Computer games cause children to lose memory

Computer games cause children to lose memory

Many children always like to play a stimulating computer game to relax and rest after finishing their homework at night.

However, a new study finds that stimulating computer games can affect children’s sleep quality and memories of what they have just learned.

  The findings were published in the recent issue of Pediatrics.

The researchers conducted a two-day trial of 11 12-14 year old healthy children who had no sleep problems. They spent 2-3 hours before going to bed every night, and they let their children play a racing computer game.

  The study found that the time required for children to fall asleep after playing a racing game increased, and slow-wave sleep time decreased.

Slow wave sleep is a deep sleep period of human beings. It is the best time to restore energy and physical strength, and it is also the key period for people to enhance their memory.

  In addition, the researchers gave them cognitive tests before and after playing computer games, and found that the children’s memory decreased after playing the game.

  Researchers believe that people need to spend money to consolidate after learning new knowledge.

The emotional experience-type activities that are restored within a few hours after the completion of the study will affect the brain’s consolidation of knowledge.

Must know: Antidote to harmful food

Must know: Antidote to “harmful food”

Lead: Now people’s life is accelerating, people are used to fast food, fast and fast food may more or less cause us to eat some “harmful food”, but people eat food for the day, there is not much time to do it yourself,If you don’t eat or not, then is there a “drug” for detoxification?
The most common “harmful food” antidote, let you detoxify with confidence, have health!
Harmful food 1: fritters fritters are the choice of many people for breakfast, most of which can be added to the fritters.
This aluminum-containing inorganic substance, which is absorbed by the human body, damages the nerve cells of the brain and is difficult to be discharged by the human body and gradually accumulates.
The long-term harm to the body is memory loss, depression and irritability, which can lead to terrible diseases such as “senile dementia”.
Solution: Soymilk If you are eating soymilk with soymilk, then you have inadvertently protected yourself.
Because soy milk is rich in lecithin.
Scientists have found that taking a dose of lecithin to patients with Alzheimer’s disease can improve their memory.
Harmful food 2: Pickled fish, pickled fish is a favorite dish.
However, after pickling the sauerkraut, vitamin C has been lost; in addition, sauerkraut also contains more oxalic acid and calcium, which is easily absorbed by the intestine after consumption, and is easily formed in the urinary system when excreted by the kidney.Stones; and the food after pickling, mostly contains more nitrite, and the formation of nitrosamines in the body with amines, is a carcinogenic substance.
Solution: Kiwifruit scientifically found that eating more foods rich in vitamins can block the synthesis of strong carcinogen nitrosamines and reduce the incidence of gastric cancer and esophageal cancer.
Kiwifruit is called the king of vitamin C, and a kiwifruit can basically satisfy the vitamin C needed by the human body for one day.
Harmful food 3: Bacon, bacon, sausage and other things are not only delicious, but also long-lasting, and are loved by people.
However, these foods containing a large amount of salt are marinated with the substances in the pork for a long time to produce nitrosamines, which form dimethyl nitrosamines when they enter the human body. They are a strong carcinogenic substance.
Solution: Green tea has been found in research, citing green tea can decompose the harm of such substances.
Drinking a few cups of green tea a day can improve your health.
If it is really difficult to stop the temptation of salted fish and bacon, you may wish to steam the meat during cooking and add some vinegar.
Harmful food 4: Hot pot is worse for those who are prone to get angry, or who often have recurrent aphthous ulcers.
Not only will it aggravate the symptoms, increase the chance of recurrence, and it will cause esophageal cancer in the long-term.
In fact, in addition to easy to get angry, hot pot contains high “porphyrin” substances, which are metabolized and decomposed to produce uric acid in the liver, which may also cause gout.
Solution: If you eat a grapefruit after eating a greasy and spicy hot pot, you can help to nourish the yin and spleen and eat the harmful food. 5: Although the flavor of the kebabs on the street is very attractive, it is very attractive.Regardless of its meat quality, it is the benzopyrene contained in the meat after it has been baked in an open flame. When it enters the human body, it is enough to cause cancer damage to the stomach.
Solution: Roasted sweet potato If you eat barbecue products in a shop with certain hygiene testing standards, and then eat a roasted sweet potato, a large amount of cellulose contained in the sweet potato, you can wrap the harmful substances in the barbecue and excrete it, andPrevent large amounts of oil from being absorbed by the body.
Harmful food 6: Many people often like to eat porridge with preserved eggs.
As everyone knows, the preserved egg will contain a certain amount of lead in its production.
If you consume too much lead, it will lead to mental decline, damage to the development of the nervous system, cause hearing abnormalities, and reduce learning ability. In particular, children’s body lead discharge capacity is much lower than that of adults, so the harm is even greater.
Solution: Tofu “preserved egg tofu” is also a home-cooked dish, and the method of eating is quite scientific.
research shows.
Cellulose in soy products can inhibit the absorption of lead in food in the gastrointestinal tract; and the calcium ions in it can also resist lead, help to eliminate lead in the body, and help reduce the concentration of lead in human blood.

7 sports weight loss methods for the most fat burning

7 sports weight loss methods for the most fat burning

Exercise is an important way to lose weight. So, which exercise-reducing methods are simple and easy to burn and achieve the goal of slimming?

Below, Xiaobian recommends 7 kinds of weight loss exercises that can effectively burn and transform and promote metabolism.

