Demystifying the magical shampoo ad


Demystifying the magical shampoo ad

Are you fantasizing about the perfect silky and shiny hair in shampoo ads?

Wake up, girls!

Those are the effects brought about by professional skills-today the beauty and health of old Chinese medicine will solve the mystery for you.

  Miraculous shampoo advertisements In the shampoo advertisements, each protagonist has fantastic hair quality: like a shiny waterfall, even being pulled and hot tortured for a full 30 seconds, it can also stay straight.

This is the magical shampoo advertising world.

  The tip in the ad “Straightening usually makes hair look better,” Parco, creative director from Beijing Hair Culture, told us, “unless you do a lot of stretching, your hair will look curvy instead of full and shiny.

“In order to make the hair as long as possible in the advertisement, he applied styling water to the roots of the model’s ears, then let the hair hang upside down and use gravity to straighten the hair from the scalp.

The same effect can be achieved with hair curlers or barrel-shaped perm meters.

  Lock the stretch effect “If you like straight hair, it looks plump, then just press it against your hair.

Garnier Fructis’s star hair stylist Brian Magallones suggested, “Insert hair with a flick of the head and spray the water with a nozzle to lock the stretch effect.”

“Soft elasticity is the most taboo for curls to be advertised.

Increasing the power increases the humidity, but it’s better if the hair is moisturized (drying up the small curls as they absorb moisture from the air).

For example, in the picture on the right, hair stylist Dennis Lanni applied conditioner to the model’s dry hair before perming on the front.

He then bent each of her hair into octagonal segments around the roots before drying them radially.

  Recommended hair products: L’Oreal Paris Instant Moisturizing Spray, L’Oreal Paris Moisturizing Volume Lotion Beauty “The huge octagon stretches the bending angle so that it will not shrink into a small ring.

“Lanny said.

For naturally curly hair, he recommends applying a leave-on conditioner on extended hair to allow the hair to air dry naturally.

And hair stylist Joeric suggested using a diversified hair dryer. “If using a splint, the movement should be light to achieve a soft and modern effect.

“He said.

  L’Occitane Honey Shampoo Sand Dust Elasticity Philips Curly Hair Styling Leading the way: traditional solution: electric fan.

“When the power of the electric fan is turned down, only a small part of the hair is blown, a little bit.

“Stylist Dennis Lanni said.

For ordinary people, the electric fan at home can also have a good effect built in, but it takes more time for you to blow out an eye-catching hairstyle.

Three kinds of bitter melon frying methods can nourish qi and nourish blood

Three kinds of bitter melon frying methods can nourish qi and nourish blood

Although the bitter gourd is not amazing, the taste is not very good, but because it can clear away heat and relieve heat, eliminate fat and annoyance, and strengthen the spleen and appetite, it is loved by everyone.

  Yang Li, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, told the Life Times reporter that after casting, bitter gourd will fade, and coldness will also decline.

People with a cold spleen and stomach who eat bitter gourd cooked have the effect of increasing appetite, nourishing qi and nourishing blood.

Improved ingredients and more health benefits.

Yang Li recommended “fried bitter gourd three fried”: bitter gourd scrambled eggs: bitter gourd eaten with eggs, can protect bones, teeth and blood vessels, make iron absorption better, have stomach-invigorating effect, can treat stomachache, eyesPain, colds and vomiting in children with diarrhea.

  Stir-fried bitter gourd: Fried bitter gourd can play a role in strengthening the spleen and appetizing, and with shredded pork can play a role in nourishing blood and nourishing qi.

  Bitter melon fried green peppers: Green peppers are warm in nature, which can overcome the coldness of bitter melon, and can strengthen the spleen and appetite.

At the same time, the vitamin A in green pepper combined with ripe bitter gourd has eye-catching effect, and it can have good therapeutic value for blurred eyes, red pain, and dryness that are easy to occur in summer.

  Bitter gourd or cold dressing needs to be simmered with boiling water first, then put some salt, MSG seasoning.

