Whether it should be taken by the elderly

Whether it should be taken by the elderly

The elderly show their children more love for their children, unconditionally satisfy their children’s needs, and can tolerate their children’s nature. The children’s spiritual environment is extremely relaxed, without pressure, and extremely free, providing them with opportunities to imitate and explore.

However, from the parents who can not replace the child’s psychological needs, the child’s emotional attachment to the parents can not be satisfied, so that the intergenerational education is not satisfactory for the child’s character development.

  The influence of intergenerational education on children’s personality 1. It is easy to over-indulgence and indulgence, making children too “self-centered”, affecting the development of self-consciousness, forming a selfish, self-willed bad character.

  When the child has unreasonable demands, the elderly will adopt obedience in an overlapping manner. The party that satisfies the needs is not conducive to the child’s awareness of overcoming the “self-centeredness”. If the child has a mistake, it cannot be corrected in time, and the child’s unreasonable desire will be unprincipled.The satisfaction of the parents, unless the parents try to change, there is the role of the umbrella of the old man, the child has no fear, a little dissatisfaction will burst into tears to meet the non-point requirements.

  2, the elderly have more alternatives and protections, hindering the development of children’s independent ability.

  The ratio of ancestors to the replacement is obviously higher than that of the parents. Imagine: the toys are scattered everywhere, the old people are tired of sorting over and over again; when the children have already walked, the grandparents have to take up and down the stairs; when the children are eating, they worry that the children can’t eat, just take a bite.Feeding one by one, or chasing and rushing to feed. This kind of practice just binds the child’s hands and feet, misses the sensitive period of “self-organizing, returning to the original, eating by yourself”, which leads to the slow development of children’s movements and independence.Poor, lose confidence when encountering difficulties, only yelling and waiting for others to help, not trying, exercising, only crying and losing temper.

  3, intergenerational education is easy to annihilate children’s natural curiosity, risk-taking and innovative spirit.

  The old people are vulnerable to traditional ideas, accepting new things slowly, and the concept of education and parenting is relatively lagging. The thinking patterns and lifestyles formed over the years are not easy to change.

  They want their children to be well-behaved, obedient, steady, not out of the ordinary, not good at using science, and creating ways to guide children.

Adventurous and innovative inquiry behaviors such as “disorder” and “destruction” that occur in children’s curiosity are always eager to stop.

For example, when a child catches a few ants to enter, when the child pulls up the orchid in the pot to see that the root is a certain kind of child, when the child is happily demolishing the toy car, the ancestors will always prevent and violate.

  Because, in their consciousness, playing ants is very dirty, pulling flowers is confusing, and placing a perfect toy car can’t be “destroyed”.

They believe that these special practices of children are bad behaviors and must be corrected immediately.

Imagine how a child who grew up in this family environment can develop a personality that is innovative and innovative.

  4, the lack of education awareness of the old people and improper education methods, it is easy for children to form friendly contacts and excellent quality (such as modesty, love labor).

  5, easy to lead to children’s narrow vision, lack of vitality, psychological aging.

  The values, lifestyles, knowledge structure, and educational methods of the ancestors are more or less different from those of modern society.

Most elderly people are older, prefer to be quiet, do not like sports, and do not like to go out.

Children and grandparents get along with each other for a long time, and they have long been shackled by the living space and alternation of the old people. The words and expressions of the old people are all the words and deeds of the elderly. If you open your mouth and say that it is an adult, it is easy to lose the innocent and naive nature.

  In addition, less outing activities, resulting in small amount of exercise, lack of physical exercise, will cause physical weakness and illness; resulting in less knowledge at home, less exposure to new things, may lead to children’s narrow vision, cause vitality, do not dare to face strangers,Do not handle transactions by themselves.

Serious will cause the child to be narrow-minded, stubborn, retreat, psychologically aging, and so on.

  Intergenerational education will have some impact on the development of children’s personality. What should young parents do?

The key is how to use its length to avoid it.


The two generations of unified thinking and understanding have significant differences in the environment and age of birth and growth, and the two generations will naturally have considerable differences in the issue of educating their babies.

For example, the younger generation may pay more attention to infant intellectual learning and personality development. They often pass more knowledge to the baby, give him more freedom, and let him explore freely. The ancestors pay more attention to moral education and may give it to the baby.More constraints.

  In the matter of educating the baby, the two generations should try to calm down and communicate more. Only by understanding them in a unified way can they avoid the differences in the face of the baby and prevent him from using this kind of disagreement to ask parents or grandparents to cause more problems.

