Parenting reminder for baby from looking up to walking

Parenting reminder for baby from looking up to walking

Reminders from looking up to walking From birth to full age, you must successfully learn to look up, turn over, sit still, crawl, change, and walk, and make great progress.

Novice parents should help your baby more!

1 to 3 months: Prone lift up exercise Baby can prone a few days after birth, but the baby cannot prone to raise his head proactively within one month, but can only instinctively struggle to make the steering turn, and can be slightly turned in two monthsRaise your head and placket, your head will be very stable in 3 months.

Prone head-up exercises can not only exercise your baby’s supplements, the muscle strength in the back, but also increase lung capacity.

When the baby is awake on an empty stomach, the limbs stretch naturally and dormant in front of the mother’s chest and abdomen. The mother leans back while saying “baby looks up” and so on, until lying on the bed, the baby will naturally lift his headLift up.

During the movement, shake the toy in both directions on the baby’s head thoroughly, train it to raise its head and turn it.

4 every day?
5 times, 1 minute each?
3 minutes.

During initial training, expect the double protection of your hands on your baby’s head.

After each feeding, the mother usually holds the baby’s head against her shoulder, pats it a few times, and then gently supports her head with her hand, allowing her to naturally align for a moment to exercise her head strength.

3-5 months: From supine to sideways, it is recommended that the mother prepare and train the baby’s rollover from 3 months.

Rolling training can promote the movement of the baby’s whole body muscles, and it is also very good for the coordination of the limbs.

When your baby is asleep, try to let him sleep on his side, which is good for turning over training.

When the baby is awake and begins to lie on his side, he can train him to turn over, allowing him to lie a little higher, so that the place to turn over is relatively low, which is conducive to his training.

Place a toy with a sound or a bright color in the baby’s upright position, and he will naturally grasp it with a hand pattern. At this time, you can place one leg on the other leg, and then place one hand on the chest.Between the abdomen, hold the tibia lightly and push it forward from the back. Generally, after a few more exercises, you don’t need to push him anymore. As long as you put his legs down, the baby can turn over by itself.

It should be reminded not to perform the turning training within 1 hour after the baby eats, otherwise it may cause the baby to overflow milk or vomit.

4-7 months: from sitting to sitting alone Normal baby 4 months after birth, can maintain a sitting posture for a short time with adult support; can sit on an adult at 6 months, such as sitting alone, bodyWill lean forward and require support; you can sit independently for about 7 months.

It is not good for the baby to sit too early or too late.

The mother can first play the “induction game” with the baby.

That is, let the baby lie on the bed, and the mother faced the child, and said to the baby, “Mom, can you sit up and play?

“While slowly pulling the pile with both hands, pull it to the sitting position, straighten it, sit for a while, then help the supine bed, repeat 3?
6 times.

You can also let the baby sit on the back of the sofa or sit against the mother’s chest for sitting exercises. You can also use a few large cushions on the carpet to form a triangle to let the baby sit.

At the beginning of training sitting, the baby often swings sideways or leans forward. At this time, the mother can teach him to use his hands to support the front.

The sitting training is usually only a few minutes each time at the beginning stage, and can gradually be extended to 15 when the baby is 6 months?
20 minutes.

With such training intensity, children can sit alone, but they should not sit too long.

If you find that your baby won’t sit by 6 months and won’t sit alone by 8 months, you should take your child to the hospital for examination in time.

8-10 months: Climbing training Crawling can not only promote the growth and development of babies, but also make the action sensitive, emotionally pleasant, highly curious, and the learning ability deteriorated.

At first, the baby may only be able to play on its own but cannot crawl forward, or it may be twisted and backed in place. At this time, the mother can consciously play with the toy that is slamming, such as a toy puppy that “wang”,Attract him to crawl over, and when he is near, get further away.

At this time, the mother can hold his palm against his feet to help him move forward.

The baby may be strenuous when starting to crawl. The abdomen is close to the ground. The mother can put a towel on his abdomen, and then lift the abdomen to let him practice hand and knee crawling. Gradually, he will coordinate with the upper and lower limbs. You can coordinate with both hands and knees.Crawl forward flexibly.