At the time, it is best to add the whole root to the water (if the bitter gourd is crisp, it can be cut into two lower pots), so that the alkaloids in it can be retained while cooking.

If the bitter gourd is cut into thin slices first and then with water leeches, the nutrition will be lost accordingly, and a good nutritional effect will not be achieved.

Potato bran helps to reduce weight

Potato bran helps to reduce weight

At present, potato is considered as a vegetable in many places. Although it has been identified as a food crop by the Ministry of Agriculture, it is the fourth largest food crop after rice, wheat, and corn, but it has not risen to a part of the “staple food”.

Today I will teach you a small salt and pepper potato, which is also good for food and nutrition.

Pepper and salt potatoes Ingredients: Baby potatoes Ingredients: Chives: 2 Sea salt: 1/2 teaspoon black pepper: 1/2 teaspoon white pepper: 1/2 teaspoon cumin powder: 1/2 teaspoon vegetable oil: 2 tablespoons 1.

Soak the small potatoes, brush them clean, put them into a fresh-keeping bag, tie the mouth of the bag, pierce two small holes in the bag with a toothpick, and put them in the oven;

2. “Ding” at medium and high heat until cooked for 7 to 7 minutes. After removal, flatten the potatoes with the back of the knife one by one;

Heat the iron pan, inject a small amount of vegetable oil and mix well, and arrange the flattened potatoes into the pan to fry; 4.

Sprinkle coarse-grained sea salt on the surface of the potatoes, grind the pepper, cumin powder, and fry until golden and turn the noodles.

Wash and slice the shallots, sprinkle the shallots into the pot, and stir-fry over high heat until the shallots are fragrant.

For making this small salt and pepper potato, you must pay attention to the potato skin. Do not remove the potato skin. The skinned potato is particularly fragrant. At the same time, because the potato is a high starch content, keep the outer skin of the skin and fry.wall.

There are three major benefits to potato staples1.

Good potatoes grow more widely, are more adaptable, and easier to manage.

From south to north, from high to low, good land can be planted, it is resistant to alkali, drought, salt and alkali.

It can be sown in winter and spring and autumn. It is easy to plant and has low water, fertilizer, and pesticide application, so potatoes save water, fertilizer, and land and medicine; it can be used as a main substitute crop for agricultural structural adjustment; 2.

Potato is rich in nutrients. It contains essential carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, supplementary fiber, mineral elements and so on.

Vitamin C content: 1 potato = 10 apples, Vitamin A content: 1 potato = 2 carrots, potassium content: 1 potato = 4 bananas, anthocyanin content: 1 potato = 4 strawberries (Note:Take one or two potatoes as an example). At the same time, potatoes are low in volume, few in content, and high in protein quality, which helps to correct, prevent digestive diseases, and meet the needs of ordinary people to eat and eat; 3.

Potato helps to lose weight. Potato starch has two characteristics: low trace, residual calories per unit of wheat, about three-quarters of corn; digestion speed is relatively slow after entering the stomach, and it is a “slow-release” process.Hungry, not easy to gain weight, for diabetics, eating more potatoes is also obese.

Psychological Analysis of the Single Family

Psychological Analysis of the Single Family

There seems to be an increasing trend among young men and women among those who believe in “singleness”. How do you evaluate this phenomenon?

For bachelors, psychologists summarize several types: First, their own love conditions are poor (referring to external conditions such as appearance, occupation, income, family status, etc.), repeated love failures; and even despair of marriage problems.

  The second is that their own conditions are not bad, but the mate selection standard is too high, or there are special requirements: the problem of marriage and love has not been solved, so they have adopted a celibate attitude.

For example, Mr. Wang, a middle school student, is 62 years old this year, and the selection target should be young, beautiful, high income, and capable.

A friend introduced him to a primary school teacher, and he went to the other school to take a lesson, making good friends afraid to help him anymore.

  The third is that there have been profound pains in love, such as the first love fooled by deceit, the love is abandoned, and so on, which has a strong rebellious psychology against the opposite sex.

For example, the leader of a school, Mr. Huang, is a talented person with a good family background and integrity.

