration the restart of upper limb function and physical beauty.

Therefore, the current breast-conserving surgery has become the first choice for early breast cancer in Europe and the United States. However, due to the early diagnosis of diabetes and implanted adjuvant radiotherapy, there is still a gap with the European and American countries. This surgery is limited to a few conditions.Hospital development, but it will become our future development direction.

Research finds that eating apples every day prevents muscle relaxation

Research finds that eating apples every day prevents muscle relaxation

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

According to a report in the Times of India on June 9, a new study completed by scientists at the University of Iowa found that eating an apple a day can also build body and prevent muscle relaxation.

Apple peel contains an important nutrient, ursolic acid, which has a natural body sculpting effect and helps people to keep fit and slim.

Researchers have found that ursolic acid can increase muscle growth by 15% while reducing the body slightly by more than half.

Dr Christopher Adams, head of the new study, points out that ursolic acid is particularly beneficial in preventing muscle wasting due to aging or disease.

In addition, ursolic acid in apples can lower blood sugar, cholesterol and harmful fatty acid levels in the body.

Chrysanthemum steamed eggplant is hot and eye-catching

Chrysanthemum steamed eggplant is hot and eye-catching

Golden autumn, the chrysanthemum Aoshuang blooming in various ways, added a charming charm to nature.

Chrysanthemums have both ornamental value and excellent medicine and food, and have good health care value.


hzh {display: none; }  先来一道菊花菜肴吧!  Chrysanthemum steamed eggplant raw materials: 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 2 purple eggplant, salt, vinegar, sesame oil each amount.

  Method: Wash the chrysanthemum, put it into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cook until boiling, and remove the chrysanthemum for later use.

Put purple eggplant and chrysanthemum soup in the same bowl, steam over water, add an appropriate amount of sesame oil, refined salt, and vinegar, and mix well.

  How to eat: Serve as a meal and eat at will.

  Efficacy: Ziyin Pinggan, clearing heat and eyesight, suitable for simple glaucoma.

  In fact, there are many effects of chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemum wine: It is made from chrysanthemum and glutinous rice and koji, which is called “longevity wine” in the ancient times.

  Chrysanthemum porridge: The chrysanthemum is cooked with the same rice as the previous rice, and the glutinous rice is refreshing, refreshing, refreshing, pleasing to the eye, and dry.

  Chrysanthemum tea: use chrysanthemum tea, scented and fragrant, can relieve summer heat, get rid of wind, expel wind, moisten throat, raise eyes, and hangover.

  Chrysanthemum cakes: Mix chrysanthemums in rice milk and steam them to make cakes, or use mung bean flour and chrysanthemums to make cakes.

  Chrysanthemum crisps: “Chrysanthemum meat slices” cooked with chrysanthemums and pork, snake meat or cooked with fish and chicken. They are well-prepared, but not greasy, refreshing and refreshing. They can be used for the treatment of dizziness and disturbance of wind and heat.
  Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum: boiled or steamed chrysanthemum and white fungus or lotus seeds into steamed food, add crystal sugar, can remove annoyance, help the five internal organs, cure dizziness and other symptoms.

  Chrysanthemum paste: torment with fresh chrysanthemum and water, filter out the medicinal juice and concentrate, mix it with the refined honey to make a paste, which has the functions of evacuation wind, heat, and eyesight.

  Chrysanthemum pillow: The chrysanthemum petals are dried in the shade and put into the pillow, which has better curative effect on hypertension, dizziness, insomnia, and red eyes.

  Chrysanthemum knee pads: mash chrysanthemum and Chen Aiye into coarse powder, put them in gauze bags, implant knee pads, can remove wind and dampness, swelling and pain, and treat arthritis such as crane knee.

  Aroma of chrysanthemums: there are sparse wind, the function of calming the liver, and it can help cure colds and headaches.

Eight nutritious foods to eat every day!

Eight nutritious foods to eat every day!

There are so many healthy diet tips from experts that you may not even remember one.

There is a simpler way now.

Professional scientists, nutritionists, and doctors have selected 8 kinds of food, which constitute the dreamiest combination of the healthiest (healthy food) in the food industry. You only need to consume these foods daily and add some good protein (protein food), Such as salmon, turkey, or lean steak, coupled with a good mood to relax and maintain the best state of the body.


Spinach physician recommendations: Spinach can promote sexual function, help muscle growth, strengthen heart health and bone growth, and also improve eyes (eye food) vision.

Men (men’s food) may not like to eat green leafy vegetables (vegetable food), but spinach is indeed the ultimate food that is most beneficial to men (men’s food).

Spinach’s consistent biceps structure is a rich plant source of omega three and folic acid (folic acid foods), which can help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and more.

  In addition, spinach also contains lutein, a compound that combats degradation by age.