If your baby is interested in climbing, you can also let him climb the stairs.

This can even exercise the endurance of the baby’s limbs, and can enhance the balance of the cerebellum and the response link, which will have a good impact on the baby’s future learning of speech and reading.

10-12 months: The baby’s hand and foot movements are basically well coordinated from resting to walking for 10 months. You can ask him to hold the bed or sofa and let him stand up first. You will attract him with a toy on the other end.Or keep repeating: “Baby is brave, mother is waiting for you to come over.

“Or let your baby face you, let your baby’s feet stand on the backs of your feet, hold his hands, and then you move step by step left and right to move forward, driving him to step forward from left to right.

Baby will walk sooner or later. Don’t try too hard during the training process.
When your baby first learns to walk, don’t let him walk too long.

A baby who is learning to walk will often fall. At this time, parents should encourage him to get up by himself and encourage him to “again”.

The success of the solitary walk once per second was immediately praised.

Recommendation: Nine medicated diets for chronic sinusitis

Recommendation: Nine medicated diets for chronic sinusitis

Chronic rhinosinusitis refers to a runny nose when the nose is swollen, and it does not heal over the years, such as dripping spring water, even the smell of stinky nose, sore head, and memory loss.

The disease can occur in four seasons, and is difficult to heal through years, and the treatment is quite difficult.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the disease is mostly caused by six-injection external attacks, biliary fever, and damp-heat in the spleen.

TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment are generally divided into the following types.

Wind-heat external attack type: Mainly manifested as nasal congestion, yellowish runny nose, headache, dizziness, brain swelling, tinnitus, poor sense of smell, even purulent runny nose, foul odor, or accompanied by general malaise, red tongue, thin furYellow, pulse floating or counting.

When treating spleen with wind and clearing heat and Xuanfeitongqiao, the following dietary treatments can be used: Sangju honey cream: 50g each of mulberry leaves and chrysanthemum, with an appropriate amount of honey.

Sang chrysanthemums are fried twice for 30 minutes each time. The two liquids are combined. After the huohuo is concentrated, it is mixed with honey. The huohuo is boiled until it is viscous. Serve 5g twice a day with warm water, or add rice porridge.Take it.

  Dragon chrysanthemum fish belly: 50g dragon claw chrysanthemum, 150g yellow croaker belly, appropriate seasoning.

Wash the chrysanthemums for future use. The fish belly will be opened. Put the right amount of lard in the pot. When it is hot to 60%, remove the fish belly and slice it. Cut it into pieces.5 minutes, wash the fried fish pieces, cut into thin slices, and simmer in chicken broth for 20 minutes.

Put the proper amount of milk soup in the pot and boil it. Put the fish belly slices, chrysanthemum, salt, wine, monosodium glutamate, etc., and boil for 3?
After 5 minutes, drizzle with chicken fat.

1 dose daily.

  Erhua chicken soup: 300g chicken breast, 5 chrysanthemum flowers, 10g Xinyi flower, seasoning.

Wash the chicken breast, slice it, mix with starch and set aside.

Add the right amount of water to the pot and boil, then add the condiments and chicken slices. After the simmering heat is cooked, add the second amount of MSG and the proper amount of MSG.

1 dose daily.

Wind cold external attack type: mainly manifested as alternate nasal congestion, sometimes runny or purulent sputum, with a foul smell, accompanied by dizziness and brain swelling, memory loss, mental fatigue, pale red tongue, thin white fur, and tight pulse.

When taking Xinwen solution table, Xuanfei Tongqiao as the rule, the following diet treatment can be used: 薤 白 Scrambled eggs: fresh 薤 白草, eggs, seasonings each amount.

Select the white lotus root, chop it up, shake it with eggs, condiments, etc. and put it in a hot oil pan to cook.

1 dose daily.
  Scallion ginger bean soup: 3 onion white roots, 3 slices of ginger, 15g of light tofu, seasoning.

