People in the workplace are not really loaded, just take a few steps like this and take responsibility for their own health.

People in the workplace are not really loaded, just take a few steps like this and take responsibility for their own health.

1 work overtime, stay up all night.

, the health of the workplace is a matter of urgency, please remember: health is your responsibility, health is a high degree of self-discipline.


On the 1st, the brave brother who was at home was watching the news of the death of Mao Jinhua of Ant Financial, and he was embarrassed that the health problems of the workplace were getting more and more attention.

Some time ago, when the Internet was on the “996”, Yong brother also joined the battle. As an Internet person who had the privilege of setting up the border, although it was not a program, he did not lose the overtime.

Yong Ge, a small supervisor after 90, has 10 editors.

At noon, you will lick the grass (light food). After you finish, you will turn up a few laps, smoke the cigarettes, and then pick up the small quilt and pillow to go to the conference room to lie.

Yong Ge’s work, in the most prosperous three months, was strictly imposed at 11:30 am 8:30 pm, and a day off a week was confiscated.

have opinions?

Leave people!

HR Xiaomei is interviewing every day, and does not say how many people are recruited. As long as the interview is appropriate, I will start the job immediately.

I haven’t seen anyone, first heard the sound, to describe their office scene is very suitable.

More than a hundred computers, the keyboard knocking of the 噼 叭 啦 will make you think that the summer rainstorm is coming. In contrast, almost everyone is silent, except for occasional whispers, going to the toiletI don’t know how to drift past, I didn’t hear the sound of walking anyway.

2 In recent years, there have been people in the workplace who work overtime and stay up all night.

Mao Huajun of the ant Jinfu was smashed out. He was very hardworking during his lifetime and often worked overtime until midnight.

Many people who are more mad are worried about selling. It seems that you don’t work overtime. If you don’t stay up late, you won’t work hard. You don’t work overtime, don’t stay up late, and only be eliminated in the future.

This is also the reason why Ma Yun’s “996 is a blessing” was boycotted.

In the end, is it a blessing, you have to say it yourself.

According to a “Health Care Forecast Report 2020” issued by an internationally renowned consulting company, the health of Chinese people is not optimistic.

Here are two aspects of people in the workplace: 1. “Overworked death” has become the biggest threat to the workplace. “When you are young, you have to change your money.” Every year, 60 people in China are “overworked” and have surpassed Japan to becomeLabor is the biggest country.

“Overwork” seems to have become the new normal of the workplace, and excessive overtime is the primary cause of “overwork death”.

The data shows that advertising, media, medical, financial, education and other industries are not immune, and the IT industry is the hardest hit.

At present, the proportion of white-collar and sub-health in mainstream cities is as high as 76%, and that of white-collar workers who are overworked is close to 60%, and the proportion of healthy people in the true sense is less than 3%.

2, the classification of cancer rejuvenation disease is younger, 22% of Chinese middle-aged people die of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; seven adults have the risk of labor death; young and middle-aged women are prone to gynecology, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; young and middle-agedMen face problems such as sudden death, overwork and cancer; the prevalence of chronic diseases has reached 20%, and the number of deaths has accounted for 83% of the total deaths; the growth rate of Chinese waistline will become the world’s best!

This is still big data for the whole people. Behind it is countless small families. It may be you in the struggle; maybe you are a lover, your partner is expecting you to accompany her for a lifetime; you are a child, you need an old man.Support; you are a parent, there are children who need to be nurtured; once you fall, a home is destroyed.

The biggest grief in the world is that the white hair is sent to appoint people; it is also that you work hard, but there is no healthy body to enjoy; and this, you can prevent it early and control it yourself.

It’s time to move.

3 people in the workplace, health care can not be delayed.

Before I read it, I want to say that people in the workplace are not in the circle of friends: the health of the workplace is more important, and after all, the result will not accompany you.

1, sedentary should not be a commonplace: a 14-year study by the American Cancer Society, a study of 123,216 people found that the proportion of women who stayed for more than 3 hours a day, the probability of death for women who sit more than 6 hours a day is higher than 37%; Men who sit for more than 6 hours a day are 18% more likely to die than those who sit for less than 3 hours.

So scary, 6 hours of fatality will increase so much, what will happen in the “996” state?

Yong Ge often sets a black screen every hour on the computer. He thinks that for health, we really don’t have a minute or two; get up and stretch, smoke a cigarette or go to the toilet, look up at the window; look down at noon.Eat, the sun is sunny in spring, do not go out to supplement calcium?

2, lunch break Now, more and more people staying up late because of brushing mobile phones and working overtime, lunch break is more useful.