Parents should try to ask more ancestors for more moderate communication, and ancestors should use various channels to accept new ideas, learn new knowledge, and arm themselves with scientific and advanced educational concepts.


Find the right balance point ancestors in the raising of the baby is best to use the rational control of feelings, to distinguish the boundaries between love and love, love moderate.

Parents also have to balance the boundaries between freedom and rules, and cannot give freedom and lack of rules.

Otherwise, a ruleless environment does not help the baby to develop better. On the contrary, a lack of rules will bring more insecurity to the baby.

  In addition, it is easy for ancestors and fathers to compete for the baby’s love, and the phenomenon of parenting is embarrassing.

The baby is essentially an independent individual and does not depend on anyone.

Therefore, both ancestors and fathers should calmly look at the baby, actively create opportunities, give the baby more opportunities to reach out to other members of the family, and strive to create a harmonious and warm family atmosphere that is conducive to family education.


Take the necessary responsibilities Young parents should take more time to spend with their babies no matter how busy they are. Don’t use the excuse of being busy, and give the baby the right to education and custody to the ancestors.

  If parents have a long-term psychological need for their baby to be with their parents, his mental health will be affected. For example, the baby may become very insecure, lack trust in the surrounding environment and the population, and thus obtain parents.More attention, he may also have more problem behaviors, so that parents have a headache.  Experts especially reminded that when the father and the ancestors split on the issue of educating the baby, it is best not to be in conflict with the baby.

The baby is small, but he is a natural diplomat. When he sees a split between family members, he will be smart.

This is no doubt to improve his behavior, but it will lead to his problems getting worse and worse, and even bring more problems.

In addition, conflicts between family members, the unharmonious family situation will bring more insecurity to the baby, which has an adverse impact on his psychological development.

Autumn and winter to teach you how to choose good ginseng

Autumn and winter to teach you how to choose good ginseng

For the Chinese, autumn and winter tonic is a big deal.

In the adjustment, naturally, I would like to take a variety of “parameters”. However, the wild ginseng of Dabu has basically disappeared. Recently, the news also revealed that Heilongjiang Daji suspected to sell “gum paste ginseng” posing as an old ginseng, facing a wide variety of”Participation”, I do not know how to choose?

What is the difference between this “parameter” and “parameter”?

  Ginseng (alias white ginseng, red ginseng, not straight ginseng, Jilin ginseng, wild ginseng) ginseng is a holy medicine in the hearts of ancient people. When it starts, people think it is amazing.

  According to the records of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, ginseng and disease treatment have been linked to form a simple plot of legend.

“Liang Shu” (Vol. 51) records that Chen Liuxiaozi, Xiaoxu, was found to have taken the grass from the mother’s disease to the Zhongshan Mountain. Under the guidance of a deer, he found the grass and healed it.

By the time of the Tang Dynasty, ginseng had the saying of “grass demon” and “gosperm”.

Why are there so many legends?

It may be mainly related to the shape of ginseng – it looks too human, and it has legs all over it.

  However, ginseng does have magical places. Some say that its life span, such a grass-like plant (which is Wujiake), is so long-lived.

According to historical records, the lifespan of ginseng is about 400 years, but in the harvest, it is rare to have a 200-year-old age. It is not easy to grow for about 100 years.

It is mainly produced in the northeastern provinces of Southeast Asia and is a national first-class protection plant.

Jilin Fusong County has the largest output and the best quality, so it is called Jilin Ginseng.

Produced from North Korea, said North Korea, Korean ginseng, do not directly participate.

  From the perspective of planting growth, ginseng is divided into wild ginseng and garden ginseng.

Wild ginseng, as its name suggests, naturally grows in the mountains and mountains, for several years or even hundreds of years, with very little production, high prices and best benefits.

The garden ginseng is artificially cultivated in the garden, so it is called the garden ginseng. The folks call it “ginseng”.

  According to the processing technology, people can participate in industrial products, which can be divided into: red ginseng, molded red ginseng, raw sun ginseng, all raw sun ginseng, fresh ginseng and active ginseng.

  Red ginseng is made of high quality fresh ginseng as raw material, brushed, steamed and dried.

  The molded red ginseng is made of high quality red ginseng, which is shaped, softened and pressed with a special mold.

  Red ginseng and molded red ginseng are steamed at high temperature during processing, so that the decomposition enzymes, amylase and maltase in the roots are deformed by heat, which prevents the decomposition reaction of ginsenoside and prevents the decomposition of amylase in the ginseng root.Saccharification is beneficial to the maintenance of nutrients.

