Fast and effective dampness method, let you get up early

Fast and effective dampness method, let you get up early

Moisture can not be discharged, resulting in excessive moisture in the body, which has a serious impact on the body.
Today, I will introduce you to the method of soaking the feet.
I hope that everyone has a good habit of getting a foot bath, not only good for our body, but also the exhaustion of a day of work.
1+1>21, white vinegar soaked in the water to put the right amount of white vinegar, can cure foot odor, remove foot odor, cure athlete’s foot, promote blood circulation, remove rheumatism.
Put some ginger, dried tangerine peel and mint in the water, which can cure the spleen and stomach, warm the spleen and stomach, and phlegm and dampness.
2, lemon soaked lemon contains rich organic acids, citric acid and high alkalinity, has obvious anti-oxidation effect, is very effective in promoting the skin’s innovation and pressing pigmentation.
Lemon soaking feet can effectively relieve pain.
3, ginger soaking feet in the hot water of the feet and adding some ginger, can also play a certain role in the dampness, because ginger has the effect of promoting blood circulation, cold and dampness, can help the body to remove cold and moisture.
In general, the moisturizing effect of ginger is better, which can help us to warm the body and relieve fatigue.
What food can you eat?
1. Mung bean is the most commonly used heat-clearing and detoxifying food, as well as the effect of lowering fat and protecting liver. It is a natural medicine for people with damp heat.
2, red beans are good for water, swelling, heat, good food, especially suitable for summer consumption, can heat and dampness, make up the heart and strengthen the spleen, nourish the liver and kidney.
3, lentils have spleen and medium, heat and dampness and other effects, suitable for Shushi vomiting and diarrhea, spleen vomiting, eating less stool, diarrhea and edema, red and white and other diseases.
4, Coix seed is a mild heat and dampness product, Chinese medicine is often used to treat spleen diarrhea, muscle soreness, joint pain, edema, athlete’s foot and other diseases.
5, cucumber can clear away heat, detoxification, thirst, and rich in vitamins, fiber, is a rare detox food.
Cucumber can also promote the development of new, whitening skin and fat.

Frequent side lying is good for raising liver

Frequent side lying is good for raising liver

The quality of sleep is often related to sleeping position, and different sleeping postures can also carry out different health effects. The sleeping position suitable for liver transplantation is lateral.


hzh {display: none; }  侧身睡是很多人通常采取的睡姿,在仰卧时很容易转为侧卧。Because the liver is at the ends of the human body, when lying on the side, whether it is lying on the left side or lying on the right side, it can raise the liver.

Because when the person is lying on the side, the blood naturally goes to the liver. “The liver is the main blood,” and the blood goes to the liver. The human body can quietly fall asleep and begin the hematopoietic function of the day.

  When you are lying on your side, make sure the pillow gives you enough support.

If the pillow is too low, the head will tilt down; if the pillow is too high, the head will be stretched uncomfortably.

Pillows that are too high or too low are very uncomfortable.

That’s why doctors like to focus on the right size pillows.

  In order to make the side bedroom more comfortable and reduce the pressure on the body, it is recommended that you try to find a pillow between the two parts to maintain the proper distance between the legs and the hips, which is more conducive to relaxing the waist.

  On the top side, another common sleeping position is supine. When the person is lying on his back, the Du Meridian and the bladder of the back are in close contact with the bed surface, so that the five internal organs supported and suspended are in a very calm nature.The state, so that blood can flow through the body’s meridians.

At the same time, supine can also support the head insertion and connection, so it is also a good sleeping position.

  When you sleep on your back, you can place another pillow or trapezoidal pad under yourself to reduce the stiffness and discomfort of your back.

If you are lying on your back, you are more serious, so you don’t hinder the posture of lying on the side; of course, if you have the habit of lying down but want to avoid lying down, put a pillow on the side of your body to prevent lying down.

Grasp the four gold schedules to drink water and slim down

Grasp the four gold schedules to drink water and slim down

Drinking water is good for weight loss.

Using the resources of good water can make you lose weight with half the effort.

Tell you four vortex drinking water that can easily make you thin.

  Early in the morning: Drink a cup of warm water, clear your stomach and get up early in the morning. Drink a large cup of warm water before eating a rich breakfast. It will help push the intestines and squirm, which will make you feel good and help the large intestine to clean up. The belly is no longer proud.
This trick to drink the KeepFit method has many stars to follow, the slimming success index is extremely high!

  Lunch for lunch: Drinking water before meals Try to drink a glass of water before each meal, you can fill the sizzling five-dirty temple, reduce the weight of the diet; second, to replenish the body’s water, accelerate metabolism.

  Afternoon tea precipitation: smell the flowers and stop the snacks to TeaTime, the appetite is harvested, take out the snacks, potato chips, cookies, soda, etc. are all fat food, an afternoon tea time is higher than a lunch!

Sisters who are not self-sufficient in self-control may wish to spray a floral spray around the office to smell appetite.

  Dinner: Drinking water to lose weight and losing 10 pounds a month to drink only the diet slimming method is unhealthy. The correct drinking water slimming method is to take protein and vegetables to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugar, but also slowlychew.

Beer and spirits have the potential to increase cortisone in the body, a hormone that will unfortunately be transferred to the abdomen.

When drinking, I suspect that I will eat more food.