Whether it should be taken by the elderly

Whether it should be taken by the elderly

The elderly show their children more love for their children, unconditionally satisfy their children’s needs, and can tolerate their children’s nature. The children’s spiritual environment is extremely relaxed, without pressure, and extremely free, providing them with opportunities to imitate and explore.

However, from the parents who can not replace the child’s psychological needs, the child’s emotional attachment to the parents can not be satisfied, so that the intergenerational education is not satisfactory for the child’s character development.

  The influence of intergenerational education on children’s personality 1. It is easy to over-indulgence and indulgence, making children too “self-centered”, affecting the development of self-consciousness, forming a selfish, self-willed bad character.

  When the child has unreasonable demands, the elderly will adopt obedience in an overlapping manner. The party that satisfies the needs is not conducive to the child’s awareness of overcoming the “self-centeredness”. If the child has a mistake, it cannot be corrected in time, and the child’s unreasonable desire will be unprincipled.The satisfaction of the parents, unless the parents try to change, there is the role of the umbrella of the old man, the child has no fear, a little dissatisfaction will burst into tears to meet the non-point requirements.

  2, the elderly have more alternatives and protections, hindering the development of children’s independent ability.

  The ratio of ancestors to the replacement is obviously higher than that of the parents. Imagine: the toys are scattered everywhere, the old people are tired of sorting over and over again; when the children have already walked, the grandparents have to take up and down the stairs; when the children are eating, they worry that the children can’t eat, just take a bite.Feeding one by one, or chasing and rushing to feed. This kind of practice just binds the child’s hands and feet, misses the sensitive period of “self-organizing, returning to the original, eating by yourself”, which leads to the slow development of children’s movements and independence.Poor, lose confidence when encountering difficulties, only yelling and waiting for others to help, not trying, exercising, only crying and losing temper.

  3, intergenerational education is easy to annihilate children’s natural curiosity, risk-taking and innovative spirit.

  The old people are vulnerable to traditional ideas, accepting new things slowly, and the concept of education and parenting is relatively lagging. The thinking patterns and lifestyles formed over the years are not easy to change.

  They want their children to be well-behaved, obedient, steady, not out of the ordinary, not good at using science, and creating ways to guide children.

Adventurous and innovative inquiry behaviors such as “disorder” and “destruction” that occur in children’s curiosity are always eager to stop.

For example, when a child catches a few ants to enter, when the child pulls up the orchid in the pot to see that the root is a certain kind of child, when the child is happily demolishing the toy car, the ancestors will always prevent and violate.

  Because, in their consciousness, playing ants is very dirty, pulling flowers is confusing, and placing a perfect toy car can’t be “destroyed”.

They believe that these special practices of children are bad behaviors and must be corrected immediately.

Imagine how a child who grew up in this family environment can develop a personality that is innovative and innovative.

  4, the lack of education awareness of the old people and improper education methods, it is easy for children to form friendly contacts and excellent quality (such as modesty, love labor).

  5, easy to lead to children’s narrow vision, lack of vitality, psychological aging.

  The values, lifestyles, knowledge structure, and educational methods of the ancestors are more or less different from those of modern society.

Most elderly people are older, prefer to be quiet, do not like sports, and do not like to go out.

Children and grandparents get along with each other for a long time, and they have long been shackled by the living space and alternation of the old people. The words and expressions of the old people are all the words and deeds of the elderly. If you open your mouth and say that it is an adult, it is easy to lose the innocent and naive nature.

  In addition, less outing activities, resulting in small amount of exercise, lack of physical exercise, will cause physical weakness and illness; resulting in less knowledge at home, less exposure to new things, may lead to children’s narrow vision, cause vitality, do not dare to face strangers,Do not handle transactions by themselves.

Serious will cause the child to be narrow-minded, stubborn, retreat, psychologically aging, and so on.

  Intergenerational education will have some impact on the development of children’s personality. What should young parents do?

The key is how to use its length to avoid it.


The two generations of unified thinking and understanding have significant differences in the environment and age of birth and growth, and the two generations will naturally have considerable differences in the issue of educating their babies.

For example, the younger generation may pay more attention to infant intellectual learning and personality development. They often pass more knowledge to the baby, give him more freedom, and let him explore freely. The ancestors pay more attention to moral education and may give it to the baby.More constraints.