Wash and chop the shallots and ginger, add cooking oil, salt, and fermented tempeh into the pot, add an appropriate amount of boiled soup, and season until cooked.

1 dose daily.
  Xinyi Su Ye porridge: Xinyi flower, perilla leaves 10g each, rice 100g.

Select Xinyi flowers and perilla leaves, add them to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and soak for 5-10 minutes, then fry the juice, increase the rice to cook into a gruel, or wash the fresh perilla leaves and cut them for later use.When the porridge is cooked, transfer it to the porridge and cook for one or two.

1 daily?
2 agents.

Bile heat and steaming type: mainly manifested as yellow pus, smelly, nasal congestion, headache and brain swelling, dry throat, bitter mouth, full chest tightness, do not want to eat, red tongue, yellow fur, pulse count

When treating diarrhea and gall bladder heat, dampness and tongqiao, the following diet can be used for treatment: mung bean cassia seed soup: mung bean 50g, cassia seed 10g, brown sugar amount.

Wash the two, put them in the same pot, add the right amount of water and cook until the mung beans are cooked, then brown sugar.

  Three flower tea: 1 gardenia flower, honeysuckle, wild chrysanthemum 10g each, tea 5g.

Select the four of them, put them into a tea cup, and pour in an appropriate amount of boiling water, soak for 10?
Drink after 20 minutes.

1 dose daily.
  Lotus leaf congee: 1 fresh lotus leaf, 1 lotus, 5 lentils, 100g rice.

Wash and cut fresh lotus leaves; first take rice to cook porridge, transfer to lotus leaves when cooked, then spend one, then boil and serve.

2 doses daily.

How to be a modern new good woman

How to be a modern “new good woman”

High quality: This is one of the first requirements of a good young woman.
In the age of knowledge, not knowing how to operate a computer has become “semi-illiterate”.
There are more and more young girls in some cutting-edge technology fields. For example, software development is no longer just for men.
Compared with their grandmothers and mothers, they have gone a long way and cannot praise them with the traditional language of praise system. In the past, we love to say “character determines fate”. Today, we should say “quality determines fate”.
  A lot of self-confidence A self-confident woman doesn’t go wild all day.
The way to surpass men is not to oppress them under their own hegemony, but to stretch and confidently live as they do; nor is it to issue war books to men all day, or to put on an “Emperor take turns to sit,”My family” offensive attitude.
Self-confidence is not arrogance, self-confidence is belief, and only believe will be happy.
  Complete independence: The new good woman has a complete and independent personality.
Financially, she does not rely on anyone because she understands that a solid economic foundation is necessary to maintain her dignity.
Through economic independence, she enjoys the satisfaction of achievement; in the spiritual realm, she is not a subsidiary of a man, and is more self-conscious. They pursue self-worth and self-goal.
Although having a happy family is still the pursuit of many women, it will no longer cry for men who do not love themselves, nor will they wait for a lifetime because of men’s commitment.
She just believed in herself.
  Exuberant energy has always been a man’s advantage. The intensity of modern labor is not inferior to the intensity of labor in the pre-industrial era. There is an invisible little fox in the physical battle.
Excellent modern women must include strong fitness in their lifestyle, and fitness is as important as vitamins.
Smart women will know how to give up and give up those things that require physical effort without much meaning and value.
  Decisive and full of innovation spirit. Modern women are extremely in the state of work.
This state is actually the most advanced and most effective way of life for modern people: act decisively and decisively, and never let things go.
Starting from self, don’t pay attention to the harmony with the surroundings.
If a dispute arises, it is only the wrong thing.
No complacency, no stereotyping, and emphasis on creativity.
  Don’t forget to recharge and live in the ever-changing world of science and technology.
New good women understand this, so they are constantly enriching themselves and improving their knowledge and skills.
She may not have a natural advantage, but she absolutely believes in the creation of the day after tomorrow.
She worked harder than men, not because she had no confidence in herself, but because she was more ambitious than men.
So men began to feel a sense of urgency.
  Tolerance, allowing the existence of different life ideas to travel across the world, there are all kinds of wonders, and what is the relationship between strange things?
There is no absolute concept of right and wrong in Vientiane.
Everyone has their own way to go high, and may have different routes, and eventually we stand on the same highest point.
New good women can be tolerant, know how to respect others ‘choices, and agree with others’ lifestyles.
  Get out of the hall and get into the kitchen. Don’t think that modern women ignore money and only know how to make money. Don’t think that with a nanny, you can let go of everything at home.
Occasionally, there must be a “femininity”. In the next kitchen, a delicious table is prepared for the gentleman. The atmosphere of life needs to be created by yourself.
She is not a static character. She flows between professional women and good wives and mothers. What roles and roles are unambiguous.
  Beauty is the eternal pursuit. Women are greedy, of course, they must be greedy to beauty.
Beautiful women are not necessarily born beautiful, but they definitely know how to dress themselves.
Let the mood of each day brighten with the clothes.
They are beautiful, not for pleasing men, not for vanity, but for women’s love of life and self-esteem.