When he was young, he fell in love for some reason. Later, the enthusiastic person introduced several excellent women, but he vowed not to marry for life.

It is now over sixty and still alone.

  Fourth, some young people choose “not to marry” in order to preserve an independent inner world and living world.

Most of them have good education, decent work and good income, and they are also the only children.

For example, Mr. Zhang said, “I don’t want to go their way to see my parents busy for their children all day.

“Ms. Guo, who works for a foreign company, believes that when married, she must face chai rice sauce.” A romantic marriage is unstable, and a stable marriage is not romantic. ”

Fifth, they once formed a family and then divorced because of a broken relationship, which resulted in a generalized prejudice against the opposite sex.

  Sixth, it is affected by family, film, and art works.

Always indifferent to love.

It can be seen that the celibacy of most men and women is not their original intention. Survey materials show that the rate of celibacy among women is higher than that of men.

Psychologists believe that women have deeper and more stubborn emotional requirements than men.

Regarding celibacy, we should: First, discourage celibacy.

It is a natural requirement of life for a man to be married and a woman to be married.

A person who is physically mature and mature will inevitably have a normal desire for sex. This desire is reasonably satisfied, is conducive to one’s physical health, and has a positive impact on work, study, and labor. Conversely, if the person suffers long-term depression,Spiritual, work can have negative effects.

  In essence, there is no objection to being single.

For a long time, many people have criticized singleness.

Seeing someone else’s celibacy, some people have doubts about their physical and psychological defects.

In fact, like the so-called freedom of marriage, celibacy is also an individual’s freedom.

Third, create conditions to match the bachelor’s marriage and help them establish a healthy mentality.

Being celibate has to pay a price, and it is necessary to overcome the many spears that must inevitably appear in the physical, psychological, spiritual, and life aspects. Therefore, people should pay more attention to their sympathy.

Durian for dysmenorrhea


Durian for dysmenorrhea

Durian has a strong smell, and it’s no exaggeration to say that it is “smelly”.

However, in Thailand, due to its high nutritional value, durian is often used as a patient and postpartum women to nourish the body.

  Durian is hot, can promote blood circulation, relieve colds, relieve dysmenorrhea, and is especially suitable for women who suffer from dysmenorrhea. It can also improve the symptoms of cold in the abdomen, can promote the rise of body temperature, and is an ideal supplement for those with cold constitution.Cooking soup with nutshell and pork bones is also a traditional folk diet recipe.

  At the same time, it is reminded that although there are many benefits, durian cannot be eaten too much at one time, otherwise it will easily lead to dryness of the body, which will cause “inflammation” due to inability to fully absorb the stomach.

  While eating durian, it does not prevent you from drinking light flour, or eating fruits with reduced moisture, such as pears, watermelons, etc., which can effectively eliminate dryness.

Durian’s best partner is the mangosteen known as the “Queen of Fruits”, which can subdue the anger of the “King of Fruits” and protect the body from damage.

New bodybuilding model-transforming angle training

New bodybuilding model-transforming angle training

Change angle training is an exercise method that uses the detailed changes in motion technology to achieve comprehensive exercise of the target muscles and develops them according to ideal requirements.

The “change angle” is basically expressed in two aspects. One is to achieve the effect and stimulation of weight on different muscle bundles or parts of the target muscle group through the change of body position during exercise;In order to achieve the purpose of stimulating the muscle bundles or parts of the target muscle at different locations.

  Muscle development and amateur accumulation are the main foundations of body shape.

As far as the muscle system is concerned, the development of bodybuilding is the most fundamental pursuit of bodybuilding, for the muscle groups in each part and the internal muscle bundles in each muscle group.

In competition, the harmony between the muscle groups of the muscle system and the inside of each muscle group, and the details of the muscles, the fall is the key to success.

Therefore, the types and specific essence of action techniques in bodybuilding training are very rich, detailed, and very important.

  Bodybuilding exercises are generally divided into basic movements and individual movements according to the structure of the movement and the participation of the muscles. However, technical requirements often require that the exercise weight or force be concentrated on the area and muscle parts being practiced instead.

