Up knowledge: People who live long lives, these four things can not be separated from autumn health!

Up knowledge: People who live long lives, these four things can not be separated from autumn health!

Unconsciously, the autumn has quietly come to us. At this time, it is the time of alternating hot and cold. The three conditions of heat, humidity and dryness will coexist. If you don’t pay attention, it will easily get ill.

For those who will maintain health, this time is even more should not be missed.

Chen Qunxiong, director of the Center for Treatment of Untreated Diseases in Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, also mentioned that regarding the next season, the daily routine, diet and health should also be adjusted accordingly. Health should gradually turn to God, moisten and lower the vitality, protect the lungs and protect the liver.the Lord.

Among them, there are the following health points: 1.

Going to bed early and getting up early in the middle of the night and noon is the day of the handover, if the body does not get rest at this time, it will easily lead to imbalance of blood and yin and yang.

Therefore, health care must be done before 11:00 every night to enter the dream, come in at noon to ensure that there is a 20-30 minutes of rest, even if you can not sleep, closed eyes can be safe.


The diet tends to nourish yin and moisten the time, the weather has gradually turned to dry, and the body is also prone to dry mouth.

Therefore, in the diet should avoid spicy food, eat more food that can nourish Yin and moisten, common sesame, honey, autumn pear, lotus root, lotus root and so on.


Raising the lungs In this gradual dry environment, the lungs are also the most vulnerable, so it is imperative to protect the lungs.

Director Chen Qunxiong recommended a set of exercises to raise the lungs, namely: lying in bed to do abdominal breathing, slowly inhaling and then slowly exhaling, so that the action can be repeated 30 times.

In addition, after the meal may wish to walk slowly for 10 minutes, then relax, the palms of both hands overlap 3 cm below the navel, repeat the above abdominal breathing method.


Drink plenty of water, pay attention to the temperature difference between the hot and cold, the temperature difference between morning and evening is gradually getting bigger, pneumonia, high blood pressure, cough and other respiratory diseases are easy to occur.

In addition, this time is also a high incidence of stroke, myocardial infarction, and cerebral infarction. Therefore, people who have entered the old age should gradually reduce the number of air conditioners and fans to avoid other diseases caused by cold body.

At this time, the dry climate will also dry out, dry mouth, dry skin, and other phenomena, do not hinder drinking more water, promote body circulation can prevent autumn dryness.

For the fall health, try these 2 health soups: 1.

Black fungus red jujube soup black fungus has blood and detoxification, enhance immunity and other effects, while red dates can qi and blood.

Therefore, this soup is especially suitable for people with physical weakness and anemia.


Walnut chestnut lotus root soup walnuts fill the brain, chestnuts spleen and stomach, strong gluten and bones, lotus root is autumn good anti-dry, lungs good things.

This soup meal is suitable for the need of blood and Qi in the autumn, solid kidney and strong gluten, and the lungs are accepted.