How do the elderly supplement nutrients?

How do the elderly supplement nutrients?

How should the elderly want to eat strong bones?

Many people have a concept that the best thing to do with calcium is to eat animal bones. Can animal bones be supplemented with calcium other than calcium?

How to make food from pig bones?

How to make a delicious soup?

Let’s take a look at it together!

  Calcium is absorbed by humans: calcium is recombined and absorbed into the blood to form blood calcium (ie, the amount of calcium in the blood), and then calcium is deposited by bone metabolism to form bones.

It is not that the more calcium is eaten, the more bones are formed.

The amount of calcium in the blood must be kept at a certain level, too much or too little.

Excessive calcium supplementation, high blood calcium levels in the blood can lead to hypercalcemia, and can cause complications, plasma kidney stones, vascular calcification and so on.

  A large number of elderly people like to take calcium to prevent calcium. In fact, the effect of calcium supplementation on calcium tablets is not obvious. Calcium supplementation through food is the best choice.

  You need to supplement these nutrients with milk: half a catty of milk, containing 300 mg of calcium, also contains a variety of amino acids, lactic acid, minerals and vitamins to promote the digestion and absorption of calcium.

Moreover, the calcium in the milk is easier to absorb, so milk should be used as the main food for daily calcium supplementation.

Other dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, and milk flakes are good sources of calcium.

  Vegetables: There are also many high calcium varieties in vegetables.

In the snow, 100 grams of calcium contains 230 mg; cabbage, rapeseed, fennel, alfalfa, celery, etc., each 100 grams of calcium is also about 150 mm.

  Bean products: Soy is a high-protein food with high calcium content.

500 grams of soy milk contains 120 mg of calcium, 150 grams of tofu contains up to 500 mg of calcium, and other soy products are also good for calcium supplementation.

  Kelp and Shrimp: Seaweed and shrimp skin are high-calcium seafood. If you eat 25 grams a day, you can make 300 mg of calcium.

And they also reduce blood lipids and prevent atherosclerosis.

  Animal bones: More than 80% of animal bones are calcium, but they do not break down water and are difficult to absorb. Therefore, when making food, you can pre-break it, add vinegar and cook slowly.

Remove the oil from the oil while eating, and put some green vegetables to place a delicious fresh soup.

How to choose the right fitness method

How to choose the right fitness method

Walking: For most people, regardless of age is a good fitness exercise.

Many older people stay healthy through regular walks.

However, walking slowly does not increase the health of a person. People must go faster, step higher, and speed up their legs.

Rotate the tops alternately to the sides, the feet can be moved to a more forward position, and the steps can be continuous.

The Pacers should try to point their toes straight ahead.

Speeding up the swing arm can help your feet move.

Cycling: Bicycles have been a means of transportation in China for many years.

As people’s living standards improve and work, lifestyle changes, cars gradually replace bicycles.

But bicycles are a good way to exercise.

Cycling is good for cardiovascular health and can make your thighs stronger.

Step aerobic exercise method: The step aerobic exercise method is mainly to set the set music rhythm, step on a step, and exercise the thigh forward muscles (biceps and quadriceps).

When these muscles are sore, exercise should stop and do other aerobic exercises.

Come back a few steps later to do aerobic exercise.

Aqua aerobics: Aqua aerobics is an excellent choice for the elderly and those with weak muscles.

Because it prevents falls on a hard surface and supports the body, usually replaced by people with arthritis.

Aerobic exercise in the water involves doing various muscle movements or walking in the water from the waist to the shoulder.

Swimming: Swimming can exercise the whole body without pressing on the joints and muscles.

Swimming is often recommended for people with muscles and joint problems.

The swimmer moves according to his own rhythm and starts with a small amount of time, which can be gradually extended for 30 minutes.

If the main goal of exercise is to lose weight, swimming is not the best option.

Cross-country skiing: Cross-country skiing can exercise the upper body and legs.

There are now simulated cross-country skis, but this type of machine needs more coordination than the actual skiing.

Outdoor cross-country skiing is more enjoyable and adds to the test of cold sports.

Rowing: Rowing can make the big muscles in the legs, shoulders and back strong and protect the back from injury.

More people use rowing machines instead of water boating.

Rowing outdoors increases the challenge of coordinating paddles and the fun on board.

However, the person with the problem at the back end does not have the doctor’s permission to perform the rowing exercise.