  This is the basic principle of clear muscle goals and stimulation.

This principle is actually the enlargement and expansion of the spirit of “isolated training” and “isolated action”.

For the same muscle, the principle of changing the angle training method is also a concrete embodiment and practical application of this principle.

But in general, what the angle conversion method is to achieve is a perfect state of coordinated and ideal shape of the entire muscle system.

  Strictly following the transformation angle training method is a technical rule, and effectiveness is to achieve different exercise effects through modest changes in motion technology.

The so-called moderation is reflected in the posture of natural similar exercises, that is, changes in the posture of the body, and the other aspect is reflected in the angle of the line of gravity action.

The position and angle of the target muscles are changed by the change of body position and the change of the force line. This is the “change angle” training.

The preparation posture involves standing, sitting, and lying, among which “slightly” includes upright, prone, knees, and lean forward X-degree angle alignment: “sit” includes sitting, prone, oblique, arm support, etc.”Lying” includes horizontal supine, supine, supine, supine, prone, etc.

  Maybe, for example, the same bench press, due to the difference in the posture of the bench press, the upper inclined bench press and the lower inclined bench press, the pectoralis major muscles that focus on the exercise are focused on:The large muscles are integrated, and the lateral wing, middle sulcus and inferior sulcus in the middle of the pectoralis major muscle are emphasized. The upper oblique bench press focuses on the upper tibia and the interface with the deltoid muscle. The lower oblique bench press stimulates the chestThe lower lateral wing of the muscle and the inferior margin groove.

  These three positions of bench press complement each other, and they are indispensable. These together create the ideal dark color.

Similarly, the changes in the force action line and the action angle also create other stimulus positions and parts. The change of the force line and the force point is generally achieved by the following methods: standing distance, a wider standing distance greater than the shoulder width, equal to the middle of the shoulder widthStanding distance, narrow standing distance less than or equal to hip joint width, etc .; standing, parallel, outreach, inwardly standing, etc .: squat, full squat, half squat, micro squat, lunge squat, cross squat, Side squats, etc .; holding equipment, open grip, ordinary grip, lock grip, power-assisted grip, etc .; grip distance, wide grip, middle grip, narrow grip, etc .; grip position, forward grip, reverse grip, forward and reverse grip,Hold on, etc.

  For example, the same curls, narrow grip curls focus on the long head of the biceps, wide grip curls mainly exercise the short head of the biceps and so on.

During exercise, the angle of movement must be changed frequently to develop the muscle groups and muscle groups, and at the same time give the target muscle a new stimulating effect.

  In general, the basic stage is expected to use more basic movements to coordinate the development of various muscle groups of the body and the training ability and level. In addition to the basic stage, the basic movements should still be used to form training content.Some “change angle” movements that have both basic and isolated characteristics must occupy a considerable proportion. It can be said that the change of angle training is inevitable after bodybuilding and physical development to a certain degree.

  In practice, the basic ability of the multi-angle training method applied to the body has been formed, but when imbalance or omission appears in the development of the same muscle group or various parts of the muscle mass.

Note that different exercises for the same muscle group are sometimes a specific reflection of the angle-change training method.

Arrange the lesson plan. There can be two forms of action arrangement for changing the angle training, one is to arrange at the same time, and the other is to arrange at different time.

See Table 1 and Table 2 for specific operations.

  Training suggestion: After each lesson, aerobic exercise should be arranged for about 15 minutes.

Advocate partner training to protect and help and stimulate training enthusiasm.

Strictly implement the recommended standard of exercise volume, intensity and frequency, and avoid blindly and uncontrollably increasing the volume and speeding up the training progress too fast, and prevent excessive training and sports injuries.

Training time should be controlled within 90 minutes.

Plans A and B are the same and both obey this recommendation.

  Links to the methods of implementing this lesson plan: In the training operations of this plan, in addition to the appropriate use of isolation movements, the significance of isolated training methods is basically to maximize the force of replacement movements in the target area of the target muscle group.This requires good movement awareness and ideas.