Why do children always want to change seats?

Why do children always want to change seats?

My son is in the third grade of elementary school. Somehow, he has frequently requested a seat change.

Because the teacher and I were friends, at first I prevented my face from changing for him several times, but the child repeatedly asked for a seat change, and his academic performance dropped sharply.

The teacher couldn’t help but called and told me.

Is my son naughty or has a problem in his head?

Isn’t it ADHD?

  Your child frequently asks for a seat change, and there is indeed a psychological problem. Psychologists describe this behavior as “phobia at the same table.”

Along the way, it may be that your child communicates with his parents and the outside world from an early age, which leads to the child’s introverted personality. In the future, he lacks sufficient social training in the process of growth and psychological development, which has led to the current advantage of seeing inferiority.

  Inferiority is a self-defeating emotional experience resulting from excessive self-denial.

Inferiority affects everyone. Only when inferiority reaches a certain level, which affects the normal progress of life, learning and work, can it be classified as a mental illness.

The main psychological and psychological negative self-indication of inferiority, such as frustration of actual communication, certain physical defects, underestimation of self-intelligence, and imbalance of self-evaluation of personality and temperament.

In the interpersonal communication, it is mainly manifested by the low evaluation of one’s own abilities, qualities and other self-factors, fragile psychological endurance, can not stand the stimulus to overcome, be cautious, sentimental, often produce skepticism, behavioral atrophy, look forward and backward.

  It can be seen that children who frequently change seats have no confidence in themselves, that is, inferiority, shyness, nervousness, and fear.

In order to eliminate this feeling of inferiority of the child, he should be guided to take the initiative to talk with parents, classmates, neighbors, etc., to make public announcements in the class, and to participate more in cultural and social activities, so that he slowly eliminates shyness, fear, and personality changeBe cheerful.

“I’m dirty, don’t touch me” 61-year-old Liu Cheng took the doctor’s hand and was grateful for his weight: “Thank you for giving me a second life. For the past 40 years, I have always thought that there was something wrong with my body, bad habits.It’s also a disease . “[Case]Liu Cheng had no obvious cause for uncontrollable worry in 1962, thinking that he was dirty, afraid of his family after urination or changing clothes, and kept washing his hands and clothes repeatedly.

He didn’t dare to go out, don’t dare to take a car, fearing that his body was dirty, and the car and its surroundings would be distorted.

In the past two years, his condition has worsened, not only repeated washing by himself, but also repeated washing by his family. Even the bowls for eating have to be wrapped with plastic film, and the door handles in the home are adhered with transparent glue.

  [Comment]This is a neurosis with obsessive-compulsive symptoms as the main clinical phase.

The characteristics of obsessive-compulsive disorder are: conscious self-compulsion and self-compulsion coexist, and the sharp conflict between the two causes patients to worry and suffer.

The patient knows that these obsessions, emotions, and impulses interfere with the self, but violate the will of the self, so they try to resist and hinder, but they cannot be overcome.