  The raw ginseng is dried with fresh ginseng as a raw material and then dried at 40-50 °C.

  All the raw sun-dried ginseng is made from fresh ginseng, dried after brushing or dried at 40-50 °C.

  The raw ginseng and the whole-skilled sun are involved in the work due to insufficient water, inhibiting the activity of the decomposing enzyme in the dry condition, preventing the conversion of ginsenosides and ensuring the loss of nutrients; the ginseng loses moisture, and in the dry state, it is not easy to infect microorganisms such as mold.Prevent mildew.

  Active ginseng, also known as lyophilized ginseng, is a ginseng that is dried by low-temperature freezing technology and processed by freezing and low-temperature drying.

The processing principle is that the fresh ginseng is frozen at a low temperature, and the ice state is directly changed into a gaseous sublimation principle, so that the small moisture of the ginseng roots is released to achieve the purpose of drying.

During the sublimation process, the root temperature is kept below 0 °C, so it has no destructive effect on heat-labile substances such as enzymes, proteins, nucleic acids, etc., and achieves the purpose of fully retaining the effective nutrients and biological activities of ginseng.It can eliminate 95%-99% of water, which is good for long-term preservation without insects, so as to keep the shape of fresh ginseng unchanged.

Active ginseng is a conventionally newly developed ginseng product.

How to spleen and stomach in autumn, it is correct to do it!

How to spleen and stomach in autumn, it is correct to do it!

After the summer’s big eat and drink, stay up all night, you are in the fall to take care of your spleen and stomach.

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach do not separate the family, while the stomach is also raised, the spleen also pay attention to raise it, it will have twice the result with half the effort.

The spleen and stomach are the main digestive organs of the human body.

The main recipient of the stomach, the spleen main transport, mutual coordination, division of labor and cooperation, to complete the digestive function, the spleen main transport, when the spleen has problems, the nutrients after the stomach digestion can not be transported to all parts of the body, and can notAnti-nutritional nutrition to the stomach, spleen caused by the main body of the body are: stomach pain, loss of appetite, indigestion and so on.

In the treatment of stomach diseases, it is also necessary to solve the spleen disease, the real “spleen and stomach with the same treatment.”

Autumn is a good time to raise your spleen and stomach?
How to determine whether the spleen and stomach do not sleep with drool is spleen in general, the lips of the spleen and stomach are rosy, moderately dry and wet, lubricated with light; and the lips of the spleen and stomach are white, no blood, accidentally very dry, easy to burstSkin, cracked.

Bad breath, swelling and pain of the gums are mainly related to insufficient spleen and stomach digestion.

In addition, drooling while sleeping is also a manifestation of temper deficiencies.

The nose is red and the meridians of the stomach and the spleen and stomach are connected to the nose of the person.

Dry nasal cavity, olfactory failure, runny nose, nose bleeding, mainly caused by weakness of the spleen and stomach.

People with red noses have stomach heat; nose hair is accompanied by abdominal pain, which also indicates that the spleen and stomach function is not good.

Eyes are prone to fatigue, spleen and stomach are not enough. The spleen and stomach are not easy to be short of blood. The boots affect the liver and the liver is open to the eye, so the eyes are prone to fatigue and can’t see things clearly.

In addition, the absorption of the spleen and body fluids is very important. If the eyes are red and swollen, and the face is swollen, it may also be a problem of the spleen.

Tinnitus and deafness are kidney deficiency, spleen and stomach weakness can lead to lack of kidney, often manifested as tinnitus and even deafness.

In addition, many people have bad spleen and stomach, which is caused by overwork or emotion.

Especially in spring, the liver is so hot that people are often irritable.

People with spleen and stomach disorders often feel that they are weak, their hands and feet are cold, and sometimes they have diarrhea.

How to nurse the spleen and stomach?

The spleen and stomach have three fears of being afraid of life, two are afraid of cold, and three are afraid of support.

Cold foods, such as various cold drinks, raw fruits and vegetables, etc., will enter the body with cold air, which is most likely to hurt the spleen and stomach.

In addition, the spleen and stomach are most afraid of support, hungry, and a full meal hurts it the most.

Hyperactive toe fat stomach I often make patients with bad spleen and stomach.

When you go to work, you can use your toe claws to grasp the ground while working, and grab the soles for 5 minutes each time.

Or put some elliptical, medium-sized cobblestones in the footbath, and use your toes to grab stones while you are soaking your feet.