The peak contraction method is also a technical requirement, that is, when the target muscle overcomes the contraction of the contraction to the shortest possible, it is then tightened and consciously tightened for about 1 second.

  In the stage of applying the angle-change training method, we will never intervene in arranging the parts and muscle groups that need priority development at any appropriate position in the lesson. Therefore, the priority training method and the lesson method can be implemented mutually.

For special purposes, or to deepen the training stimulus and obtain special training effects, when executing this plan, you can use the fast training method that has a significantly faster rhythm than the stipulation, and use the boost frequency method in the last 1-2 trials.

Relative to certain muscle groups or a part of a muscle block, a super-combined or compound group training method is performed.

and many more.
  There are various methods and means in any training plan. There is no such thing as a simple method plan. The level of plan execution or the effectiveness of the plan depends on the coordination of various methods in each case.The system effect of mechanical addition of each method is derived.

Only by diligently thinking and training with scientific norms can you develop your ability.

Why do men derail? Women’s maintenance is vital

Why do men derail? Women’s maintenance is vital

Half a year ago, I found that my husband always went home very late. There were always many excuses not to go home outside. I felt that there was a lot of wrongness, so I was warned that I really found out that my husband had other women outside.
  I have been married to my husband for 13 years. The romantic love that I just got married has become unremarkable. I have always been a good wife and mother at home, but I never imagined that my husband who had been loyal to me in the past actually betrayed me!
Husband had a woman outside, and also exported evil words to me, saying that my private parts are like pockets, and the husband and wife’s obligations can’t be fulfilled!
  Looking at himself in the mirror, only 34 years old, just like a 50-year-old, his face is dull.
It is said that the woman who gets the man’s moisture is the youngest and beautiful. I can only laugh and laugh at myself. How do I compare with 20 years old?
Husband does not hurt or love.
Mom is very distressed, using a lot of conditioning secrets but no effect.
Later, I heard an old doctor say that these are the typical symptoms of premature aging in private parts. He also told me to use all-natural private drugs.
See how the “old woman” restores her youthful beauty and wins her husband’s heart?
>>> So I went online to find a product that was privately maintained in the United States, called Meier Yin.
Look at the introduction of this “nursing nest” health care products extracted more than twenty kinds of precious herbal extracts, can quickly restore the private state of the young, and then from the inside out, restore youthful beauty.
I heard that Liu Xiaoqing is also using this product.
I was a little excited to see here, I immediately ordered a set back, I have to change!
  After buying it, after taking it for a week, the sleep gradually became better, and the whole person also had the spirit.
After a while, I clearly felt that the private parts gradually became firm and moist!
Once I deliberately provoked my husband’s desire for fire, and he came to the feast of sex, and her husband praised me very tightly!
With her husband’s nourishment, I am full of youthful vitality.
In a good mood, I started raising flowers at home and embroidering cross stitch.
  ”The lover is a mirror of the wife.” The man is looking for a lover because the wife has deficiencies, and the man has to find a remedy for the lover.
I believe that everyone understands that the maintenance of a family requires the wisdom of a woman.
Please believe me, a woman must become confident and beautiful, in order to win back the man’s heart.
Women raise their private parts, completely get rid of the yellow face, and restore the young state>>> These ingredients have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.
美尔茵即可洁阴治愈预防妇科疾病,继而排除阴毒,从内到外深层调养,给予女性私处最全面的呵护,恢复阴道肌肉的弹 力,让跟到紧窄更具收缩力,恢复少女般The water is tight and narrow.
If you put the pill into the vagina, you can go straight to the private part, repair the looseness and dryness of the private parts caused by various reasons, effectively eliminate the sinister poison, and restore the healthy and moisturizing and firm temptation of the female private parts.
  这款美尔茵功效迅速挽救了逐渐衰老的卵巢,调节 补充女性雌激素分泌,弥补女性缺乏气血,由内而外消除肌肤色斑、粗糙、无弹、细纹等问题,让50岁的The woman has 30 years old skin.
点击进入美尔茵官方网站,让你马上变紧致>>>小编推荐:那英不老仙妈 越活越年轻的秘密性感女神张馨予 性感透视双峰挺立秦岚为拍戏暴瘦 轻松减 肥不反弹王菲被盛赞逆生长 自爆保养的秘籍

Eat more grapes to make your skin smoother

Eat more grapes to make your skin smoother

The nutritional value of grapes is very high, and grape juice is known as “vegetable milk” by scientists.