  In the matter of educating the baby, the two generations should try to calm down and communicate more. Only by understanding them in a unified way can they avoid the differences in the face of the baby and prevent him from using this kind of disagreement to ask parents or grandparents to cause more problems.

Parents should try to ask more ancestors for more moderate communication, and ancestors should use various channels to accept new ideas, learn new knowledge, and arm themselves with scientific and advanced educational concepts.


Find the right balance point ancestors in the raising of the baby is best to use the rational control of feelings, to distinguish the boundaries between love and love, love moderate.

Parents also have to balance the boundaries between freedom and rules, and cannot give freedom and lack of rules.

Otherwise, a ruleless environment does not help the baby to develop better. On the contrary, a lack of rules will bring more insecurity to the baby.

  In addition, it is easy for ancestors and fathers to compete for the baby’s love, and the phenomenon of parenting is embarrassing.

The baby is essentially an independent individual and does not depend on anyone.

Therefore, both ancestors and fathers should calmly look at the baby, actively create opportunities, give the baby more opportunities to reach out to other members of the family, and strive to create a harmonious and warm family atmosphere that is conducive to family education.


Take the necessary responsibilities Young parents should take more time to spend with their babies no matter how busy they are. Don’t use the excuse of being busy, and give the baby the right to education and custody to the ancestors.

  If parents have a long-term psychological need for their baby to be with their parents, his mental health will be affected. For example, the baby may become very insecure, lack trust in the surrounding environment and the population, and thus obtain parents.More attention, he may also have more problem behaviors, so that parents have a headache.  Experts especially reminded that when the father and the ancestors split on the issue of educating the baby, it is best not to be in conflict with the baby.

The baby is small, but he is a natural diplomat. When he sees a split between family members, he will be smart.

This is no doubt to improve his behavior, but it will lead to his problems getting worse and worse, and even bring more problems.

In addition, conflicts between family members, the unharmonious family situation will bring more insecurity to the baby, which has an adverse impact on his psychological development.

How do the elderly supplement nutrients?

How do the elderly supplement nutrients?

How should the elderly want to eat strong bones?

Many people have a concept that the best thing to do with calcium is to eat animal bones. Can animal bones be supplemented with calcium other than calcium?

How to make food from pig bones?

How to make a delicious soup?

Let’s take a look at it together!

  Calcium is absorbed by humans: calcium is recombined and absorbed into the blood to form blood calcium (ie, the amount of calcium in the blood), and then calcium is deposited by bone metabolism to form bones.

It is not that the more calcium is eaten, the more bones are formed.

The amount of calcium in the blood must be kept at a certain level, too much or too little.

Excessive calcium supplementation, high blood calcium levels in the blood can lead to hypercalcemia, and can cause complications, plasma kidney stones, vascular calcification and so on.

  A large number of elderly people like to take calcium to prevent calcium. In fact, the effect of calcium supplementation on calcium tablets is not obvious. Calcium supplementation through food is the best choice.

  You need to supplement these nutrients with milk: half a catty of milk, containing 300 mg of calcium, also contains a variety of amino acids, lactic acid, minerals and vitamins to promote the digestion and absorption of calcium.

Moreover, the calcium in the milk is easier to absorb, so milk should be used as the main food for daily calcium supplementation.

Other dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, and milk flakes are good sources of calcium.

  Vegetables: There are also many high calcium varieties in vegetables.

In the snow, 100 grams of calcium contains 230 mg; cabbage, rapeseed, fennel, alfalfa, celery, etc., each 100 grams of calcium is also about 150 mm.

  Bean products: Soy is a high-protein food with high calcium content.

500 grams of soy milk contains 120 mg of calcium, 150 grams of tofu contains up to 500 mg of calcium, and other soy products are also good for calcium supplementation.

  Kelp and Shrimp: Seaweed and shrimp skin are high-calcium seafood. If you eat 25 grams a day, you can make 300 mg of calcium.

And they also reduce blood lipids and prevent atherosclerosis.

  Animal bones: More than 80% of animal bones are calcium, but they do not break down water and are difficult to absorb. Therefore, when making food, you can pre-break it, add vinegar and cook slowly.

Remove the oil from the oil while eating, and put some green vegetables to place a delicious fresh soup.

Computer games cause children to lose memory

Computer games cause children to lose memory

Many children always like to play a stimulating computer game to relax and rest after finishing their homework at night.

However, a new study finds that stimulating computer games can affect children’s sleep quality and memories of what they have just learned.