Doctors recommend eating 1 cup of fresh spinach per day or adding 1/2 cup to daily cooked food.

Similar to spinach alternatives, including cabbage and lettuce.

  Chef’s suggestion: Spinach can be added to salads or used for daily scrambled eggs. It is also delicious when added to pizza.

For a special spinach dish, you can try “Sesame Spinach”, use 4 pieces of garlic minced, 1 spoon of ground ginger, 1 spoon of sesame oil, add 2 spoons of water and 1 bunch of spinach, cover and cook for 3 minutesTo the remaining water, stir in 1 tsp of soy sauce (oily food) and 1 tsp of sesame seeds for a fresh and delicious spinach dish.


Yogurt doctor’s advice: Yogurt is an excellent food to fight cancer (cancer food), and there are many benefits such as bone building and promoting immunity.

Regardless of Chinese and Western foods, there is a use of yogurt. Maybe the flavor and the way of making are different, but the same thing is that the effect of food on health is an indisputable fact.

  Yogurt can increase the beneficial bacteria in the body, promote the function of the immune system, and protect the organisms that can fight cancer.

However, please note that not all yogurts contain probiotics, so when purchasing, please confirm the words “active and active culture”, the type containing calcium (calcium food) and protein is better, and one cup a day is best for the body.

  Chef’s suggestion: Yogurt with blueberries, walnuts, flax, and honey (honey food) is the best breakfast or snack.

“Vigor Yogurt” is what the chef recommends you must try. Use 1 cup of low fat yogurt, 1 cup of fresh or frozen blueberries, 1 cup of carrot juice, and 1 cup of fresh spinach.Healthy yogurt drinks, you will eat full of nutrients.

  Professional scientists, nutritionists, and doctors have selected 8 kinds of foods to form the most healthy and dreamy combination in the food industry.


Tomato physician advice: Tomatoes can fight cancer, protect heart health, and promote immunity.

However, you must know two things about tomatoes. One is that the redder the tomato, the better, because this tomato can contain more antioxidant lycopene, and the other is that the cooked tomato is beneficial to the human body becauseThis makes it easier for the body to absorb lycopene.

  Studies have shown that having lycopene in the diet reduces the risk of bladder, lung, prostate, skin, and stomach cancers, and reduces the likelihood of coronary artery disease.

The best daily intake is 22 milligrams of lycopene, which is about micron red tomatoes or a glass of tomato juice.

Foods that also contain lycopene are red watermelon, pink grapefruit (grape food), Japanese persimmon, papaya, and guava.

  Chef’s suggestion: If you want to increase the taste and the benefits of lycopene, do not prevent trying to choose the dish with tomato sauce when cooking, and use the pair of servings required by the recipe when cooking.

“Pink Fruit (Fruit Food) Platter” is a wonderful idea for you to increase your lycopene intake. Add 1 small watermelon, 2 grapefruits, 3 persimmons, 1 papaya, and 4 guava dices and addThe mint leaf decoration is a cool snack with both visual taste.


Doctor Carrot suggested: Carrots also have the function of fighting cancer, can promote immunity and improve eyesight.

Most red, yellow, or orange fruits and vegetables contain carotene. This fat-soluble compound has the benefit of inhibiting many types of cancer, and reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases. Intake 1/2 a dayCup carrots are the ideal serving size. Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, yellow bell pepper, and mango have similar benefits.

  Chef’s advice: To get enough carrots, the following foods are good choices, such as baby carrots, sliced yellow pepper, pumpkin soup, baked sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, mango ice cream, carrot cake.

“Baked sweet potato fries” is a snack that is supplemented with carrots and can meet the taste of children. Use two sweet potatoes cut into 8 slices, add olive oil and pepper, use 350.

F for 15 minutes, then bake for 10 minutes at low temperature, delicious and easy to serve.


Dr. Blueberry advises that blueberries are a brain active that also fights cancer and promotes heart health and the immune system.

Blueberry is also one of the many fruits that maximizes the amount of antioxidants that can help prevent cancer, diabetes (diabetic foods), and prevent age-related memory decline. Therefore, blueberries are also known as brain berries.

Studies have shown that blueberries contain a lot of fiber, vitamins A and C, so they can also help cardiovascular health.
Experts suggest that taking 1 cup of fresh blueberries or 1/2 cup of frozen or dried blueberries daily is very helpful to your health.
Purple grapes, raisins, and strawberries have similar effects.

  Chef advice: Blueberries are best for health when eaten in dry, frozen or jam form.

In addition, a blueberry variety of Acai carbonate contains more antioxidants. Add 2 spoons of Acai blueberry powder to orange juice, or add Acai fruit chips to corn flakes and yogurt for breakfast.

Dr. Black Bean recommends that the main effect of black beans is to help muscle growth, heart health, and also a good brain activator.

Basically, all beans are good for the heart, but only black beans can promote intelligence.