The sugar content of grapes is about 10% -25%, the highest one can reach about 30%.

Grapes are delicious and nutritious.

Mature vitamins contain 15% -25% glucose and many minerals and vitamins that are good for the human body.

Therefore, grapes are the ideal fruit for those with weak digestion.

  Grapes contain alkaline tartaric acid, which is enough to help digestion.

Properly eating more grapes can strengthen the spleen and stomach, which is great for the body.

Medical research proves that grape juice is the best food for patients with inflammation, which can reduce the content of protein and sodium chloride in the blood.

  Grape juice is an adjuvant treatment for frail patients, patients with vascular sclerosis and nephritis, and the incidence of cancer has been significantly reduced in those places where grapes are grown and grapes are eaten.

Grapes are the fruit with the most complex iron content in fruits, and it is a nutritious food for patients with anemia.

Eating grapes often causes excessive attacks on neurasthenia and excessive fatigue.

After the grapes are dried, the content of sugar and iron are relatively increased, which is a tonic for children, women and physically weak anemia.

  Grape is a nourishing medicine, which has the effect of nourishing the stomach and strengthening the stomach.

People who are weak and malnourished, eat more grapes or raisins, which will help restore health, because grapes contain many nutrients such as protein, amino acids, lecithin, vitamins and minerals, especially high sugar contentAnd, mainly glucose, it is easily absorbed by the human body.

  Just as the skin will become loose after pregnancy during childbirth, some people will experience problems such as loose skin, poor skin elasticity, and increased wrinkles or wrinkles after losing weight through dieting, drugs, or exercise.

This is because excessive weight loss causes the subcutaneous aunt to drain too quickly, causing the skin to lose support.

  95% of grape seed is procyanidin. Its antioxidant effect is 18 times higher than that of vitamin C and 50 times higher than that of vitamin E. Therefore, grape seed can be said to be a true antioxidant superstar.

Antioxidation is the method of aging, so grape seeds can keep you young.

  Experts point out that it is best not to lose weight too much at one time, usually pay attention to skin care, try to delay skin aging, pay attention to skin moisturization and sun protection.

Usually eat more foods containing antioxidants, such as carrots, apples, tomatoes, grapes, etc., can improve skin wrinkles and relaxation.

Simple skincare to get a man’s face


Simple skincare to get a man’s face

do you know?

Men’s skin also needs care!

Men’s skin loves oil, and blackheads are caused by the oxidation of skin oils in the air, so men’s skin is prone to blackheads.

Blackheads are actually small problems, but they can cause big problems for men.

  1. Basic cleaning Men must clean the skin carefully every morning and evening, choose smaller and gentle cleansing products to help break down excess oil and dirt on the skin, and unblock pores.

  2. After the second conditioning, use a toner or essence containing salicylic acid and other ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin to exert a powerful conditioning effect, remove excess aging cutin, dissolve blackheads, and restore smooth and delicate skin.

  3, regular care Regularly use a cleansing mask or nose patch on a weekly basis to help quickly improve skin blackhead corner plug problems.

  4. Daily Moisturizing After daily skin reconditioning or mask, use a moisturizing lotion that contains pore tightening ingredients to help replenish skin moisture, adjust the skin’s water and oil balance, narrow pores, and present pore-free, hydrated and healthy muscle.
  5. Special tricks for thermal spray + blackhead export liquid massage First use a special thermal sprayer or hot towel to fully open the pores of the nose, and then replace the appropriate amount of blackheads on the cotton pad. After putting on the nose for 15 minutes, tear off the makeupCotton, you can see a lot of black and white heads stuck on it.