Endurance training: An aerobic exercise that creates strong body and muscles during endurance training.

In a similar intensity of exercise, endurance training muscles are strong, but do not improve heart function.

Because muscles consume more calories than adult tissues, the increase in muscle mass will eventually maintain a better weight.

Endurance training develops different plans based on different physiological characteristics of the person.

If training is not appropriate, weightlifting carries a higher risk of injury to muscles and joints.

People who want to lift weights need some basic guidance, including how to load and adjust the center of gravity, how to breathe and so on.

Exercise weight loss carefully 3 big mistakes

Exercise weight loss carefully 3 big mistakes

High-intensity measures are good for weight loss.

hzh {display: none; }  既然举动是公认的减肥措施,那就多做高强度的举动,让自己灵敏瘦下去。Is this the right idea?

  Expert comment: It is not a measure of strength. The more you move, the better your weight loss results.

Under the guidance of experts, we should plan a gradual tempering plan that is in line with our own environment. We will drill more than 4 times a week, 45 times each time.
60 minutes, plus a fair anecdote, can lose 1000 per month?
2000 grams of body weight, the right to go down, will reach the weight loss guidelines.

  Partial movements, only to reduce the thin parts of the “skinny waist, reduce the hips, abdomen” such words are full of temptation, local moves give people hope to build the unsatisfied parts.

Is it true that partial movements can only be thin and thin?

  Expert comment: The concept of energy loss is holistic rather than partial, and weight loss can never be compared with shaping.

Where can I lose weight?

For example, after the weight-loss person moves for a while, the waist circumference is not small, but the cheek is thin, and the reason is here.

  The empty belly moves are more conducive to weight loss. Some people feel that when they are empty, they can quickly and agilely lose weight, and the weight loss results are better.

Is that true?

  Expert comment: When the stomach is tempered, the blood sugar in the human body will decrease, which will cause headaches, weakness in the limbs and even signs of fainting.

At the same time, there will be a feeling of high blood pressure, showing abdominal pain, inhibiting the secretion of digestive juice, reducing digestive function, etc.

Since the general food stays in the human gastrointestinal tract for 4 hours, if you choose to temper before meals, the correct measure is to move the first one.

A small amount of glucose was taken in 2 hours to ensure that there was ample physical strength in the movement.

Spring rain, health care, white collar, to prevent cervical spondylosis

Spring rain, health care, white collar, to prevent cervical spondylosis

“Spring rain and wind are fine, the garden takes time and is dry.

“Spring rain is more, the withered grass roots need irrigation by spring rain, and the brakes sprout and grow.

Continuous rainy weather, coupled with reduced sports and other factors, people are more likely to suffer from a variety of cervical vertebrae, shoulders, lumbar spondylosis, etc., especially white-collar workers who often sit in front of the computer, the following small series will be described in detail: experts said,In the early stage of cervical spondylosis in the spring, white-collar workers continued to work at low desks or continuously connected to the Internet through a posture, resulting in cervical disc herniation and yielding.

Add continuous rainy weather, cold and heavy in the morning and evening, if you do not pay attention to keep warm, it is easy to cause cervical spondylolisthesis.

  How to prevent cervical spondylosis in white-collar workers: 1, to look up and look at the distance: when looking at things in close distance, especially in the state of bowing, affecting the cervical vertebrae, and easily cause visual fatigue, and even cause refractive error.

Therefore, whenever the desk is too long, you should look up and look at the distance for about half a minute.

This can not only eliminate fatigue, but also help the health of the cervical spine.

  2, often active activities: should be at work 1?
2 hours or so, purposefully let the head aim forward and then rotate left and right several times. The rotation should be gentle and slow, in order to reach the maximum range of motion in all directions, resulting in a certain relief of cervical joint fatigue.

  3, sitting posture should be correct: to prevent the occurrence of cervical spondylosis, the most important thing is to sit correctly, so that the neck and shoulders are relaxed, to maintain the most comfortable and natural posture.

Office workers should also stand up and move around from time to time, moving the neck and shoulders to relax the muscles of the neck and shoulders.

  4, sleep mode: Do not sleep while sleeping, pillows should not be too high, too hard or too low.

Pillow: The center should be slightly recessed, and the pillow should be fully contacted and kept slightly reclined. Do not hang.

Those who are used to the lateral position should have the pillow and shoulder height.

When you sleep, don’t lie down and read a book.

Remember not to blow cold air against your head.