  The findings were published in the recent issue of Pediatrics.

The researchers conducted a two-day trial of 11 12-14 year old healthy children who had no sleep problems. They spent 2-3 hours before going to bed every night, and they let their children play a racing computer game.

  The study found that the time required for children to fall asleep after playing a racing game increased, and slow-wave sleep time decreased.

Slow wave sleep is a deep sleep period of human beings. It is the best time to restore energy and physical strength, and it is also the key period for people to enhance their memory.

  In addition, the researchers gave them cognitive tests before and after playing computer games, and found that the children’s memory decreased after playing the game.

  Researchers believe that people need to spend money to consolidate after learning new knowledge.

The emotional experience-type activities that are restored within a few hours after the completion of the study will affect the brain’s consolidation of knowledge.

What vegetables are eaten in the fall, and ten popular vegetables are at the time!

What vegetables are eaten in the fall, and ten popular vegetables are at the time!

Autumn is the season of harvest, and all kinds of vegetables are on the market.

Many people are used to adding a variety of vegetables in the fall. Today, Xiaobian introduces several vegetables suitable for autumn health.

1, kelp gourmet kelp is a vegetable with high nutritional value, and has a certain medicinal value.

It is rich in mineral elements such as iodine.

The kelp contains a small amount of low content, medium protein content and rich minerals.

The study found that kelp has various biological functions such as lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, regulating immunity, anti-coagulation, anti-tumor, detoxification and anti-oxidation.

2, 茭 white 菰茭 white mainly contains protein, traces, sugar, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin E, trace carotene and minerals.

It has a delicious taste and a high nutritional value, which is easily absorbed by the human body.

Carbohydrate-containing carbohydrates, proteins, traces, etc., can supplement the body’s nutrients and have a strong body function.

White sweet and cold, smooth and profitable, can not only diuretic and phlegm, auxiliary treatment of limb edema, urinary adverse embolism, but also clearing trouble and quenching thirst, especially suitable for summer consumption, can clear heat and laxative, in addition to troublesome hangover,Can also relieve alcoholism, drunk and drunk.

3, lotus root lotus root has cool blood, scattered silt work, treatment of fever, polydipsia, vomiting blood, hot shower, etc.; cooked with blood, diarrhea, but also spleen, appetizer, is also a good product in vegetables.

4, Cucumber Cucumber is probably a kind of vegetable that many girls love to eat. In addition to being able to eat, it can also form a mask to moisturize the skin.

Cucumber contributes a lot to beauty and skin care, and it can also detoxify, prevent constipation and so on.

5, small cabbage, green vegetables, cabbage, a small amount of cabbage in the market to replace vitamin c and calcium, also contains iron, phosphorus, carotene and B vitamins, and contains protein, trace, crude fiber, impurities, acid pectin, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, the stomach and stomach, is a common dish on the table.

6, broccoli home often fresh ingredients and added broccoli containing protein, a small amount, a small amount, minerals, vitamin C and carotene.

The minerals are also very comprehensive, and the contents of calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc and manganese are very rich.

Broccoli can be fried and served with meat and is delicious.

7, spinach young spinach spinach because of the taste is awkward, so many children do not like to eat, but it contains carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin K, minerals (calcium, iron) and so on.

The nutritional value is very high, so we may wish to use spinach soup, or cold or single-fried, both nutritious and delicious.

8, sweet potato sweet potato is probably a kind of vegetable that many girls like very much, baked sweet potato is a common snack on the street.

The roots of sweet potatoes contain protein and vitamins (carotene, vitamins A, B, C, E) and so on.

9, white radish sold in the market, the radish white radish is rich in vitamin C, and vitamin C is an antioxidant, can inhibit melanin synthesis, prevent slight oxidation, prevent micro-deposition.

White radish contains a lot of vegetable protein, vitamin C and folic acid.

It can cleanse the blood and skin, while also lowering cholesterol, which is conducive to the maintenance of blood vessel elasticity.

10, lettuce σπαρ?


Λι lettuce is suitable for urinary dysfunction, hematuria and edema, diabetes and obesity, neurasthenia, hypertension, arrhythmia, insomnia patients; women should not eat milk or milk after delivery; women during menstruation and cold dysmenorrheaDo not eat cold lettuce.

Drinking can be hangover after drinking; children and young people eat better during growth and development.