The compulsive factor of prolonged course is mainly ritualization. At this time, the mental pain can be reduced, but the damage to social functions has increased.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder can be manifested in one of the following forms or a mixture of them: ①The clinical phase mainly based on obsessive thoughts, including obsessive ideas, obsessive recall, obsessive opposition ideas, obsessive exhaustion, forced fear of losing recent abilityWait.

  ② The clinical phase with forced action mainly includes repeated washing, repeated checking, repeated inspection, repeated inquiry, repeated counting, or other repeated ritualized actions.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a common disease with frequent occurrences and different clinical manifestations.

Those who are milder only show uncontrollable anxiety and fear that the door cannot be checked repeatedly, but do not affect work and life; those who are severely manifest multiple compulsive symptoms at the same time, affecting normal work and life, and prolonging the course of disease.

This disease is completely curable if treated early in the system.

Teach you how to get rid of workplace stress easily

Teach you how to get rid of workplace stress easily

1. Use words and imagination to relax. Through imagination, train your mind to “walk around”, such as “under the blue sky and white clouds, I sit on the green grass next to the grass”, “I soak in the bathtub comfortably and listen to beautiful light music”Immediately relax, rest, rejuvenate and give yourself a spiritual rest, you will feel serene, peaceful and peaceful.

  2. The solution method, please list the pressures in your life, one, two, three, four . Once you write it, you will find it amazing that as long as you “break through”, these so-called pressures, thenCan be gradually resolved.

  3. Cry if you want to cry. Medical psychologists believe that crying can relieve stress.

Psychologists have tested blood pressure of some adults, and then divided them into two groups according to normal blood pressure and high blood pressure, and asked whether they have cried. As a result, 87% of normal blood pressure people said that they occasionally cried, and those with high blood pressureMost patients answered that they never shed tears.

From this point of view, letting human emotions express is more beneficial than burying them deeply.

  4. As soon as Reading Xie Qianshu traveled in the world of the book, all the sorrows and sorrows were put into the mind and disappeared.

Reading can make a person gradually open-minded, open-minded, and not afraid of stress.

  5. Hug the big tree In some parks in Australia, you will see too many people hugging the tree every morning.

This is one method they use to relieve psychological stress.

It is said that hugging the tree can release the happy hormones in the body, which is refreshing.

The opposite adrenaline, the suppressor hormone, disappeared.

  6. A new industry emerged in France: sports anti-gas center.

Experts from the center instructed people how to yell, twist towels, hit pillows, slap sofas, etc., to do a lot of exercise “decompression degassing exercises.”

In these sports centers, sponges are spread on the top, bottom, left, and right.

  7. Watching horror movies, some experts in the UK suggested that people feel pressured at work because of their sense of responsibility for work.

What they need at this moment is encouragement and uplifting.

So with relaxation techniques to overcome stress, it is better to motivate yourself to face stressful situations, such as watching a horror movie.

  8. Sniffing sesame oil is popular in Europe and Japan as an aromatherapy.

In particular, some girls are drunk with these sesame oils extracted from fragrant grass or other plants.

It turns out that sesame oil can stimulate or lay down nerve cells in the limbic system of the human brain through the olfactory nerve, which is very effective in relieving nervous tension and psychological pressure.

  9. Snacks The purpose of snacks is not only to satisfy the drought needs of the stomach, but to relieve tension and eliminate internal conflicts.

  10, put on the old clothes you like, put on a pair of old pants that you usually love, and then put on a loose shirt, your psychological pressure will be relieved unconsciously.

Because of the volume of clothes worn for a long time, people recall certain feelings of certain time and space, and are deeply immersed in nostalgia for the past dream-like life nostalgia, and human emotions also rise.

  11. Psychological tests for keeping pets. A psychological test shows that when nervous people watch elegant goldfish or tropical fish dancing gracefully in a fish tank, they often enter the realm of “forgetting and forgetting” unconsciously., The pressure in my heart is greatly reduced.