The spleen and stomach like the finely divided food. The spleen and stomach like the old grandmother like the finely divided food.

Studies abroad have shown that if every food can be chewed repeatedly and persisted for decades, your health will be significantly better than your peers.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter have different ways to eat less acid in the spring, eat more sweet foods, such as bananas, jujube, etc., to raise the spleen.

Summer is heavier, eat more beans, spleen and dampness, while less rain, less greedy.

Drink more porridge from the beginning of the autumn, yam porridge is the most spleen.

Cold in winter, it is easy to stimulate the increase of gastric acid secretion. It is best to go to bed early and get up late, so that the sun is warm and the body is warm. It is the best way to protect the spleen and stomach.

Recommended to raise spleen and stomach porridge, soup drink yam glutinous porridge yam 50 grams, 15 grams of coix seed, 100 grams of previous rice, porridge to eat.

It can tonify the spleen and stomach, stop diarrhea, apply to the spleen and stomach weakness caused by loss of appetite, abdominal distension, and stool discharge.

薏苡 small bean porridge 15 grams, 15 grams of red beans, 100 grams of rice, porridge to eat.

It can soak and dilute the water, strengthen the spleen and replenish qi, apply to the spleen deficiency and dampness caused by the lack of food, poor abdominal distension, edema and less edema.

Lotus seed porridge lotus seed 15 grams, 15 grams of medlar, 100 grams of previous rice, 5 grams of psoralen, porridge to eat.

It can strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach, nourish the kidney and solidify the essence. It is suitable for the loss of appetite caused by the deficiency of the spleen and kidney, the abdominal distension is full, the cold limbs are cold, and the waist and knees are sore.

Recommended for some dietary treatments for early pregnancy reactions

Recommended for some dietary treatments for early pregnancy reactions

Pregnancy is an instinct for the biological community to protect the health of the abdomen.

This instinct can allow early detection of various germs or harmful substances that may harm your baby by discarding it to ensure that these things do not enter the body, such as foods containing microorganisms or pathogens (such as meat), filtered toBringing potential dangers.

So, from a diet perspective, what are the therapeutic methods that can alleviate early pregnancy reactions?

4 kinds of therapeutic methods to alleviate early pregnancy reaction 1, dried tangerine beef[raw material]: lean beef, soy sauce, dried tangerine peel, onion, ginger, sugar, soy sauce, water (2 tablespoons).

[Method]: Wash the dried tangerine peel with water slightly, wash the onion and cut into pieces; wash the beef and cut into thin slices, add the soy sauce and mix well, marinate for 10 minutes; put the marinated beef into a hot oil and frySlightly dry; put the dried tangerine peel, onion, and ginger first, then add the soy sauce, sugar, water and beef. Stir the beef and add the marinade, which is dried tangerine peel, shallot, ginger, soy sauce.Sugar, stew until the marinade is dry and ready to serve.

[Nutrition Tips]: Lean meat is rich in B vitamins, which can help eliminate vomiting symptoms in early pregnancy and eliminate mental fatigue and other discomforts.

Ginger and tangerine peel also help to alleviate the nausea of pregnant mommy.

2, roasted whole wheat sandwich[raw material]: 1 whole wheat bread, cheese powder, raisins, almond slices, walnuts, cherries, grape sauce and other appropriate amount.

[Method]: Put the whole wheat bread in the oven and bake it a little. Take it out and cut it into 4 small pieces; first put a layer of grape sauce on the surface, then put the raisins, walnuts, almond slices and cherries on it, thenSprinkle with cheese powder Serve.

[Nutrition Tips]: Raisins, walnuts and toasted toast have antiemetic effects. The B vitamins in the cheese powder can eliminate the irritability of pregnant mommy and relieve the morning sickness.

3, plum dried lean pork[raw materials]: 15 grams of dried plum, 15 grams of mustard, 100 grams of lean pork, salt, MSG amount[method]: put dried plum, mustard, lean pork, salt, MSG togetherCook the soup.

[Applicable people]pregnant women, vomiting pregnant women 4, ginger silk scrambled eggs[raw materials]: 150 grams of eggs, 50 grams of ginger, 15 grams of vegetable oil, 10 grams of Jiangmi wine, 3 grams of salt.

【Method】: Put the eggs into the bowl, add a little salt to break up; fresh ginger peeled and washed, cut into filaments; after mixing, after the oil is hot, stir fry in the pan.

I wish all pregnant mothers to adjust their moods and happily.