Must know: Antidote to harmful food

Must know: Antidote to “harmful food”

Lead: Now people’s life is accelerating, people are used to fast food, fast and fast food may more or less cause us to eat some “harmful food”, but people eat food for the day, there is not much time to do it yourself,If you don’t eat or not, then is there a “drug” for detoxification?
The most common “harmful food” antidote, let you detoxify with confidence, have health!
Harmful food 1: fritters fritters are the choice of many people for breakfast, most of which can be added to the fritters.
This aluminum-containing inorganic substance, which is absorbed by the human body, damages the nerve cells of the brain and is difficult to be discharged by the human body and gradually accumulates.
The long-term harm to the body is memory loss, depression and irritability, which can lead to terrible diseases such as “senile dementia”.
Solution: Soymilk If you are eating soymilk with soymilk, then you have inadvertently protected yourself.
Because soy milk is rich in lecithin.
Scientists have found that taking a dose of lecithin to patients with Alzheimer’s disease can improve their memory.
Harmful food 2: Pickled fish, pickled fish is a favorite dish.
However, after pickling the sauerkraut, vitamin C has been lost; in addition, sauerkraut also contains more oxalic acid and calcium, which is easily absorbed by the intestine after consumption, and is easily formed in the urinary system when excreted by the kidney.Stones; and the food after pickling, mostly contains more nitrite, and the formation of nitrosamines in the body with amines, is a carcinogenic substance.
Solution: Kiwifruit scientifically found that eating more foods rich in vitamins can block the synthesis of strong carcinogen nitrosamines and reduce the incidence of gastric cancer and esophageal cancer.
Kiwifruit is called the king of vitamin C, and a kiwifruit can basically satisfy the vitamin C needed by the human body for one day.
Harmful food 3: Bacon, bacon, sausage and other things are not only delicious, but also long-lasting, and are loved by people.
However, these foods containing a large amount of salt are marinated with the substances in the pork for a long time to produce nitrosamines, which form dimethyl nitrosamines when they enter the human body. They are a strong carcinogenic substance.
Solution: Green tea has been found in research, citing green tea can decompose the harm of such substances.
Drinking a few cups of green tea a day can improve your health.
If it is really difficult to stop the temptation of salted fish and bacon, you may wish to steam the meat during cooking and add some vinegar.
Harmful food 4: Hot pot is worse for those who are prone to get angry, or who often have recurrent aphthous ulcers.
Not only will it aggravate the symptoms, increase the chance of recurrence, and it will cause esophageal cancer in the long-term.
In fact, in addition to easy to get angry, hot pot contains high “porphyrin” substances, which are metabolized and decomposed to produce uric acid in the liver, which may also cause gout.
Solution: If you eat a grapefruit after eating a greasy and spicy hot pot, you can help to nourish the yin and spleen and eat the harmful food. 5: Although the flavor of the kebabs on the street is very attractive, it is very attractive.Regardless of its meat quality, it is the benzopyrene contained in the meat after it has been baked in an open flame. When it enters the human body, it is enough to cause cancer damage to the stomach.
Solution: Roasted sweet potato If you eat barbecue products in a shop with certain hygiene testing standards, and then eat a roasted sweet potato, a large amount of cellulose contained in the sweet potato, you can wrap the harmful substances in the barbecue and excrete it, andPrevent large amounts of oil from being absorbed by the body.
Harmful food 6: Many people often like to eat porridge with preserved eggs.
As everyone knows, the preserved egg will contain a certain amount of lead in its production.
If you consume too much lead, it will lead to mental decline, damage to the development of the nervous system, cause hearing abnormalities, and reduce learning ability. In particular, children’s body lead discharge capacity is much lower than that of adults, so the harm is even greater.
Solution: Tofu “preserved egg tofu” is also a home-cooked dish, and the method of eating is quite scientific.
research shows.
Cellulose in soy products can inhibit the absorption of lead in food in the gastrointestinal tract; and the calcium ions in it can also resist lead, help to eliminate lead in the body, and help reduce the concentration of lead in human blood.

People in the workplace are not really loaded, just take a few steps like this and take responsibility for their own health.

People in the workplace are not really loaded, just take a few steps like this and take responsibility for their own health.

1 work overtime, stay up all night.

, the health of the workplace is a matter of urgency, please remember: health is your responsibility, health is a high degree of self-discipline.