Men’s trap in the workplace should not be too straightforward

Men’s “trap” in the workplace should not be too straightforward

From a psychological perspective, frankness is the most essential part of human nature.
People generally think that children are simple, they have not been polluted by the world, and they show natural truths everywhere. This is probably the so-called “naive”.
Their frankness is a true reflection of their nature, and their direct feelings about external things can be expressed through language without processing, and this direct expression is acceptable, which is the so-called “childlikeness.”
  Different from children’s frankness, the frankness of adults is often not accepted, because the adults are sophisticated, the expressions of adults are considered to be processed or even disguised, and their opinions are different, even if they are wrongFrequently.
We do not rule out those who have honey and belly, but good intentions are regarded as donkey liver and lungs, but good wishes often do not yield good results, which is also a major pain in many adults.
  Straightforward straightforward, you feel straightforward when you say it directly, but don’t forget that you are too straightforward and others are unhappy.
In the interpersonal communication in the workplace, it is especially necessary to pay attention to the way of speaking. To be good at not being annoying, to do good things with good intentions must have a good result, and to make suggestions and opinions, we must pay attention to timing, methods and methods.
  The vast majority of people are good-faced, especially those with an identity. They can observe the atmosphere of the scene, the emotions of the other party, and whether they are suitable for expressing their chests. Some opinions have come to an end, or they have been put on hold for a while.No, you don’t have to divide the levels immediately.
  The ancients said that “sixty and pleasing to the ears” includes both the bosom of imagination, and the urge to change, but also the state of imperceptibility and moisturization.
Understanding these things will be beneficial to a good original intention to achieve good results.

Head is better than rice

Head is better than rice

For office workers, lunch is always a headache.

According to the author’s observation, in areas where office buildings are more concentrated, about 90% of office workers eat food for lunch. 80% of them choose boxed lunches and 10% bring their own meals. However, theseHuman staple food is almost all rice.

  In fact, for tired office workers, steamed buns are more suitable than rice.

Yeast fermentation not only makes pasta delicious, but also improves its nutritional value.

  The human body lacks vitamin B1 and feels fatigued. Vitamin B2 deficiency causes muscle weakness, decreased endurance, and fatigue.

The B vitamins such as vitamin B1, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 in steamed buns are a natural antidote for stress relief and nutritional nerves. They are also essential nutrients to eliminate fatigue. They are especially beneficial to people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

  The latest foreign research shows that eating more antioxidant foods has a major effect on fatigue and stress relief.

There are more selenium and glutathione peptides in the head than in rice. They have the effect of anti-lipid peroxidation, eliminate the damage of free radicals to cells, and strengthen the immune system of the human body, which can relieve psychological and physiological stress.
  Calcium is a natural stress reliever. People who lack calcium will be exhausted, nervous, and fatigue caused by work cannot be relieved.

Calcium in fermented steamed buns is two years higher than that in rice.

  The head is slower than rice, the former is equivalent to the other 70%, and the sugar content is higher than the rice yield.

Therefore, women who love beauty and want to stay in shape do not have to worry about getting fat from eating buns.

Renjian Spleen and Wet Special Grains

Renjian Spleen and Wet Special Grains

Afternoon showers often occur in the south in the summer in the afternoon. Too many people are “wet and spleen trapped”. They have symptoms of poor appetite and weak limbs.

Zeng Huifang, director of the pharmacist at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Zeng Huifang, believes that taking some medicinal meals for spleen and dampness at this time will help improve these symptoms.One.

  Ren, agronomists classify it as a premium grain.

Compared with other cereal indexes, it contains three times as much protein as previous rice and glutinous rice, and contains calcium, phosphorus, and iron several times more than rice glutinous rice, respectively.

  Zeng Huifang said that Coix Seed is one of the nutrient-rich and balanced foods in coarse grains, and it is easy to digest and absorb. Just cook porridge and make soup.

If you add some barley kernels when cooking porridge, you can add more balanced and comprehensive nutrition.