Because black bean pigment anthocyanins are antioxidant compounds that improve brain function.

Take half a cup of black beans daily to get 8 grams of protein and 7.

5 grams of fiber, not low-calorie, also excludes harmful saturation to the human body.

You can also eat pea beans, lentils and other foods, they have similar effects to black beans.

  Chef’s suggestion: Add some black beans to the breakfast burrito, or add black beans and lentils to the chilli sauce you made. Of course, black bean puree made with olive oil and roasted garlic is also a good choice.

“Black Bean Tomato Hot Sauce” is a comprehensive delicious and healthy snack. It uses 4 tomatoes, 1 onion, 3 cloves of garlic (garlic food), 2 Mexican peppers, 1 yellow bell pepper, and 1 mango.Adding canned black beans, cilantro and lemon juice is the perfect sauce. It is eaten with corn flakes and dipping sauce. The taste is unique and healthy.


Dr. Walnut advises: Walnut can help muscle growth, protect cancer, and promote the immune system. It is also a good brain activator.

Walnuts are richer in omega triacids than salmon, which can promote heart health. Walnuts also have more anti-inflammatory polyphenols than red wine. The muscles make protein that is half that of chicken.

Other nut foods may contain one of these additional functions, but at the same time they have all the benefits, but only walnuts.

  Chef’s suggestion: Walnuts can be sprinkled on salads, cut into small cubes and added to muffin dough, or mixed with olive oil to make a sauce, which is a wonderful seasoning for grilled fish or chicken.

If you want to strengthen the health, you can’t prevent from mixing 1 cup of dried blueberries, 1 cup of dark chocolate, and 1 cup of walnut coriander into delicious healthy snacks.


Oat doctors suggest that oats can help muscle growth, promote heart health, and act as an activator of the brain.

In fact, oats may dissolve fiber, so it can reduce the risk. Although oats also contain too much glucose, its rate of sugar release is slowed down by fiber. More importantly, every half cup of oats contains 10 grams of protein.Provides smooth muscle growth energy (energy food).

  Chef’s suggestion: Oats can be used as a combination of salad and yogurt, which is healthy and tastes better.

The “oat salad” is made by cooking 1 cup of oatmeal and adding it to the pear juice and letting it cool as a sauce. The salad part is diced apple (apple food), 1 cup of fresh blueberries, half a cup of cut walnuts,Cut into small cubes with 1 cup of non-fat yogurt, mix in a large bowl, and drizzle the oatmeal jam you made earlier.

What to do if presbyopia is younger

What to do if presbyopia is younger

Recently, a survey report on “Presbyopia in China’s five major cities” was released. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Nanjing, up to 81% of the population over the age of 50 were affected by presbyopia.

Presbyopia is an eye disease caused by the aging and hardening of the natural crystals of the eye, which leads to a decrease in the ability to regulate. Presbyopia symptoms usually begin to appear after the age of 45 and deepen year by year.

But what is worrying is that the presbyopia population in developing countries is becoming younger. Excessive use of eyes and continuous viewing of mobile phones and computers have caused many people in their early 40s to “fail before the presbyopia.”

Looking at mobile phones and computers for a long time, the age of onset of presbyopia continues to advance in advance. Hospital eye, ear, nose, and throat doctors point out that the natural lens of the eye is like a machine. It may naturally age due to increased use of old fashion, or it may be accelerated by excessive use.

In modern society, people are highly dependent on various electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, and televisions. At the same time, living and working pressures are constantly increasing. People generally use their eyes excessively, and they are in a state of visual fatigue for a long time. It is more likely to cause accelerated deterioration of the elasticity of advance.

Doctors believe that presbyopia ages earlier, has nothing to do with heredity, and is closely related to excessive eye use.

He said that presbyopia in the previous generation generally occurred in the 50s and 60s, and now many people in their early 40s have presbyopia, and he has also seen patients in their 30s.

Patients with presbyopia need to re-adopt multi-focal lenses or alternate use of multiple pairs of glasses to meet different visual needs.

Some presbyopic patients may have a pair of reading glasses, outdoor glasses, and driving glasses at the same time.

Thoroughly, a pair of glasses may be prepared at different places such as the home and the company. It is conceivable that this brings great trouble to normal life.

A lot of damage caused by presbyopia with age, the nucleus of the crystal gradually hardens, the plasticity and elasticity of the crystal gradually weaken, and the regulating function gradually weakens, which makes it difficult to work or read at close range.

The study found that 59% of presbyopic patients said they had difficulty reading books, newspapers, bills, etc.

For working presbyopia patients, they must overcome additional difficulties to complete the job.

Symptom 1: Difficulty of nearsightedness. Contrary to myopic patients, presbyopic people will gradually find that when reading at close range, they will notice obvious small fonts, so they unconsciously tilt their heads back or take mobile phones, books, newspapers, etc. to farther places.See clearly.