Studies in the United Kingdom have found that taking a nap for 10 minutes a day in the afternoon can eliminate sleepiness, and the effect is much better than sleeping two hours at night.

For this theory, Yong Ge is firmly supportive. After eating, bring up the blindfold and use the headrest.

LZ wants to sleep, no one wants to influence me.

3, eat at least three kinds of fruit every day. Now the street is full of fruit shops, after going downstairs to eat, bring a few fruits up.
At the beginning, Yong Ge himself would buy 3 different fruits, each of which was accepted by the group members.
Later, when everyone got into the habit, they took turns to buy it, which not only ensured that fresh fruit was eaten every day, but also enhanced their relationship, especially when newcomers came in and could quickly integrate.

4, sports + nutrition diet Kai-fu Lee said after the success of anti-cancer, I never exercised, but also laughed at friends sports health.

He is known for his health after being diagnosed with cancer. He knows that exercise is extremely important. Aerobic exercise can promote mild burning and promote metabolic solution. It is also a good way to activate natural killer cells.

So to move, like the brave brother, the goal of 2019 is to exercise 80 times, no less than 40 minutes each time, complete once on the calendar.

At the same time, don’t use anything to walk the way, it is suitable for the elderly, young people, the strength is still to be added.

Yong Ge’s 19-year sports record calendar really doesn’t want to eat those unhealthy diets. Many diseases are related to diet.

For those who work at high speed every day, please pay attention to nutrition and abandon those oily, salty and diverse foods.

Or like a brave brother to learn, graze at noon.

5, give yourself time to empty every day, we strive to play our own role, father, son, employees, boss, lover, you must be very tired?

Please give yourself 10 minutes a day, replace all your heart defense, do nothing, and let go of yourself.

You can sit in the car for 10 minutes, or something else before getting off the bus.

Take a deep breath, give yourself a voice, and work hard.

Take a bad mood and go home.

6. Unleashing pressure to beat us is never stress, or the way we treat stress.

People in the workplace, walking on the road, learn to lighten themselves, lightly move forward, and evacuate your stress in a timely manner.

7, hobbies “may be your hobbies improperly eat improperly wear can not add wages.

It is because of your hobbies that you make you a fun person. It is time to cultivate a hobby outside of work and family. If you don’t have any quick action, you will continue to keep it and make it play.Have to be more slippery.

Health is your responsibility. Health is a kind of high self-discipline and an attitude towards life.

Start moving today, in order to have a healthy body to enjoy life after hard work; to be able to stay with your family and children; also to go where you want to go.

Please move!



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Ten tips for the elderly summer diet

Ten tips for the elderly summer diet

In the hot summer, some elderly people have begun to have symptoms of “bitter summer”.

In the summer, the elderly need to pay special attention to “learning to eat” to reduce or avoid the symptoms of “bitter summer”.

  Due to age, the internal organs of various old people are declining, their ability to digest and absorb is weakened, and their ability to stress is poor. In summer, especially in the “damp heat” environment, it is prone to diet, indigestion, fatigue, and upset.A kind of “bitter summer” symptoms.

Therefore, the summer diet of the elderly is more important than other seasons.

If it is implanted too much because of sweating, it will increase the burden on the body.

  On the contrary, because there is no appetite and too little implant, it will lead to malnutrition.

How do the elderly “what to eat” in summer is good for safety?


The staple food is not too small.

  Try to make a mix of coarse and fine grain, and diversify.

It can supplement multivitamins and minerals while supplementing the transformations that the body needs.


Foraging is not enough.

  It is best to use peeled poultry (such as pigeon meat, duck meat, etc.), fish and shrimp and other flat cold meat.


A bottle of milk a day.

  Some people stop milking because of the heat in summer and fear that milk will “get angry”. In fact, it is not necessary.

You can choose low-fat milk, skim milk or yogurt according to your personal situation.

For those who are intolerant to milk, you can choose alternatives such as soy milk.


One egg a day.

  Because the protein in the egg is the closest to the protein composition required by the human body, it is also the most ideal source of high quality protein.

The best alternative to cooking eggs is to cook, steam, stew, and avoid small amounts.

Old people with high cholesterol can eat half an egg yolk or not eat egg yolk.


Beans are indispensable.

  For health, “soybean is better than gold.”

Because soy products are rich in high-quality protein and soybean phospholipids, it is a protective factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the elderly, and it is also recognized as a long-lived factor. Therefore, eating a proper amount of soy products is an irreplaceable part of a healthy diet. It is recommended that the daily intake be 2Two-5 two.

Mung beans and red beans are also healthy foods in the summer, especially in the summer, taking a nap and drinking a bowl of cool lily and green bean soup. It feels better.