In summer, coix seed and winter melon are used to cook soup, which can be eaten with meals, and can also relieve heat and dampness.

  From the perspective of modern nutrition, Coix Seed has high nutritional value. It is rich in protein, lipids, lipids, B vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and so on.

Medical research also shows that Coix Seed has anti-tumor, enhance immunity, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar and anti-inflammatory effects.

  It should be mentioned that insufficient coix seed is a rare good medicine for both food and food, but there are certain contraindications to taking coix seed: such as slippery, it is not suitable for people with a lot of urine, and pregnant women should not use it (it may lead to slipping).
  Ingredients for kernel porridge (for one person): 50 grams of rice, 30 grams of barley kernels, and an appropriate amount of sugar (coil kernels usually use 9-30 grams a day).

  Key points for selecting materials: Coix seed is wide oval or oblong, the surface is milky white, smooth, the back is concave, and the ventral surface has a wide and deep longitudinal groove.

With white color, large grain, mature and full, and no insect pests, it is of good quality.

  Method: Add coix seed and rice to the pot, add porridge of water and cook porridge, add sugar when cooked, and boil for one or two.

  Nutritional evaluation: Coix porridge has the effects of strengthening the spleen and dampness, clearing heat and purging pee, urination, and strengthening bones and bones. It is often used for edema, beriberi, unfavorable urination, spleen deficiency, diarrhea, and coldness due to heat and cold.

Therefore, this porridge is actually very suitable for consumption in the current hot and humid weather.

Special aerobics makes you transform into a glamorous man

Special aerobics makes you transform into a glamorous man

Among the white-collar workers, some male staff members often pay attention to exercise because they do not pay attention to exercise, so the abdomen is hoarding and accumulating, forming a striking “beer belly”.

  Some men are about to have chest hypertrophy, thick thighs and other detrimental image posture.

Here, I have a prescription for men who have the above-mentioned bad body shape, and recommend a set of special aerobics that are popular abroad and practiced in the office.

  Just take a day to do 15 minutes and stick to it for about a month. The excess sputum of “waist” in the waist, abdomen and buttocks will gradually disappear. A masculine posture will definitely be reflected in you.

  Push-up exercise A: Place your hands on two chairs separated by about one fist, keep your body in a straight line, and do push-ups.

This exercise exercises the triceps of the upper arm.

  Push-up exercise B: The preparation posture before exercise is the same as A, except that to increase the intensity of exercise, the feet are placed on the table.

Straighten your legs.

Slowly do push-ups, which can stimulate the muscles of the arms and become tenacious.

  Kneeling movement: The legs are separated, about the same width as the shoulders, the leg tips are slightly extended, the legs are slightly curved, and the hands are hugged in the back of the brain.

Then, slowly squat forward until the thighs are level with the ground.

Then slowly recover, taking care not to straighten the knee.

  Knee-knee movement: The hips slightly touch the chair and the hands clench the edge of the chair.

Let the ground bend easily, put your legs together, then slowly close the alignment to the right side and slowly recover.

  Sideways bending: Hold the handbag with the right weight and the palm of the other hand on the back of the head.

Then, the handbag is naturally drooping like being pulled to the ground, and the body is bent sideways.

The recovery action is: slowly lift the handbag and slowly extend the body.

Alternate left and right.

  Back-curved movement: feet are separated from shoulders, holding the chair in one hand, keeping the upper body fixed, then moving forward and forward, while the waist is slowly leaning backwards, keeping this position until fatigue.

This section of the thigh is strong on the front side of the thigh and consumes the aunt on the back.

Psychological adjustment tactics in the critical period of postgraduate entrance examination

Psychological adjustment tactics in the critical period of postgraduate entrance examination

In October, most candidates have entered the tackling phase of the postgraduate review review.

This is the most infamous phase of the postgraduate review review. It is also the easiest to get up and running in the heart. When you feel that you are not ready, due to the pressure of reviewing for a long time, some candidates suddenly have inexplicable anxiety, depression, nagging or lonely.
According to statistics from Haitian Education, every year a large number of candidates quit their postgraduate entrance examinations because they could not tolerate psychological concerns, and the painstaking review of the previous months was also missed.