  Getting rid of blackheads is the most important part of daily skin care.

Usually pay attention to cleaning your own skin, combined with the above methods, so that you can become “face”.

How much does TCM wind disease know?

How much does TCM “wind disease” know?

“Wind disease” is a disease name unique to traditional Chinese medicine.
It covers many diseases in modern medicine.
Such as cerebrovascular accidents, Chinese medicine calls it stroke; rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, the joint pain that is indefinite, and Chinese medicine calls it rheumatism; convulsions and convulsions caused by high fever, Chinese medicine callsWait for the wind.
  The origin of “wind sickness” in Chinese medicine. The dictionary explains “wind” as follows: “Wind is an invisible flowing gas in nature.
“It is based on the characteristics of wind-invisible and flowing. Through long-term detailed observation, traditional Chinese medicine has found that many clinical diseases have characteristics that come and go without trace, change rapidly, and are close to the characteristics of wind.The concept of a disease with wind characteristics is called “wind disease”.
  The concept of “wind sickness” in Chinese medicine has two broad categories, one is external wind (illness) and the other is internal wind (illness).
External wind (disease) refers to diseases that are caused by feeling the wind of evil and thief in nature, such as facial nerve paralysis; internal wind (disease) refers to various diseases caused by visceral and dysfunctional dysfunction, incompatible yin and yang, and reversed qi and blood operation., Such as dizziness, dizziness, numbness, as seen in the liver-yang dying wind; soft waists, knees, and faintness as seen in the yin deficiency and wind; pale (or chlorosis), and dizziness as seen in the blood deficiency;, Limb twitching and so on.
  Wind evils have common characteristics and do not act independently. Wind evils are not caused alone, but they are very easy to be mixed with other diseases such as cold, wet, dry and hot.
Such as wind cold, wind heat, rheumatism, wind dryness and so on.
In addition, wind evil has the characteristics of upward, outward, and floating. Clinical diseases are the most likely to invade the human body surface and head and face, and cause fur to be vented. Patients often have symptoms such as sweating and bad wind.
  飘忽无定位 风邪致病大多游走不定或来去迅速,如游走性的关节(或肌肉)疼痛,皮肤疹块的时隐时现,以及中风病人的突然昏倒,不省人事,都具有This characteristic of wind.
A medical book more than two thousand years ago
“The Theory of Wind” once described: “Winners, good deeds, but several changes.”
  Easy to move but not sticky Feng Xie also has the characteristics of easy to move.
In other words, Fengxie is pathogenic, and it often shows unstable characteristics in clinic.
Such as common vertigo, tremor, twitching of the limbs, etc., is the reason for the wind “moving”.
In traditional Chinese medicine, Feng Yidong is called “Wind wins while moving.”
  ”Wind disease” skin articles: In summer and autumn, people are susceptible to skin diseases such as dermatitis, urticaria, rubella, and eczema, which belong to the category of “wind disease” in Chinese medicine.
This type of skin disease usually manifests as erythema, pimples, blisters, erosion, exudation or roughness, hypertrophy, desquamation, itching and burning, and is prone to recurrence.
  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the cause is mostly related to wind, mainly caused by wind, humidity and heat.
Mostly feel the external wind due to blood heat, or develop disease due to blood deficiency.
  ■ Emotions Patients should maintain a steady state of mind, not qi and stagnation.
  ■ Drugs Under the guidance of a doctor, choose medicines for clearing away heat and purging fire or clearing heat and cooling blood to relieve wind and itching.
Do not scratch the affected area, and do not recommend using hot water or other irritating washing products.
  ■ Diet Light, do not consume spicy, fried, grilled or other allergic and irritating foods, in order to prevent the disease from aggravating or inducing disease.
Choose some medicated diet that suits you.
Like crickets and mints, they are sweet and cool products.
  Medicinal diet: 200 grams, 10 grams of fresh mint leaves, 10 grams of sugar.
荸荠 Wash, peel, chop and stir the juice, smash fresh mint leaves with sugar, add water to the millet juice to 200 ml, and drink frequently.
It has cooling blood, expelling wind and antipruritic effect. It can be used for those with urticaria who are blood heat and wind, see rash red, burning itching, dry mouth, upset, fever, thin red tongue, call it Qingliangsan.
  Medicinal Diet 2 Portulaca oleracea 30 grams (fresh products can be used 100 grams), black plum, mung bean clothing, ground bone skin each 15 grams, 9 grams of dry earth dragon.
Wash and cut the Portulaca oleracea into the casserole with ume, mung bean coat, ground bone skin, and ground dragon, add an appropriate amount of water, fry for 30 minutes, discard the residue and take 300 ml of juice.
Efficacy: clearing heat and quenching wind, can treat acute urticaria with dry mouth, bitter mouth, yellow tongue fur, and greasy hot and humid wind.
  The “wind sickness” chapter of the stroke chapter is hot and sweaty, and it is also the time when cerebrovascular disease occurs.
Because once the water supply is insufficient, for patients with cerebrovascular disease with high blood viscosity, it may cause cerebrovascular accidents.
  ■ Living Actively control blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipid, blood viscosity.
Replenishing water and fluids in a timely manner to prevent dehydration can effectively reduce the chance of stroke.
  ■ Medication Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the method of nourishing the liver and quenching the wind, or nourishing the yin and quenching the wind, and is accompanied by the products to clear the heat, nourish the blood and reduce phlegm.  250 grams of medicinal diet kudzu root powder made of noodles, 50 grams of nepeta spike, 150 grams of light tofu, boiled to boil, remove the residue to get juice, and then put the kudzu noodles into the light tofu soup and cooked, called pueraria pupa.