The amount of vegetables is large.

  Vegetables can supplement a variety of vitamins and minerals that the body needs, and can reduce blood pressure, lower blood fat, and lower blood sugar.

Summer vegetables are rich, melon, bitter gourd, cucumber, tomato, water spinach, lettuce, chrysanthemum leaves, etc., the elderly should be replaced as much as possible, it is recommended to about 1 kg per day.


Fruit is not greedy.

  Fruit can provide abundant water, vitamin C and supplement fiber. It is most popular among the elderly in the hot summer, but the fruit contains a lot of monosaccharide substances. If sugar, sucrose, etc., it can not be greedy. It is recommended to eat no more than 3 fruits per day.Two.

Do not have more oil and salt.
  Grease and salt are risk factors for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the elderly. Whether it is salad oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil or olive oil or sesame oil, the daily dosage should not exceed 25 grams, and the salt should not exceed 6 grams.

Snacks are stressful.

  If the elderly suffer from loss of appetite, a small amount of meals can be arranged. Snacks can be arranged as a meal after dinner.

5-2 hours.

For the elderly snacks, lotus porridge, lotus leaf porridge, small fruit, cucumber, tomato, etc. are used.


Drinking water should be scientific.

  In the summer, the elderly should pay attention to replenish water, so it is better to drink warm water or warm light tea.

You can also make green bean soup, ebony soup, mountain water, chrysanthemum tea and other drinks.

It is best not to drink carbonated drinks and sugary drinks.

It is recommended to drink a cup of warm water after getting up in the morning and before going to bed in the evening.

Old people who like to exercise more sweating should pay attention to supplement the electrolyte-containing water, such as light salt water, mineral water, to supplement the electrolyte lost from sweat.

Up knowledge: People who live long lives, these four things can not be separated from autumn health!

Up knowledge: People who live long lives, these four things can not be separated from autumn health!

Unconsciously, the autumn has quietly come to us. At this time, it is the time of alternating hot and cold. The three conditions of heat, humidity and dryness will coexist. If you don’t pay attention, it will easily get ill.

For those who will maintain health, this time is even more should not be missed.

Chen Qunxiong, director of the Center for Treatment of Untreated Diseases in Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, also mentioned that regarding the next season, the daily routine, diet and health should also be adjusted accordingly. Health should gradually turn to God, moisten and lower the vitality, protect the lungs and protect the liver.the Lord.

Among them, there are the following health points: 1.

Going to bed early and getting up early in the middle of the night and noon is the day of the handover, if the body does not get rest at this time, it will easily lead to imbalance of blood and yin and yang.

Therefore, health care must be done before 11:00 every night to enter the dream, come in at noon to ensure that there is a 20-30 minutes of rest, even if you can not sleep, closed eyes can be safe.


The diet tends to nourish yin and moisten the time, the weather has gradually turned to dry, and the body is also prone to dry mouth.

Therefore, in the diet should avoid spicy food, eat more food that can nourish Yin and moisten, common sesame, honey, autumn pear, lotus root, lotus root and so on.


Raising the lungs In this gradual dry environment, the lungs are also the most vulnerable, so it is imperative to protect the lungs.

Director Chen Qunxiong recommended a set of exercises to raise the lungs, namely: lying in bed to do abdominal breathing, slowly inhaling and then slowly exhaling, so that the action can be repeated 30 times.

In addition, after the meal may wish to walk slowly for 10 minutes, then relax, the palms of both hands overlap 3 cm below the navel, repeat the above abdominal breathing method.


Drink plenty of water, pay attention to the temperature difference between the hot and cold, the temperature difference between morning and evening is gradually getting bigger, pneumonia, high blood pressure, cough and other respiratory diseases are easy to occur.

In addition, this time is also a high incidence of stroke, myocardial infarction, and cerebral infarction. Therefore, people who have entered the old age should gradually reduce the number of air conditioners and fans to avoid other diseases caused by cold body.

At this time, the dry climate will also dry out, dry mouth, dry skin, and other phenomena, do not hinder drinking more water, promote body circulation can prevent autumn dryness.

For the fall health, try these 2 health soups: 1.

Black fungus red jujube soup black fungus has blood and detoxification, enhance immunity and other effects, while red dates can qi and blood.

Therefore, this soup is especially suitable for people with physical weakness and anemia.


Walnut chestnut lotus root soup walnuts fill the brain, chestnuts spleen and stomach, strong gluten and bones, lotus root is autumn good anti-dry, lungs good things.

This soup meal is suitable for the need of blood and Qi in the autumn, solid kidney and strong gluten, and the lungs are accepted.