Therefore, Haitian Education recommends that students adjust their mentality and easily and actively deal with the rest of the exam preparation review.

  Learning the Q spirit of self-motivation Platus once said that everything is created by the will of the person, and so is the postgraduate entrance examination. In fact, it is a test of the will. Although everyone is busy at the time of registration, every timeThere will be students dropping out every month or even every week, and it will probably be supplementary if they persist until the end.

From this point of view, the postgraduate entrance examination is not as scary as you think. Don’t look scary at the total number of registrations. The number of truly competitive candidates is still limited. The real opponent is actually yourself.

  Have a good mood, and imagine what happens after you pass the exam, not how to lose face if you fail to pass the exam.

You can often motivate yourself after pre-examing how to refresh yourself, sleep a lot, and where to go.

The loser always thinks about what will happen if he fails. He is worried all day, and the result is often failure.

Winners often think about what they want to succeed, and the ideal blueprint of anticipating the future all day, and the result is indeed always what people want.

Those who always fail are those who are always worried about failure.

Whatever you worry about comes, hope that success will be successful, so the encouragement of yourself is very important, often the key to determining success or failure.

It can be said that whether or not it can bear the boring postgraduate review life is the biggest test for the students.

  Many people are very excited at the beginning, but after a review, they start to get excited and don’t want to calm down to read, but the result is a shortfall.

Unsettled and hesitant, “three days of fishing, four days of drying the net” is the biggest taboo of the postgraduate entrance examination, and it is also the basic characteristic of many types of people that you can conclude before the exam that he can’t pass the postgraduate study.

The postgraduate entrance examination requires weight and perseverance, and you need to be able to do what you want to do without being disturbed by the outside world for a certain period of time. The exercise you take in these areas during the postgraduate entrance examination can benefit you for life.

When you are admitted to graduate school one day, you will find that the process of postgraduate entrance examination itself is a rare life experience.

The willpower training obtained during the postgraduate entrance examination will become an important source of your self-confidence and will help you to achieve more success in your career in the future. It is definitely an extremely valuable asset in your life.

  Concentrating and improving review efficiency Concentration is a technique. Focusing on one’s mind can forget oneself, forget fatigue, increase time continuity, and thus improve review efficiency.

But people are always subject to all kinds of disturbances, so they always get distracted.

We should create an environment conducive to concentrated power, or a pleasant but not too comfortable environment, the temperature should be between 68 degrees and 78 degrees Fahrenheit, not listening to music, not listening to the personality of others,Close the door, move distracting items out of sight, put review-related items in sight, etc.

These are some specific questions.

  At the same time, students can find their best study time.

People’s emotions and persistence will decrease over time, and the best review time, that is, people’s prime time, is easier to concentrate and last longer.

But if you find yourself lost, you need to restart as soon as possible.

When focusing on strength, don’t look at the distance. Things in the distance are easy to distract.

Don’t think about what you do. This is the most common mistake. Some people will feel uncomfortable without completing it.

There are also ways to rest. Resting alone can keep your thoughts going. Resting together can make your thoughts farther.

  Keeping the right amount of exercise can improve people’s bad mood and make people feel happy. It is recommended that students keep the right amount of exercise while reviewing.

Scientific experiments show that thinking nerves work continuously for 2 hours and then stop to rest. It takes at least 20 minutes to eliminate fatigue, while exercise mode only takes 5 minutes to eliminate fatigue.

This helps the rational application of the brain’s thinking function and promotes work and study efficiency.

In addition, many working students use night study. Under high-intensity work and study, scientific planning, proper exercise, and ensuring sleep quality are more important to them.

  In short, people ‘s thinking is amazing. As long as they focus on a certain cause, they will definitely make a surprising achievement. In the end, Haitian Education hopes that 09 graduate students can adjust their mentality and perseverance at the last critical moment.Victory belongs to you.