On the 1st, the brave brother who was at home was watching the news of the death of Mao Jinhua of Ant Financial, and he was embarrassed that the health problems of the workplace were getting more and more attention.

Some time ago, when the Internet was on the “996”, Yong brother also joined the battle. As an Internet person who had the privilege of setting up the border, although it was not a program, he did not lose the overtime.

Yong Ge, a small supervisor after 90, has 10 editors.

At noon, you will lick the grass (light food). After you finish, you will turn up a few laps, smoke the cigarettes, and then pick up the small quilt and pillow to go to the conference room to lie.

Yong Ge’s work, in the most prosperous three months, was strictly imposed at 11:30 am 8:30 pm, and a day off a week was confiscated.

have opinions?

Leave people!

HR Xiaomei is interviewing every day, and does not say how many people are recruited. As long as the interview is appropriate, I will start the job immediately.

I haven’t seen anyone, first heard the sound, to describe their office scene is very suitable.

More than a hundred computers, the keyboard knocking of the 噼 叭 啦 will make you think that the summer rainstorm is coming. In contrast, almost everyone is silent, except for occasional whispers, going to the toiletI don’t know how to drift past, I didn’t hear the sound of walking anyway.

2 In recent years, there have been people in the workplace who work overtime and stay up all night.

Mao Huajun of the ant Jinfu was smashed out. He was very hardworking during his lifetime and often worked overtime until midnight.

Many people who are more mad are worried about selling. It seems that you don’t work overtime. If you don’t stay up late, you won’t work hard. You don’t work overtime, don’t stay up late, and only be eliminated in the future.

This is also the reason why Ma Yun’s “996 is a blessing” was boycotted.

In the end, is it a blessing, you have to say it yourself.

According to a “Health Care Forecast Report 2020” issued by an internationally renowned consulting company, the health of Chinese people is not optimistic.

Here are two aspects of people in the workplace: 1. “Overworked death” has become the biggest threat to the workplace. “When you are young, you have to change your money.” Every year, 60 people in China are “overworked” and have surpassed Japan to becomeLabor is the biggest country.

“Overwork” seems to have become the new normal of the workplace, and excessive overtime is the primary cause of “overwork death”.

The data shows that advertising, media, medical, financial, education and other industries are not immune, and the IT industry is the hardest hit.

At present, the proportion of white-collar and sub-health in mainstream cities is as high as 76%, and that of white-collar workers who are overworked is close to 60%, and the proportion of healthy people in the true sense is less than 3%.

2, the classification of cancer rejuvenation disease is younger, 22% of Chinese middle-aged people die of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; seven adults have the risk of labor death; young and middle-aged women are prone to gynecology, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; young and middle-agedMen face problems such as sudden death, overwork and cancer; the prevalence of chronic diseases has reached 20%, and the number of deaths has accounted for 83% of the total deaths; the growth rate of Chinese waistline will become the world’s best!

This is still big data for the whole people. Behind it is countless small families. It may be you in the struggle; maybe you are a lover, your partner is expecting you to accompany her for a lifetime; you are a child, you need an old man.Support; you are a parent, there are children who need to be nurtured; once you fall, a home is destroyed.

The biggest grief in the world is that the white hair is sent to appoint people; it is also that you work hard, but there is no healthy body to enjoy; and this, you can prevent it early and control it yourself.

It’s time to move.

3 people in the workplace, health care can not be delayed.

Before I read it, I want to say that people in the workplace are not in the circle of friends: the health of the workplace is more important, and after all, the result will not accompany you.

1, sedentary should not be a commonplace: a 14-year study by the American Cancer Society, a study of 123,216 people found that the proportion of women who stayed for more than 3 hours a day, the probability of death for women who sit more than 6 hours a day is higher than 37%; Men who sit for more than 6 hours a day are 18% more likely to die than those who sit for less than 3 hours.

So scary, 6 hours of fatality will increase so much, what will happen in the “996” state?

Yong Ge often sets a black screen every hour on the computer. He thinks that for health, we really don’t have a minute or two; get up and stretch, smoke a cigarette or go to the toilet, look up at the window; look down at noon.Eat, the sun is sunny in spring, do not go out to supplement calcium?

2, lunch break Now, more and more people staying up late because of brushing mobile phones and working overtime, lunch break is more useful.

Studies in the United Kingdom have found that taking a nap for 10 minutes a day in the afternoon can eliminate sleepiness, and the effect is much better than sleeping two hours at night.