It has the effects of nourishing the liver, expelling wind, and relieving pain.

It is suitable for patients with stroke, astringent speech, confusion, hand, foot, or cerebrovascular sclerosis.

Helps prevent strokes.

  Medicated diet chicken 90g, Tianqi 10g, red ginseng 10g, astragalus 30g, ginger 3 pieces.

Shatter Tian Qi, add chicken, 3 slices of ginger over oil, put all the ingredients together in a clay pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cook for 2 hours on a low heat, and season.

Yiqi, blood circulation, Tongqiao.

Applicable to the sequelae of stroke due to qi deficiency and blood stasis, see paraplegia, swelling of the affected limb, pain, unfavorable language, memory loss, dizziness, palpitations, pale tongue or bruising, weak pulse.

  ”Wind Disease” Joint Chapter Although the weather is hot in summer and autumn, it is easy to feel the cold.

The improper use of air conditioners and electric fans can replace rheumatoid arthritis. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis have recurrence of old diseases, and often suffer from joint pain and irregular movement.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that these patients have a lack of righteousness, and the wind, cold, and wetness are often taken into account, causing blood flow to become obstructed, but seeing joints and muscles aches, numbness, stress, flexion and extension, or even joint swelling, etc.disease.

  ■ Pay attention to keep your joints warm and use air conditioning carefully to avoid the invasion of wind, cold, and dampness.

Keep the room clean, dry, and well-lit, often ventilated, eat reasonably, ensure nutrition, reduce irritation, and take medicine on time.

  Medicinal diet 30 grams of barley kernels, 10 grams of papaya, 30 grams of previous rice, put them in the pot together, add the right amount of cold water, boil the huohuo simmered in the huohuo pot, and simmer in the simmered barley.

Those who like sugar can add 1 spoon of white sugar, which should be consumed daily or every other day.

It is suitable for patients with wet and greasy skin and heavy joints, which can strengthen the spleen and dampness, and relieve pain.

  One medicated diet is about 500 grams of black fish, 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 10 grams of Chinese blood vine, 1000 milliliters of water, boiling with firewood, boiling for 1 hour, taking once in the morning and evening, once every 100ml, to nourish the joints.

Suitable for patients with blood deficiency, pale face, dizziness and fatigue.