  1, inline skating (burning 425 calories in 30 minutes) skating can not only increase your fun, in order to balance your body, the core muscles are also highly used when you use the thigh and buttocks in turn, soHelps burn a lot of cockroaches.

More importantly, this method does not put too much pressure on the knee joint.

Don’t forget to wear a hard hat, a wristband, a knee brace, and an elbow guard.

  Accelerated fat burning method: alternating with high speed and medium speed.

  2, go fast (can burn 170 calories in 30 minutes) In fact, leisurely walks with friends will not burn.

In order to make the most calories in the calories: the legs, buttocks, and the core muscles quickly dissipate the displacement in a short period of time, the body must be kept upright, the arms swing back and forth, each step is to let the heel touch the ground, and then the toes touch the ground.

  Accelerated fat burning method: alternately with fast walking or jogging.

  3, running (burning 374 kcal in 30 minutes) Running is the biggest source of calories and unhappiness.

In particular, the energy-consuming legs, the core muscles of the buttocks, the runners are generally well-proportioned and lean.

In order to maximize the consumption of each step, you need to re-stack when running, so that the soles of your feet are close to the ground.

  Accelerated fat burning method: It is best to alternate between fast and slow speed during running. 4, skipping rope (burning 340 calories in 30 minutes). In order to reach a large number of aunts in each jump, it is best to choose a handle and a long rope.The skipping rope is not in the arm socket (measured in the rope), and then do the following: When jumping, the feet are slightly separated, the body is straight, and the feet are as close as possible to the ground.

Even if you don’t have a ready-made rope around you, you can follow the above instructions and you can do the same without skipping.

  Accelerated fat burning method: often convert speed (slow, fast) and style (single jump, then jump with both feet), or skipping while jogging.

  5, shaking the hula hoop (300 minutes to burn 300 kcal) choose adult size hula hoop (heavier than the size of the child, so it is easier to turn), the hula hoop upright, the height can reach the side,Then this hula hoop is perfect for you.

  There is no difficult movement requirement for the hula hoop, as long as it can continue to rotate at the waist.

At the beginning, one foot is in front, one foot is behind, and then the body center of gravity is shifted back and forth (circular arc with the surroundings).

Persevere to get rid of toxins in the body.

  Accelerated fat burning method: You can find some high-level movements and interesting exercise methods on the Internet.

  6, dancing (30 minutes can burn 221 kcal) choose Latin wind or Bollywood these fast-paced songs, first optimistic can motivate the song you want to dance, then put fast-paced songs, and finally slow down the rhythm songsLet the body cool down.

  Accelerate fat burning method: When you dance, your arms will rise!

Swing in the air following the rhythm.

  7, play tennis (30 minutes can burn 272 big cards) Do not think that playing tennis has to find a companion, or travel long distances to the stadium, in fact, as long as you can find a runway or a place with a garage door can start playing.

  Stand at a distance of 10-25 feet from the wall, then alternately use positive, backhand shots to see how many times you can play continuously without mistakes.

Even practicing the ball will keep your body in a burning state, because you are constantly running and bending over to pick up a ball that hasn’t succeeded.

  Accelerated fat burning method: Try to pump 50 consecutively?
100 times.

Set a goal for yourself so that you can work harder to complete.

Men’s best four fattening recipes

Men’s best four fattening recipes

Lead: What can you eat to gain weight?

Male friends who want to gain weight, tell you a good news.

The following four foods are arranged for you by nutrition experts.

It is a healthy fattening recipe.

  Fang Yi: lotus seed pig belly fattening 〖raw material〗 1 pig belly, lotus seeds 40, sesame oil, salt, onions, ginger, garlic, the right amount.

  〖Usage Usage〗 Wash the pig’s belly, then put the lotus seeds in the pig’s belly with water, put it in the line, put the water in the pot and cook until cooked.

After cooking, let it cool, cut the pig’s belly into silk, and mix it with the lotus seeds and mix well.

Can be used as a table.

  〖Efficacy〗 has the effect of strengthening the spleen and benefiting the stomach.

Applicable to the weakening of the spleen and stomach.

  Fang 2: Cistanche mutton 羹 fattening 〖Materials〗 Cistanche 30g, refined mutton 150g, raw powder 30g, ginger, scallion, salt amount.

  〖Usage Usage〗 Cistanche is soaked in warm water, washed and chopped, the pot is boiled, and the juice is taken; the mutton is washed and diced, added to the cistanche juice, boiled until the mutton is rotten, and the scallion, ginger, raw powder and salt are added.Cook for another 5 minutes.

Do it early every day, for dinner.

  〖Effect〗 Warming qi and blood, helping Yang Yijing, fat and healthy people.

Applicable to the thin body caused by kidney deficiency.

  Fang 3: Yam broth and fattening 〖Materials〗 yam 50g, sugar 100g, sesame powder 50g, glutinous rice 500g.

  〖System usage〗 The yam is ground into powder, steamed, add sugar, sesame powder into a stuffing.

Glutinous rice is soaked and ground.

Wrap the yam stuffing with glutinous rice flour into a dumpling and cook.

Can be used as a staple food.

  〖Efficacy〗 has the effect of tonifying the spleen and kidney.

Suitable for body weight loss.

  Fang 4: venison, jujube soup, fat, 〖raw material〗 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿

  〖Process usage〗 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿 鹿

Served with meals.

  〖Effect〗 to replenish qi and blood, plum muscle.

Applicable to labor, body weight loss.