For this theory, Yong Ge is firmly supportive. After eating, bring up the blindfold and use the headrest.

LZ wants to sleep, no one wants to influence me.

3, eat at least three kinds of fruit every day. Now the street is full of fruit shops, after going downstairs to eat, bring a few fruits up.
At the beginning, Yong Ge himself would buy 3 different fruits, each of which was accepted by the group members.
Later, when everyone got into the habit, they took turns to buy it, which not only ensured that fresh fruit was eaten every day, but also enhanced their relationship, especially when newcomers came in and could quickly integrate.

4, sports + nutrition diet Kai-fu Lee said after the success of anti-cancer, I never exercised, but also laughed at friends sports health.

He is known for his health after being diagnosed with cancer. He knows that exercise is extremely important. Aerobic exercise can promote mild burning and promote metabolic solution. It is also a good way to activate natural killer cells.

So to move, like the brave brother, the goal of 2019 is to exercise 80 times, no less than 40 minutes each time, complete once on the calendar.

At the same time, don’t use anything to walk the way, it is suitable for the elderly, young people, the strength is still to be added.

Yong Ge’s 19-year sports record calendar really doesn’t want to eat those unhealthy diets. Many diseases are related to diet.

For those who work at high speed every day, please pay attention to nutrition and abandon those oily, salty and diverse foods.

Or like a brave brother to learn, graze at noon.

5, give yourself time to empty every day, we strive to play our own role, father, son, employees, boss, lover, you must be very tired?

Please give yourself 10 minutes a day, replace all your heart defense, do nothing, and let go of yourself.

You can sit in the car for 10 minutes, or something else before getting off the bus.

Take a deep breath, give yourself a voice, and work hard.

Take a bad mood and go home.

6. Unleashing pressure to beat us is never stress, or the way we treat stress.

People in the workplace, walking on the road, learn to lighten themselves, lightly move forward, and evacuate your stress in a timely manner.

7, hobbies “may be your hobbies improperly eat improperly wear can not add wages.

It is because of your hobbies that you make you a fun person. It is time to cultivate a hobby outside of work and family. If you don’t have any quick action, you will continue to keep it and make it play.Have to be more slippery.

Health is your responsibility. Health is a kind of high self-discipline and an attitude towards life.

Start moving today, in order to have a healthy body to enjoy life after hard work; to be able to stay with your family and children; also to go where you want to go.

Please move!



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How to choose the right fitness method

How to choose the right fitness method

Walking: For most people, regardless of age is a good fitness exercise.

Many older people stay healthy through regular walks.

However, walking slowly does not increase the health of a person. People must go faster, step higher, and speed up their legs.

Rotate the tops alternately to the sides, the feet can be moved to a more forward position, and the steps can be continuous.

The Pacers should try to point their toes straight ahead.

Speeding up the swing arm can help your feet move.

Cycling: Bicycles have been a means of transportation in China for many years.

As people’s living standards improve and work, lifestyle changes, cars gradually replace bicycles.

But bicycles are a good way to exercise.

Cycling is good for cardiovascular health and can make your thighs stronger.

Step aerobic exercise method: The step aerobic exercise method is mainly to set the set music rhythm, step on a step, and exercise the thigh forward muscles (biceps and quadriceps).

When these muscles are sore, exercise should stop and do other aerobic exercises.

Come back a few steps later to do aerobic exercise.

Aqua aerobics: Aqua aerobics is an excellent choice for the elderly and those with weak muscles.

Because it prevents falls on a hard surface and supports the body, usually replaced by people with arthritis.

Aerobic exercise in the water involves doing various muscle movements or walking in the water from the waist to the shoulder.

Swimming: Swimming can exercise the whole body without pressing on the joints and muscles.

Swimming is often recommended for people with muscles and joint problems.

The swimmer moves according to his own rhythm and starts with a small amount of time, which can be gradually extended for 30 minutes.

If the main goal of exercise is to lose weight, swimming is not the best option.

Cross-country skiing: Cross-country skiing can exercise the upper body and legs.

There are now simulated cross-country skis, but this type of machine needs more coordination than the actual skiing.

Outdoor cross-country skiing is more enjoyable and adds to the test of cold sports.

Rowing: Rowing can make the big muscles in the legs, shoulders and back strong and protect the back from injury.

More people use rowing machines instead of water boating.