Symptom 2: Fatigue is easy. Due to insufficient crystal adjustment, the near point gradually becomes far away. Patients usually need to work hard to see the nearby objects clearly.

If this effort exceeds the limit, it can cause tension in the eye’s ciliary body. When looking at distant objects again, due to the tension of the ciliary body, it cannot be relaxed immediately, resulting in temporary myopia.

When you look at nearby objects again, there is a short-term blur, which is the manifestation of slow response.

When the role of the ciliary muscles is close to its functional limit, fatigue occurs, and reading at close range cannot last long. Reading books and newspapers are easy to serialize, the handwriting is double, and finally it is impossible to read.

People with too many presbyopia often experience eye fatigue such as eye swelling, tears, headaches, and itchy eyes.

Symptom 3: Reading requires strong light. When presbyopia appears, the patient feels some discomfort in the eyes only when reading at night, and needs more powerful lighting.

If the illumination is insufficient, the pupils become dilated. Due to the dilated pupils, a penetrating diffusion circle is formed on the retina, which makes the symptoms of presbyopia more obvious.

As you age, the army is prone to fatigue even when working at close distances during the day.

In addition to optician, surgical treatment and even presbyopia can bring many complications to some people, but many people lack understanding about this.

Unlike myopia, people with presbyopia usually do not go to the hospital for professional eye examinations, and do not wear or casually wear reading glasses.

Doctors believe that the key reason for the lack of awareness or perfunctory response in presbyopia is that there is a misunderstanding, and it is wrong to think that presbyopia cannot be treated, and it can only be allowed to continue to develop.

The survey shows that 88% of the population do not know how to cope with presbyopia, while only 4% have heard of radical surgery for presbyopia.

“The wrong way to cope with presbyopia will leave the eyes in a state of fatigue for a long time, resulting in accelerated aging of the crystals.

“Said the doctor.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Two therapies help you ease

Obsessive-compulsive disorder?
Two therapies help you ease

A few days ago, the Nanjing Qinhuai police caught a thief who had burglary. He found a USB flash drive in the thief’s pocket, which not only completely recorded the time, location, and possessions of the thief in Nanjing, but also the theft area.Photo.

The thief admitted to the police that he was a little obsessive-compulsive. After each successful attempt, he wanted to take a picture of his belongings and then organize the records. This “theft note” also successfully helped the police to crack a series of theft cases.

The thief’s obsessive-compulsive disorder can solve the case. How should the obsessive-compulsive disorder in real life be treated?

Is the treatment of OCD really suitable for us?

  The introduction of advanced western treatment theories in traditional Chinese culture is currently the best method of psychotherapy.

Psychologists said that the significance of localization of psychotherapy lies in the difference in social conditions. If the theory is simply introduced and the current social situation cannot be adjusted reasonably, such a therapy has no practical significance for Chinese people.

Below, I will introduce some compulsive disorder treatment methods suitable for Chinese people.

  Healing Method 1: Morita Healing Principles of Healing: Let it be, the basic philosophy of Morita Healing is rooted in Zen Tao, and the thought of Zen Tao originates from China, so it is more acceptable to us.

The operation of Morita therapy is simple and not as complicated as analytical psychotherapy. It is also necessary to understand the relationship between deep theory and implementation experience.

Beginners can quickly grasp the basic operations of this treatment.

  Treatment: Morita therapy encourages patients to learn to accept their troubles as normal emotions, rather than blindly replacing them.

Patients should not simply treat the symptoms as the goal of treatment, but should free themselves from the quagmire that they repeatedly want to eliminate symptoms, and then readjust their lives.

Do not expect or be able to eliminate your symptoms immediately or learn to live with them.

At the same time, this therapy does not promote gradual past, or live in the present, to gain experiential knowledge through real life.

Live like a healthy person, gain experiential awareness, inspiration, and adapt to the natural changes in mood in your life, and strive to act in accordance with your goals.

  Treatment method two: Taoism cognitive therapy treatment principles: benefit without harm, do not fight; less selfishness, contentment and knowledge; understanding and undertaking, use Rou Kegang; quiet inaction, let nature follow.

  Treatment: This method is suitable for elderly patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Counsel patients’ thinking, attitudes and lifestyles through cognitive processes to cope with the frustrations and pressures they face in life.

Laozi’s detached philosophy can have a special effect on elderly patients who have always been overly serious and thorough, and can eliminate or replace the attitude of giving up too much competition and improve mental health.

The philosophical gist and counselling focus of this treatment method is to help the medical seeker to build a transcendental desire, also known as “transcendence therapy.”

  Old Chinese medicine reminds that treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder should be based on their own conditions. If severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, it is best to seek medical treatment in a timely manner. Do not self-treat through books or online channels to avoid major consequences.