Rowing outdoors increases the challenge of coordinating paddles and the fun on board.

However, the person with the problem at the back end does not have the doctor’s permission to perform the rowing exercise.

Endurance training: An aerobic exercise that creates strong body and muscles during endurance training.

In a similar intensity of exercise, endurance training muscles are strong, but do not improve heart function.

Because muscles consume more calories than adult tissues, the increase in muscle mass will eventually maintain a better weight.

Endurance training develops different plans based on different physiological characteristics of the person.

If training is not appropriate, weightlifting carries a higher risk of injury to muscles and joints.

People who want to lift weights need some basic guidance, including how to load and adjust the center of gravity, how to breathe and so on.

Fast and effective dampness method, let you get up early

Fast and effective dampness method, let you get up early

Moisture can not be discharged, resulting in excessive moisture in the body, which has a serious impact on the body.
Today, I will introduce you to the method of soaking the feet.
I hope that everyone has a good habit of getting a foot bath, not only good for our body, but also the exhaustion of a day of work.
1+1>21, white vinegar soaked in the water to put the right amount of white vinegar, can cure foot odor, remove foot odor, cure athlete’s foot, promote blood circulation, remove rheumatism.
Put some ginger, dried tangerine peel and mint in the water, which can cure the spleen and stomach, warm the spleen and stomach, and phlegm and dampness.
2, lemon soaked lemon contains rich organic acids, citric acid and high alkalinity, has obvious anti-oxidation effect, is very effective in promoting the skin’s innovation and pressing pigmentation.
Lemon soaking feet can effectively relieve pain.
3, ginger soaking feet in the hot water of the feet and adding some ginger, can also play a certain role in the dampness, because ginger has the effect of promoting blood circulation, cold and dampness, can help the body to remove cold and moisture.
In general, the moisturizing effect of ginger is better, which can help us to warm the body and relieve fatigue.
What food can you eat?
1. Mung bean is the most commonly used heat-clearing and detoxifying food, as well as the effect of lowering fat and protecting liver. It is a natural medicine for people with damp heat.
2, red beans are good for water, swelling, heat, good food, especially suitable for summer consumption, can heat and dampness, make up the heart and strengthen the spleen, nourish the liver and kidney.
3, lentils have spleen and medium, heat and dampness and other effects, suitable for Shushi vomiting and diarrhea, spleen vomiting, eating less stool, diarrhea and edema, red and white and other diseases.
4, Coix seed is a mild heat and dampness product, Chinese medicine is often used to treat spleen diarrhea, muscle soreness, joint pain, edema, athlete’s foot and other diseases.
5, cucumber can clear away heat, detoxification, thirst, and rich in vitamins, fiber, is a rare detox food.
Cucumber can also promote the development of new, whitening skin and fat.

Autumn and winter to teach you how to choose good ginseng

Autumn and winter to teach you how to choose good ginseng

For the Chinese, autumn and winter tonic is a big deal.

In the adjustment, naturally, I would like to take a variety of “parameters”. However, the wild ginseng of Dabu has basically disappeared. Recently, the news also revealed that Heilongjiang Daji suspected to sell “gum paste ginseng” posing as an old ginseng, facing a wide variety of”Participation”, I do not know how to choose?

What is the difference between this “parameter” and “parameter”?

  Ginseng (alias white ginseng, red ginseng, not straight ginseng, Jilin ginseng, wild ginseng) ginseng is a holy medicine in the hearts of ancient people. When it starts, people think it is amazing.

  According to the records of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, ginseng and disease treatment have been linked to form a simple plot of legend.

“Liang Shu” (Vol. 51) records that Chen Liuxiaozi, Xiaoxu, was found to have taken the grass from the mother’s disease to the Zhongshan Mountain. Under the guidance of a deer, he found the grass and healed it.

By the time of the Tang Dynasty, ginseng had the saying of “grass demon” and “gosperm”.

Why are there so many legends?

It may be mainly related to the shape of ginseng – it looks too human, and it has legs all over it.

  However, ginseng does have magical places. Some say that its life span, such a grass-like plant (which is Wujiake), is so long-lived.

According to historical records, the lifespan of ginseng is about 400 years, but in the harvest, it is rare to have a 200-year-old age. It is not easy to grow for about 100 years.

It is mainly produced in the northeastern provinces of Southeast Asia and is a national first-class protection plant.

Jilin Fusong County has the largest output and the best quality, so it is called Jilin Ginseng.

Produced from North Korea, said North Korea, Korean ginseng, do not directly participate.

  From the perspective of planting growth, ginseng is divided into wild ginseng and garden ginseng.

Wild ginseng, as its name suggests, naturally grows in the mountains and mountains, for several years or even hundreds of years, with very little production, high prices and best benefits.

The garden ginseng is artificially cultivated in the garden, so it is called the garden ginseng. The folks call it “ginseng”.

  According to the processing technology, people can participate in industrial products, which can be divided into: red ginseng, molded red ginseng, raw sun ginseng, all raw sun ginseng, fresh ginseng and active ginseng.

  Red ginseng is made of high quality fresh ginseng as raw material, brushed, steamed and dried.

  The molded red ginseng is made of high quality red ginseng, which is shaped, softened and pressed with a special mold.

  Red ginseng and molded red ginseng are steamed at high temperature during processing, so that the decomposition enzymes, amylase and maltase in the roots are deformed by heat, which prevents the decomposition reaction of ginsenoside and prevents the decomposition of amylase in the ginseng root.Saccharification is beneficial to the maintenance of nutrients.

  The raw ginseng is dried with fresh ginseng as a raw material and then dried at 40-50 °C.

  All the raw sun-dried ginseng is made from fresh ginseng, dried after brushing or dried at 40-50 °C.

  The raw ginseng and the whole-skilled sun are involved in the work due to insufficient water, inhibiting the activity of the decomposing enzyme in the dry condition, preventing the conversion of ginsenosides and ensuring the loss of nutrients; the ginseng loses moisture, and in the dry state, it is not easy to infect microorganisms such as mold.Prevent mildew.

  Active ginseng, also known as lyophilized ginseng, is a ginseng that is dried by low-temperature freezing technology and processed by freezing and low-temperature drying.

The processing principle is that the fresh ginseng is frozen at a low temperature, and the ice state is directly changed into a gaseous sublimation principle, so that the small moisture of the ginseng roots is released to achieve the purpose of drying.

During the sublimation process, the root temperature is kept below 0 °C, so it has no destructive effect on heat-labile substances such as enzymes, proteins, nucleic acids, etc., and achieves the purpose of fully retaining the effective nutrients and biological activities of ginseng.It can eliminate 95%-99% of water, which is good for long-term preservation without insects, so as to keep the shape of fresh ginseng unchanged.

Active ginseng is a conventionally newly developed ginseng product.

It is most important to have a good mentality for the elderly.

It is most important to have a good mentality for the elderly.

The health care of the elderly is now almost a topic of omnipresentity in the lives of many elderly people.

Of course, health care is also a way of life that helps the health of the elderly.

However, it is necessary to grasp the key points when the elderly care.

It is most important to have a good mentality for the elderly.

Let’s take a look at the three mentalities necessary for the elderly to care: three things will be done – will close the door, will calculate, will give up people for a lifetime?

My answer is “3 days”, ie yesterday, today and tomorrow.

“3 days” is “the most important thing today.”

To make every one good today, the first thing is to close the door, and close the door of yesterday’s back door and replace the front door of tomorrow. People will be relaxed at once.

Basically, it will be calculated. First, we must learn to calculate happiness. Second, we must learn to calculate what we are doing right.

In the end, it will give up. Please bear in mind that you will get it after you have left it.

  Learn three sentences – forget it, it doesn’t matter, it will be over, the wallet is stolen, forget it.

The best way to meet the fait accompli is to accept this fact.

It doesn’t matter, no matter what happens, you must learn to say that it doesn’t matter, be open-minded and optimistic.

In the past, some people’s first popular song is called “Sunshine is always after the storm”, don’t worry, everything will pass.

  Learn three methods – three music method, three no law, age minus ten law three music method, is to help others, contentment, and enjoy themselves.

Third, don’t do it. First, don’t punish yourself with other people’s mistakes. Second, don’t punish others with your own mistakes. Third, don’t punish yourself with your own mistakes.

Age minus ten, if you are 78 years old, when someone asks you how old you are, you can say cheerfully, I am 68 years old.

  These are the three mentalities necessary for the elderly to care.

I hope that all the elderly can not ignore the essence of mentality when they are in health care.

Usually, the elderly should also strengthen some health care, and a good attitude is the basis for doing anything.